Great for Gaming!3/27/2007 7:01:26 AM

Pros: I am loving this laptop! Even after hearing all the horror stories about Vista, this thing runs flawlessly. The laptop is put together extremely well, very sturdy, and crisp screen. The backpack and optical mouse was a very nice addition to this package. This thing looks sweet as well. I read some reviews complaining about the FAT 32 hardrive partitions, so what! I cant tell a difference at all. I left everything factory on this thing and its smoking hot.

Cons: None, if your looking for a great gaming laptop you can take anywhere then look no further, you have found it here.

Overall Review: I bought this laptop so my girlfriend could play World of Warcraft with me, and so i could take on my work trips. I have other games installed on it, all with maxxed out settings and it doesnt hiccup at all. I thought i was spending to much on this thing but after getting it and looking at all i got, it was well worth what i paid. I was a little worried about this thing being shipped in its original box only, so i was pleasantly surprised to see NEWEGG had actually packed this in a bigger box to ship it, unlike a 21 inch flat panel i bought a few months ago.

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Must be bad luck8/28/2006 7:52:29 AM

Pros: One stick worked great. I could really see a difference in games with just the one stick replacing my old Geil ram.

Cons: Couldnt use both sticks together. One of the sticks came defective and failed multiple memtests. Very dissapointed with Patriot. I read on their website that they test this ram before it gets shipped out, well if they do then how did my bad stick make it through their supposed rigorous testing process.

Overall Review: Once i get the replacement Ram im sure this Ram is gonna rock, but until then its a 3 outa 5 eggs. Newegg gets 5 eggs for the best customer support ever!

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