Works with Zen 3 but still not officially3/7/2021 5:49:34 PM

Pros: -Dual LAN and m.2 -First board owned with built in io shield -Better Bios than Asus and Gigabyte from what I've noticed granted board works as intended.

Cons: -No clear cmos button -Minimal USB ports (could easily remove P/S2 for two more USB ports) -Bios update still required for zen 3 six months after launch -b550 doesn't need the extra cost of PCI 4.0 -Side note: The fraction of a percent of people that actually need PCI 4.0 m.2 are going to buy x570 anyway as it won't cause bandwidth issues with other PCI slots.

Overall Review: I had to RMA the first board. I appeared to have updated the bios successfully but it would not boot once powered off. This was a huge hassle, but it's likely an issues that is happening across the other manufacturers as well. When you flash the Bios to enable Ryzen 5000 support make sure to do so with only the PSU and USB connected to the motherboard; utilizing the Bios flashback feature. A bit pricey for what's offered but overall a solid board.

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Great, when it works.2/14/2012 1:16:38 AM

Pros: -It is really fast even at SATA II (non Z68+ sockets), WHEN IT WORKS.

Cons: -It died after 5 months of owning it -It seemed to cause a few BSODs and brief lock ups for no apparent reason.

Overall Review: You need a socket 1155 or 2011 to utilize the SATA III drivers that work to get the SATA III speeds. This is a Marvell SATA driver problem that is not OCZ's fault.

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