Fantastic Keyboard!!!2/2/2009 12:39:13 PM

Pros: Ok so i dont have this keyboard, i have the older model that has the blue lighting but doesnt shine threw the keys. Now I have had this keyboard for over 3 Years and I have spilled stuff on it, slammed it to death, threw it aginst my wall, and still worked exactly how a key board should work. Im about to buy the saitek pz30au keyboard beacuse the space bar on my keyboard just broke after 3 years of hell! Very very very extremely duriable, lasts forever, and it is nice looking!

Cons: Wish I bought the saitek pz30au about a week ago cause now i cant play fps's as good cause my space bar is broken...

Overall Review: Great buy, a must get for a low budget gamer, actually any gamer should get this, dosent have all the fancey stuff, just plain simple and blue leds are awsome in the dark! maches my razor diamond back

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AWSOME!!!1/8/2009 6:45:00 PM

Pros: This card works as advertized! Easily overclockable to 700 even 750, I useally have it at 720mhz. Fanstastic card, newegg was on time with delivery. Runs crysis on High with 40+ FPS at 1024x768 res. Company of heros all settings on high 50+FPS. Fanstasic card! A Huge upgrade from an 8500GT That thing sucked!

Cons: Kinda big, gets a lil hot around 62 C after playing for like 30 min. just put the fan on 50% + ,that is about it, not really that loud, beacuse I just play games with the sound up or with head phones.

Overall Review: SUPER AWSOME CARD, A MUST GET FOR A LOW BUDGET GAMER! PLAYS THE NEWEST GAMES ON HIGH WITH GERAT FPS!. My system: AMD Antholon 64X2 2.31 ghz 4400 Evga 9800GT 2 gig ram 800mhz 450 psu 80 gig sata hdd NZXT case

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