As advertised and beyond6/19/2018 1:53:48 PM

Pros: Worked at rated speeds out of box Recognized by Gigabyte x470 Ultra Gaming mobo w/ Ryzen 2600x OC potential amazing, currently running at stock timings and voltage @ 3333 will be trying for 3400 once case arrives Looks great Timings are as follows: 3333 - 14-14-14-34-48-1T

Cons: All Ram pricing

Overall Review: Highly recommended, I've been purchasing G.Skill ram for 8+ years now and they've always given me a great product. This kit of DDR4 does not disappoint. Qualifications: 15+ years in the IT field ranging from hardware to software - tearing apart PC's since the 90s with my first Intel 150MHz

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