Entry Level Home Theater Sys.11/15/2014 7:23:21 PM

Pros: This is a very good unit for the price though don't expect miracles. Used it moderately for nearly 8 months without much hassle. No issues that other purchasers have mentioned about audio cuts or grainy pictures. All of that I assume has to do with many other factors involved that were not posted, as the quality of the video, input source or many other things can affect your video. Especially when projecting images. I use an inexpensive HDMI cord (100ft) of unbranded cabling running to the Optoma HD131Xe. I did replace the OEM speaker wire with much better quality due to faulty wiring out of box. Use good aftermarket speaker wire, trust me. Theater room is provided ample 5.1ch sound for a 12X18 room.

Cons: Speaker wire that comes with system are terrible. Do not use! Mine had shorts in 3 out of 5 speaker wires. Replaced them and all was golden. Not a bad system although it really is not going to blow your socks off loud or pump enough bass to anger your neighbors while listening to Pantera.

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Good Product7/22/2014 7:39:58 PM

Pros: You get what you purchase and for this purchase, a great price. Good transfer rates, not great. Great storage space. Hasn't failed on me. Outer shell is of OK quality. Wouldn't purposefully put it through the washing machine or under a car tire. The sliding mechanism to extract the USB input is not exactly the best design although for the price I'm not really complaining too much.

Cons: Transfer rates leave something to be desired of course, as well as the protective casing.

Overall Review: I definitely recommend it for a budget purchase.

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Fantastic in ALMOST every aspect3/5/2014 5:21:07 PM

Pros: I recently purchased this projector and have researched many many many as most of you searching for the perfect projector will have done the same. Well, I can only say I am VERY satisfied with the price/performance/image quality/brightness/inputs/outputs/noise.. all of that was a factor for my theater room. Mounted on ceiling with no hassle. Perfect picture. No keystone had to be used with flush ceiling mount. Projecting 14.5 ft from the wall with around 5ft'10 diagonal image. Update the firmware immediately after unboxing. There is a new update and takes about 3 minutes to do. VERY simple. Plug in with USB cord, hold power button down until all lights are on, flash image, unplug and restart. Just buy it. This thing for Price/Performance is just beautiful.

Cons: Wish it had an USB input and LAN for updating the firmware. Wish there was an image freeze option on this remote, but alas there is not.

Overall Review: This takes M3*3 machine screws maximum length of 10mm, minimum length of 7.5mm to mount the projector. I did not get a manual included with my projector, so hope this is helpful. Took a while to find this information and mount properly.

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HIS Radeon 7970 3GB10/30/2013 5:02:33 PM

Pros: Excellent card for the price. It runs very cool and has ample room to overclock if you want to. Very fast, solid build quality though the HSF could use a bit better fan. Very brittle fan blades but they work great. Low noise to performance ratio. Runs 1680x1020 with high details in BF3 around 60-75fps on average. For a budget card, that's not bad! I replaced a 4970x2, and a Radeon 4970 1GB in Tri-Fire for this single card and it ALMOST outperforms them in most games. Highly Recommended

Cons: None

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
3 for free coupon10/30/2013 4:56:50 PM

Pros: Great! Not sure why i'm reviewing this free coupon, but hey! There it is. Excellent coupon.. Free Games.. Whats not to like?

Cons: None

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Great Wireless-N adapter for the price!10/30/2013 4:55:32 PM

Pros: This card was purchased due to space limitations in a second gaming PC build. It has never let me down. Simple, simple install, and runs flawlessly. Not much more to say about that! I have been gaming with this network card about 200ft away from my broadband modem and have ample signal to enjoy wireless gaming, streaming videos and the like. Antennas are fairly well built, receive good signal strength from just about anywhere in my home and through multiple walls. Not a single con for this price!

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you are overclocking, it tends to be a bit picky on your FSB settings and voltages (of course) and will drop wireless signal. Be aware of that with any network adapter.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Sidewinder X410/30/2013 4:48:58 PM

Pros: The keyboard responds very well to light keystrokes, has many nice features and is excellent for gaming. No ghosting is a definite positive. Functionality is great. The Macro keys are insanely useful if you need all of the memory banks in the first place. Looks very nice in sleek gloss black. Great keyboard, easy to use.

Cons: The Tilde key is a bit too close for my larger hands, so in game when i attempt to press 1 on the fly, i usually end up getting shot because it brings up the console. Not a huge issue, but it is relatively easy to hit. The hand rest on the edge of the keyboard is a bit rough due to the design so tends to eat at your hands a small bit during long hours of use.

