It's good at what it does.2/24/2014 12:57:17 AM

Pros: Like the title says: "It's good at what it does." And what it does is flawlessly play any game on ultra/highest settings. I'm currently playing AC4, and Skyrim with a ton of HD mods. I haven't ran fraps while playing yet (although it's definitely above 60fps even when there is a ton of stuff going on.) With the HD mods for Skyrim it makes the Xbox 360 version look laughable. Definitely worth the money.

Cons: None.

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STAY AWAY2/24/2014 12:50:37 AM

Pros: I'm sure that there would be some pros if the thing ever came in.

Cons: This isn't really a review of the item, but more so I guess on the seller. I ordered the item two weeks ago and it hasn't even been processed yet (save for the part where they take the money out of my bank account). No shipping info or anything. It's coming from overseas (China or Taiwan I believe). If it ever comes in I'll do a proper review (although the shipping time is going to knock off two eggs for me.) So for now, AULA is getting one big fat rotten egg. And I hope they choke on it.

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A viable monitor option.2/24/2014 12:44:48 AM

Pros: Nice picture/color quality when directly in front of the monitor. While there are better monitors on the market, this one is definitely a viable option for the screen size and price point.

Cons: The viewing angle is pretty much directly from the front. Of course this is where most people will be while using this product, but if you're like me and lay down to watch movies on the computer, the colors become severely distorted from all other angles. The built-in speakers don't produce loud-enough audio. There are certain times while playing games or watching movies that I have to strain to hear what is being said.

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Fantastic!3/10/2013 1:58:06 AM

Pros: Got this thing about a month ago, and let me just say it was worth more than what I paid for it. I haven't found a game that it doesn't run on max settings. Nova Bench scores: OVERALL: 1086 RAM: 244 CPU: 737 GPU: 79 HARDWARE: 26 If you're on the fence about this one, just buy it. I DO NOT regret buying this machine.

Cons: Windows 8, but that wasn't a big enough con for me to even knock an egg off.

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