Beefy boy6/17/2021 1:53:02 AM

Pros: Monster gpu, gonna want a brace or good bracket for it. Throws out insane benchmarks.

Cons: Warms up quick, hoping some driver updates fix it but tends to idle near 40c Ugly but does the job Only a tiny bit of RGB. I like lots of lights.

Overall Review: I averaged around 30-40fps on cyberpunk 4k ultra settings with rtx. Rtx medium settings got me closer to 60. But my main monitor is a 1440p 144hz and this card pushes most games towards that on ultra settings. Tarkov still struggles around 70fps but other optimized games are well over 100, 120, and 140fps. If you have the budget this card is awesome.

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DOA10/14/2020 5:23:24 PM

Pros: Got here early

Cons: Everything since it’s dead

Overall Review: I ordered it, it came quick, let it sit for a bit while my other parts came in and tried to test it out today. Dead no power at all. Returning ASAP

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