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Excellent framerates12/1/2012 6:17:54 PM

Pros: Very nice card, and good design. Runs cool at around 68c full load. Was considering buying a 7970, though didn't want to shell out that much cash for a single GPU. This 7870 is well worth the money. I came from a 4870x2 + 4870 1gb in Tri-Fire and this card is actually getting better framerates, no stutter, and much much less power and heat generation. The 7870 was exactly what I was looking for. A very good gaming card for a reasonable amount of money. Highly recommended.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Update to latest Beta drivers from AMD off the bat like the other reviewers have said, and have had absolutely no problems with this card.

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My first SSD12/1/2012 6:10:34 PM

Pros: Fast. Currently having this drive in 3GB/S mode Comparison: My old 7200rpm mechanical drive was getting 60mb/s read and write rates SSD: This drive is working at exactly the advertised rate of 250mb/s read and write speeds. Very happy with the drive so far, and will be putting it into 6gb/s sata rates soon to see if it will sustain the 500mb/s read and write rates. Recommended (After the awaited firmware update).

Cons: No update for this specific drive and is a very known issue in the forums. There are BSODS and freezing randomly. The firmware update is supposed to be provided for this drive mid Dec 2012, so until then gotta live with the random issue. Be aware of this if you are going to pick it up. However for this price, I can wait. I HAVE ONE MAJOR COMPLAINT.. DID NOT COME WITH A SATA CABLE?! Make sure you have an extra one on hand somewhere in a drawer.

Overall Review: I thought SSDs would be faster. They still take time to complete an operation, and I hate waiting lol. Very good drive,

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2000mhz @ 10-11-10-34: 1.53v11/23/2012 10:34:20 PM

Pros: Very very satisfied with this ram. The BEST ram I have ever used in 15years of building. I have been using 2x8gb kits together over a year now (No issues), and currently running 16GB at DDR3 2000mhz (OC) with 1.525v at 10-11-10-34 timing, paired with an FX-8120 @ 4.4ghz. I could have just gotten a couple of lucky kits that play well together, but I am sure that you can achieve a nice overclock with these kits with a little patience and even some help from G.Skill tech if you need it. G.Skill 4 L1F3.

Cons: Would enjoy an exchange program with G.Skill so I can upgrade ram for a reduced price.

Overall Review: System Specs: FX-8120 @ 4.4ghz Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 CPU-NB @ 2500mhz, 1.3v 16GB G.Skill Sniper 1866mhz- O.C.@ 2000mhz @ (2 - 8GB kits) Sapphire Radeon 7870 Corsair AX 1200watt

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Get it. Pricey, but you won't be disappointed6/26/2012 5:17:19 PM

Pros: Very sturdy power supply. Puts out proper voltage and wattage. Not DOA, heavy, nicely put together, most of the cables were long enough. FULLY modular. Just does what it needs to do, and then some.

Cons: Would have liked to route the power cable and cpu 8pin from behind the motherboard tray, but not long enough for that. Made a high pitch noise for about 10 minutes a day for a week before it stopped by itself. but it did stop. that is something.

Overall Review: System: Antec 1200 Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 9 Case fans 4870, 4850 x-fired Corsair H100 AMD FX-8120 OC to 4.0ghz G.Skill Sniper 16GB DDR3 1600mhz 2x 320GB Sata 1.5TB Sata Sunbeam Fan Controller Asus DVD-Rom (sata)

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Amazing Board - Possibly premature review5/10/2012 5:27:14 PM

Pros: Excellent board thus far, but a bit premature on this review. I will update on performance after using for 6 months. Installed board, no hassles, fast and stable. Extremely nice board. High quality components. I would highly recommend looking at getting an aftermarket NB heatsink with a fan to contain the NB temps. It gets hot. hot. hot. VRM's are at great temps though. To the reviewer below, I am using an DVI adapter to HDMI cable for my 24" HD monitor, and had to switch the video cable to the second port on the video card in order for the video to show up during first boot. Might switch video ports, and reboot to see if that will work on your no bios, video, etc issue. Otherwise, stability is amazing. Great features on board, PCIE works fantastic, G.Skill Sniper series RAM boots without a hitch and the board is fast. Especially when updating the bios to F6 version to support my Bulldozer. Highly recommend thus far, though keep in my my ownership is only about a week n

Cons: After updating the bios to F6, four cores were automatically disabled on the bulldozer, not sure why, but easily fixed in bios by re-enabling them. NB IS REAL HOT! Not sure the heatsink is good enough to support the amount of heat it is distributing. I put a small fan on it just to keep the temps down to a milder range. CMOS Reset did not come with a reset jumper - lol You will have to jumper it yourself ..unless they included one for you.

