Decent with minor issues4/10/2021 11:13:38 AM

Pros: Decent price, included wireless keyboard and mouse, included wireless network adapter

Cons: Missing footpad, wireless network adapters kept dropping signal.

Overall Review: Overall, these units are a good value for the money. I bought 3 of these, and had a few minor issues. One unit is missing several of the rubber pads on the bottom, resulting in a wobbly unit when upright. Another unit has a loose faceplate that will require some superglue to ensure it stays in place. These results are minor, given the low cost of the units themselves. The included wireless adapters were not strong enough for my needs. These computers sit within feet of each other, perhaps 20 at maximum form the router (through a wall), and only the closest unit to the router would have a reliable internet signal. The other two would drop in and out. Not sure if it was interference or a weak antenna, but I ended up installing wireless network adapters with external antennas in the PCI-E slot to correct this.

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