BIG8/8/2020 12:11:22 PM

Pros: - It's huge - Very crisp - Nice aesthetics

Cons: - Severe ghosting in dark environments - Not ultrawide

Overall Review: Would buy again. I don't know why they didn't build this thing in an ultrawide format. At this price point, they certainly should have. The ghosting is annoying at first but you sort of get used to it. Again, for the price tag I would have expected a panel that doesn't have this issue. That being said, I can never go back to 1080p after gaming in 4k. Very nice monitor that should be better.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Very Pretty8/8/2020 12:07:22 PM

Pros: - Nice looking RBG - Good build quality - Very quiet for mechanical switches.

Cons: - Not ergonomic. Like almost every other "gaming" keyboard on the market, they put pretty lights and mechanical key switches on it and bill it as a product for gamers. A true gaming keyboard would have keys arranged ergonomically in an easy to reach placement, and textured and contoured to be recognizable by touch. A true gaming keyboard would have more available keybinds than a standard keyboard. This has none of the above. - The G keys have to be bound to normal keys. They are not a separate and unique key, so in actuality you only get the number of keys that a plain vanilla keyboard has. - The G keys are not arrayed in an area that is easy or comfortable to reach.

Overall Review: It works. It's built well. It's not actually a gaming keyboard. It's a pretty, flashy bit of consumer bait that has little more function than a standard keyboard.

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Ok, I guess.8/8/2020 11:58:51 AM

Pros: - Seems to work as advertised, more or less. See audio and recording quality issues below.

Cons: - No setup instructions. Not intuitive to use. Not plug and play. Does not include the necessary software to make it work. Doesn't even tell you what software you need. If you've never had a capture card before, get ready to go a lot of googling and watch a lot of YouTube videos. - I still haven't figured out how to make it capture sound. - The included HDMI cable is not long enough unless your desk is the size of a postage stamp. - Recording quality does not look like 4k to me. - They put a decent looking housing on it, but it's on the bottom. Unless your PCIe slots are near the top of your case, you're going to be looking at the bare circuit board side.

Overall Review: Would buy again, assuming that I can get the audio to work. I assume it's something I'm missing due to a complete and utter lack of instructions and documentation, and not an actual defect.

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Not Bad But Would Not Recommend7/19/2018 6:00:44 AM

Pros: - Stupid wide. In games that support it, the field of view is very nice. - 1ms and 144Hz. - Nice picture; sufficiently bright and colors are vibrant. - Easy to assemble and has integrated cable management. - Three easily accessible backlight preset buttons allow you to switch screen brightness on the fly. Useful for night cycle in games.

Cons: - After less than 6 months of use, there are several dead pixels. - The screen isn't tall enough. It's about 4 feet wide but only about 14 inches tall. Not a natural field of view. - The stand legs are fairly large and obtrusive. - The extreme width of the resolution means it's only supported in some games. In others, you'll be playing with black bars on the sides of your screen. In the games that are supported, you get a sort of fish eye effect on the edges. The image stretches and objects seem closer than they actually are. In some games, like PUBG and WoW it's almost imperceptible, but it's there.

Overall Review: If this monitor were about 3 inches taller and didn't have dead pixels, I'd buy it again. As it stands, my next monitor will be something with a more common resolution.

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Manufacturer Response:
Anonymous, I am very sorry to see that you have encountered issues with the Samsung C49HG90 Gaming Monitor. I understand your disappointment, and hope that you will give us a chance to assist with troubleshooting or warranty service. Samsung products are engineered to the highest standards of performance and quality and we back your Samsung with a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty, if purchased brand-new from an authorized dealer. For further assistance or begin warranty service, please contact Samsung Customer Support via: 1) Toll-free calling: 1-800-SAMSUNG 2) LiveChat or Email: 3) Facebook Messenger: 4) Twitter: Samsung is committed to providing the best possible product experience, quality, and value, and we are always here to help with any of your questions or concerns. ~ Samsung Solutions
Not As Advertised5/24/2018 5:26:05 PM

Pros: Heavy base. Seems sturdy. Articulates in most directions.

Cons: WILL NOT fit two 27" monitors side by side, as advertised.

Overall Review: I do not recommend this product.

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Buyer Beware4/14/2012 4:19:00 PM

Pros: When it works, it works well.

Cons: I had issues with the drivers. The most recent version always caused crashes followed by boot failures. I updated the drivers again last night and a few hours later the card died. My system shut down while in use and when I tried to reboot, I got the mobo error code beep for "no VGA card detected". The card is only about 6 months old and has never been overclocked.

Overall Review: I paid over $500 for this card when I bought it. For that kind of cash I expect a better quality product. I won't be purchasing anything else from EVGA or Nvidia.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I am sorry to hear you are experiencing driver crashes. Please contact our 24/7 technical support (888)-881-3842 or me directly, so we can assist you with troubleshooting steps or to setup a replacement. Regards, Matthew Hurwitz Assistant Product Manager