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If you hate losing pricy earbuds, give these a try!7/2/2016 2:19:04 PM

Pros: Very comfortable Stays put Excellent sound quality for the price

Cons: They don't always find their way back home

Overall Review: These are the perfect earbuds for both young and old students, especially those who may not have mastered the art of taking care of their own electronics. My three kids all love these earbuds, and the price makes it a lot less painful to replace them.

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Does the job!7/2/2016 2:13:43 PM

Pros: Reliable, cord and connectors have held up well for many months now Looks good

Cons: At this price, really can't find any cons.

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Fit the bill, conservative price12/29/2014 2:40:17 PM

Pros: Quality case and components Fresh Win 7 install, no bloatware to speak of Good bang for the buck Probably not intended use, but makes a great streaming video server.

Cons: Looked "used" and cleaned up somewhat, not what I'd call "refurbished". All components appeared to be original. Older video card, DisplayPort outs.

Overall Review: Although all components worked, docking one egg as this appears to be a used workstation as opposed to refurbished.

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Works great - but definitely NOT rugged6/14/2010 7:24:50 PM

Pros: Nice looking display, huge screen for the price. Works on most popular video formats except WMV. Can read from either on-board memory or expansion SD card w.o. rebooting. Remote makes navigating menu a breeze. Can configure to boot directly into movie menu, which worked great for my kids. Automatically "remembers" where you left off with each movie file in the directories. Pretty light weight, especially compared to a DVD player of similar screen size. Plastic case looks and feels fairly solid.

Cons: Managed to crack the LCD display after only 4 hours of use, WHILE the player was in its (soft) neoprene case. So now I have a $$$ paperweight. So far, can't find a replacement screen anywhere. Also, can't find a way to open the case, which means its throw-away once the battery won't hold a charge, too. Other small nits are as mentioned in other reviews, but would have been a great value were it not for the fragile screen. If anyone finds out how to repair the LCD, I'd really appreciate a reply!

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Excellent value3/25/2006 8:24:46 PM

Pros: Price, obviously. Plenty fast at 50X for my Canon S2-IS, no lag shooting pics or high-res video.

Cons: None, other than I wish they had a similarly priced 4 GB card.

Overall Review: Earlier I bought a Transcend 80x 2 GB SD card here, and this card seems just as fast. Very happy with both of them, btw.

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So far, not so good1/8/2006 7:06:30 PM

Pros: Newegg shipping - got it here early.

Cons: Unit was DOA, had to RMA it. I'll review replacement unit when received. So much for quality control.

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Excellent value12/27/2005 8:49:00 PM

Pros: Nice looking unit, not cheap looking like some at this price point. Great picture, very good sound. Have only used it for watching cable TV and DVDs (which is why I bought it), couldn't tolerate that resolution as a computer monitor.

Cons: Hard to use the remote with one hand, especially if you're not a lefty (volume / channel buttons are placed too far right of remote's center of gravity). Many of the remote's buttons also seem to be non-functional.

Overall Review: Looks nice under the kitchen cabinet (just fits!), replaces a 20" tube TV that took up a whole place setting at our bar. Now it folds flat against the wall when we need the space. Sweet!

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Good solid memory12/27/2005 8:25:25 PM

Pros: Compatibility w. most systems, at a reasonable (for nowadays, anyway) price.

Cons: None that I've found.

Overall Review: Put this in a 4-yr-old Dell w. another 256M of old Kingston RAM, no problems whatsoever. What a difference another extra 256MB of RAM makes w. XP, it's like a new machine...

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