Best GPU I've ever owned1/3/2020 12:28:19 AM

Pros: - Fast as hell, 1440p90Hz maxed in every game I throw at it - Subtle but effective RGB, on a massive 3-slot cooler that does its job well

Cons: - None that I can see yet

Overall Review: Context: just spent seven agonizing months as a fairly advanced user, being at first excited and then utterly frustrated with how awful AMD's drivers are and continue to be for the 5700 XT. The price is nice, but wow do you get what you pay for. Those cheap CPUs (including my 3700x) are incredible, but can the Radeon division please catch up? I used to be scared to spend over MSRP for a GPU, but wow it comes through in the quality of this massive cooler. Overclocked with the power limit turned up, 6400 in a 1080p Extreme Superposition run. Stays under 75C with fans reaching 1900RPM but staying barely above a whisper, in a cramped form-over-function NZXT case. Thanks EVGA!

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Fantastic Low Profile Cooling12/30/2019 3:34:35 PM

Overall Review: Beautiful Noctua industrial design as always. Paired with a 3200G in Asrock's DESKMINI A300 case, forgoing the low-noise adapter and just using the BIOS's Silent fan curve. Absolutely pin-drop silent, didn't top 65C in a stress test 👌✨

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One of the better AIBs9/17/2019 10:48:20 AM

Overall Review: Supremely better at the cooling than the reference model, but with an understated classy design that fits in two slots. Just a slight undervolt and good case flow you can get away with limiting the fan speed to 50% (1750-ish RPMs) and you'll never hear a peep of it, even under load. Thanks PowerColor!

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Bafflingly Quiet9/17/2019 10:38:59 AM

Pros: - With the anti-vibration mounts, even on the inside top of the case at full blast from only a couple feet away I can only barely hear the rush of the air

Cons: - None, if it lasts

Overall Review: This is the first time I've invested a little money into a premium case fan and wow, I could never go back!

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Incredible value!6/20/2019 3:52:20 PM

Pros: - 1440p 27in is a huge upgrade from 1080p 24in, and just about as pixel-dense as you can comfortable go for couple-feet viewing distance desktop use before you hit scaling issues and diminishing returns - 30-95hz freesync is a great range for lowish-midtier cards running 1440p games - Some sincerely bright gorgeous color, if not very accurate (too saturated) - Small bezels, understated design and form, love the aesthetic - This price for the features/build quality is pretty incredible

Cons: - HDR implementation is useless, don't buy this for that - QC is iffy, this monitor's a steal but you are getting what you pay for. Expect *some* IPS glow. My first try was really too bad to ignore. RMA'd and the second isn't perfect but well within comfy for this feature set and price

Overall Review: Colors are pretty over-saturated out of the box. Increase brightness to what you're comfy with, drop the gamma to 2.0, drop saturation to about 45 and set response time to Medium and you'll be amazed at what $260 can get you now. Don't forget to turn on Freesync in the OSD, it's off by default.

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