Wow for WoW1/25/2010 10:41:51 AM

Pros: 1920x1200 Resolution is awesome. TONs of desktop space. Color is great right out of the box Monitor has a Rapid response time setting of 2ms PIP mode is handy

Cons: Sound output is only for proprietary sound bar. It would be nice to output sound from HDMI source to other speakers.

Overall Review: I would prefer a Matte screen surface which has lower glare, however almost all new displays are glossy so there's not much choice there.

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Heavy Duty10/14/2009 12:35:18 AM

Pros: Quality of this product is outstanding. Very heavy cable should be extremely durable. No complaints. 8/8 perfect connections.

Cons: Cable management could be difficult if a large number are used. i.e. 16 port KVM.

Overall Review: 8 of these were purchased to replace tech bench cables at PC repair center. They are MUCH higher quality than the old cables. I expect these to hold up much better. These cables were purchased from Newegg, but not on my account. I was so impressed that I felt the need to log-in and review them.

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Jumper Why?3/21/2009 2:15:49 PM

Pros: Seagate 5 year warranty. Fast drive, great performance. Windows 7 scored it at a 6.0

Cons: Seagate SATA II (3.0 Gb) drives have a jumper that limits them to SATA I (1.5 Gb) performance. Unless using an older board or SATA I controller make sure to remove the jumper to get max performance.

Overall Review: Runs cool and quite and fast.

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Max Awesome3/21/2009 2:10:26 PM

Pros: Runs every game I have at Max settings, no complaints

Cons: Large, heavy, requires 500 watt PSU with 2 6pin PCIe rails. Not a problem for most gamers.

Overall Review: AWESOME

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Lan Box3/21/2009 2:05:31 PM

Pros: On-board 8300 with HDMI, DVI, VGA. 5 SATA headers which is awesome for a MiniATX board. Support for 140watt CPUs, durable design. Great selection of ports and features. Express Gate technology is amazing. very cool. Raid support NorthBridge runs cool. This board is an excellent choice for LanBox applications.

Cons: Driver disk does not support Windows 7 at this time. The Vista 64 bit drivers work, but must be installed manually. Would be nice if it had more fan headers 4-5 would be nice. Mosfets lack heat syncs Placement of 1394 header away from USB 2.0 Headers is inconvenient for clean cable management. The USB headers also are placed almost under the PCI express slot, and almost covered by large graphics card. Has a floppy connector????? (anyone out there still use those?)

Overall Review: would like to see all USB, HD Audio, and 1394 headers along the bottom or front of board. This board is part of my Portable gaming complaints Very powerful. I have this board in a ThermalTake Lanbox case, AMD Phenom 9600 (quad) 8GB DRR2 800 (4-4-4-12) EVGA GTX 260 GPU BFG 550watt Modular PSU

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Hovercraft fan.3/21/2009 1:49:41 PM

Pros: At max speed this fan could move a hover craft. amazing airflow. Blue LEDs are awesome, the included controller is a great bonus.

Cons: Sounds like a Jet engine when it runs 100% Fan contoller, or Motherboard controll of this fan is required.

Overall Review: I think this fan could suck small animals or children into the computer if its on max speed.

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Powerful3/21/2009 1:44:02 PM

Pros: AMAZING airflow. These fans push more air than some 80mm fans I've used.

Cons: If you don't install a fan controller, these are loud. Running them at about 60% for most applications is very quit and still pushing a large volume of air.

Overall Review: Installed 3 of these into ThermalTake Lan Box case to replace the stock fans.

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Great build3/21/2009 1:40:16 PM

Pros: Solid construction, awesome appearance. Side vents allow graphics card to breath well. Modular construction and pull out motherboard tray make assembly reasonable. Anyone planning to use this case: Modular Power supply is a must.

Cons: Supplied 60mm fans are terrible; while they are silent, they move almost no air. I replaced them with Rexus 5300 RPM fans, and put them on a fan controller. Case will NOT fit Full size graphics card without removing hard drive cage. Also it will not fit a double thickness card (GTX 260) without modifications. We had to cut part of the 3.5" external cage off to allow room. This made that bay unsuitable for mounting the HDD. we then modified the case buy drilling 4 holes in the bottom and bolting the hard drive directly to the bottom of the case using 4 motherboard stand offs. The Bay covers for the top and bottom bay are 7" not 5.25. The idea is to accommodate the Thermaltake 7" LCD screen in the top bay, but for those of us who want to use a 5.25 device other than an optical drive, the front panel knockout will have to be modified. ThermalTake should offer replacement knockouts with a 5.25" opening.

Overall Review: Case allows for building seriously powerful systems, however does require some modifications. Over all very impressed. I ranked this case a 5-Star because over all the design and usabiltiy is awesome. The modifications I had to make for this case are due to the hardware I chose to install, and were not that difficult to perform. It would be nice to see ThermalTake change the drive cages to aluminum to save some weight. They should also include at least one 7" panel with a 5.25" opening.

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Good for the money8/9/2008 1:32:15 PM

Pros: Board is small and should fit in just about any ATX/ATXm case . layout was simple and strait forward. Price was good. XP installed with no problems.

Cons: I would have liked to have a firewire header on the board, and possibly more SATA ports.

Overall Review: This board is an entry level product. Integrated graphics are all that is needed for web and office work which is the target use for this machine. Great for an inexpensive functional PC. This mobo is probably NOT a good choice for high performance and gamming applications.

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Conduct reflects reputation7/20/2008 3:32:24 PM

Pros: Quiet drive. Burns fast, and had no compatability issues. Lightscribe sofware was not included but is a free download. Over all, no complaints.

Cons: Unit did not come with any OEM software.

Overall Review: I don't know that I would bother with Lightscribe if the cost were much higher. The disks take 28min to etch. I recommend changing the settings to use higher contrast when printing disks. it almost doubles the time, but looks better.

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Reasonable Product7/20/2008 3:25:47 PM

Pros: Unit has removable HDD racks which make installing or swapping drives easy without removing entire cage. Smooth look after Installation.

Cons: Mounted this an Antec SOHO case. Front Bezel/Fan combo is not the best mount. mounting rails interfere, but can be bent. Plastic rack design could be more efficient for ventalation.

Overall Review: The Coolmaster HDD cage is probably a better design, but this will work fine. It can mount in other cases, but I could see others not working so well.

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Exceeds Expectations3/21/2007 6:37:15 PM

Pros: The drive is very quiet. Also I replaced a 4200 RPM drive in a Toshiba Laptop, The Moumentus actually has lower power needs, So I get better battery life AND a marked increase in performance.

Cons: None that I have noticed

Overall Review: Newegg rocks, delivery was prompt as always. I'll never go back to a slow drive.

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