Amazing results after careful set-up1/7/2021 8:26:59 AM

Pros: - This stuff works really REALLY well at conducting heat - Very little goes a long way - Includes tightly wound Q-tip applicator, helpful for application - Excellent packaging - Great pricing for performance ratio

Cons: - Can be somewhat difficult to apply at first. The instructions didn't mention it takes a fairly firm downward pressure against the CPU housing to make it spread correctly (Looks quite shiny when you get it spreading correctly, too little pressure and it just pushes around like a blob leaving minimal residue) - Electrically conductive, so it can possibly cause damage *IF USED INCORRECTLY* (Correct application has excellent results) - Applicator can be sensitive to even a little pressure (recommend pushing a salt grain size bit out of the end nowhere near your PC just to know where the plunger is in relation to the fluid inside, and how it will come out)

Overall Review: - I would recommend this to those interested in a huge improvement in cooling performance that also have the patience and steady hand to safely apply it - Would not recommend this to first time builders (Unless they are confident in their ability apply it correctly, it is very worth using)

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Great product, would definitely recommend.1/7/2021 8:18:27 AM

Pros: -Excellent cooling. Overclocked i5 9600K to 4.9Ghz stable with 25~30C resting 55~65C load temp -Quieted my whole system down compared to the fans I had previously -Easy to install -Looks amazing -NZXT Cam software is easy to use -Would also recommend Conductonaut liquid metal thermal paste to go with it (be VERY careful with application, as it is also electrically conductive)

Cons: -Fan control not available for this model in CAM software. As a high end product, I found this unusual and unfortunate. I hope this can be changed in the future -May be cost restrictive for some buyers, despite being worth it's cost

Overall Review: - I would recommend this AIO cooling option to anyone interested in Overclocking or who would like to have a very quiet PC (Effective cooling = lower fan speed = less noise) - Looks amazing, so anyone wanting a crisp custom build should look here first

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Great enthusiasts liquid cooler4/21/2017 5:39:34 AM

Pros: - Affordable - Easy installation - Effective

Cons: - Cooling tubes somewhat too short if using on a GPU, depending on card placement

Overall Review: Kept my i7 2600k stable at 65c while OCd to 4.2ghz during stress testing. Great piece of hardware for the price! If you're looking to OC your GPU make sure the stock tubes can reach it!

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