Good RAM7/27/2007 7:13:53 PM

Pros: They work, ddr2-800, dual channel and cheap.

Cons: They were hard to remove from the package, I mean without breaking them. Went into board a little hard too but both were new.

Overall Review: According to cpu-z my Biostar TF7050 is running them at an odd 350MHz or 700MHz, but my older Biostar board did the same thing until the third BIOS update. They are definitely PINK!

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Nice Board7/22/2007 11:13:46 AM

Pros: Everything works, tons of features, great onboard graphics, power/reset buttons on the board, works great with a 4000+ Brisbane and A-data memory.

Cons: Fear of failure, but thats with everything I buy these days. Only one IDE connector and two optical drives, so I bought an IDE to SATA adapter for one of my old IDE drives.

Overall Review: Upgraded from a Biostar Geforce 6100 754 board that I had excellent luck with. Hopefully I have good luck with this one too.

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Nice7/22/2007 10:38:40 AM

Pros: Dual core! Cheap! Runs great on a Biostar T-Force 7050 board.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Not a huge difference in speed compared to my 754 Athlon64 3000+ and Sempron64 3400+ systems but of course it multitasks much better. I'm sure I'll notice more difference s in time.

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Great little adapter7/22/2007 10:00:47 AM

Pros: It works, its smaller than I expected it to be, worked seamlessly in two systems, no BIOS changes and has its own activity light.

Cons: Needs the floppy power connector (I knew that before I bought it), I never use the floppy drive anyway. Will just make a power adapter from an old power supply if I have to.

Overall Review: Interestingly my Maxtor 160gb HD needed to be set to "cable select" for it to work, even though the manual says not to. So if you get this and it doesn't work keep trying different settings.

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