Overall Review: Bought this to replace an ASRock 990FX Extreme3 because of stability problems while overclocking and unwelcome CPU throttling under load. This board fixed everything. Thank you Gigabyte. I would thus far HIGHLY recommend this board. My system specs: Antec 1200 Corsair H100 Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 (rev 1.1, bios version F6) AMD FX-8120 OC to 3.6, 4.1 turbo (stock volts) ATI Radeon HD 4870x2 ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB Diamond Radeon HD 4870 1GB G.Skill Sniper 1866 (8GB) - running at - 1892mhz, 1.5v Rosewill 1kw (soon to be replaced with Kingwin 1kw) Win7 64 320gb sata 320gb sata 2tb sata Sunbeam fan controller

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Problems with Vdroop5/5/2012 5:18:47 PM

Pros: This is a second review to this board as I have had quite some time to use the functions. I paired this with an FX-8120 - 125w. At stock settings, I have no problems whatsoever with this board. Its stable, efficient for the most part, and has excellent features... unless your overclocking....

Cons: The problem I have run into with this board.. VDROOP at excessive levels. I have my CPU at 1.5v in bios, and realistic voltages are at 1.416v (under load) Which is still unstable for the overclock at 4.4ghz. Temps are at 39c, and the VRMS are blazing hot. I have put fans on the VRMS to help control the heat issue, but the 4+1 phase just won't cut the mustard. If you want to OC, then please look at a different board with a 6+2 phase or higher.

Overall Review: With that aside, there have been very few problems I have encountered with this motherboard, and it is sturdy, the capacitors are holding up, and it is a great board for the features it holds. Would recommend this board for anyone wanting a stable board with very little fuss. It just works. Just wanted to update since the first review I gave in 2011.

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Amazing Projector12/10/2011 12:16:43 PM

Pros: Just got this projector yesterday to replace the television in my apartment. Being mounted on the wall about 9.5 ft it casts an great picture around 88 inches (Corner to corner). Looks fantastic, but reviewing a bit premature at the moment. Very light, even with all the lights on in my living room, dining room, and kitchen, the color has very little washout and can watch with ease, clarity and beautiful colors. Eco mode changes almost nothing in terms of brightness which is fantastic. HDMI, RCA, 2 computer hookups, S-Video, Audio IN and OUT. Everything you need. Contrast - I figured the contrast would show the blacks being more of a grey color during dark scenes, although this projector pulls off a very nice contrast with the high brightness. I'm not sure how, though it looks fantastic for sure. Will keep you updated as time progresses. Highly recommended!

Cons: Zoom is limited, though that is fairly common.

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Best.CPU.EV3R.10/18/2011 12:52:28 PM

Pros: Speed. Speed. Speed. Overclock ability Price! - $229.00! Temperatures are ranging from 22c to 36c, in an ambient of 75f, using an Scythe Mugen SCINF-1000. Lower power consumption. Nice HSF included for the cost. Think back to the Socket A days then tell me this HSF is a P.O.S., lol. By far the best cpu ever. I don't know what these reviews are about, maybe the CPU doesn't benchmark very well.. so the EFF what. For my applications, megatasking, and hardcore gaming with tri-fire this cpu rocks everything without doubt in real world application. Installed my board, processor, and was up and running win7 on new install by 30min time, getting ready for updates and additional software installs. My buddies i5, and i7 don't even come close to real world competition for this cpu paired with a good board, video and ram combo... not to mention some of the users... Good Luck on your builds.

Cons: Seems to have a slight stutter, when under a significant load (momentarily) but other than that I have nothing bad to say about this product.

Overall Review: AMD FX 8120 (Zambezi) ASRock 990FX Extreme3 ..(Might wait for a bios update to grab one of these) Antec 1200 8GB DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaws 2133mhz Sunbeam fan controller 4870x2 (2gb) + 4870 (1gb) = TriFire Scythe Mugen SCINF-1000 HSF Rosewill 1000w power supply (partial modular) 320gb 7200rpm (sata) 2tb 5200 storage (sata)

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Using with AMD Phenom II X4 9257/8/2011 9:50:49 AM

Pros: Great. AMD CPU, and this ram still rocks everything. Couldn't get my PhenomII x4 CPU to accept anything above 1866mhz (Stable). But very very fast ram. Very affordable, lifetime warranty, love you G.Skill. See other thoughts for system specs

Cons: Phenom II x4 925 (Deneb) IMC is weak.

Overall Review: Many people will get more from this ram than I could, but from what I have found, this will easily do the rated speeds @ 2133. However with my CPU combination, I couldn't get that high. My deneb core wouldn't handle these ultra-fast speeds with a weak IMC no matter what voltage increase I could muster up. Waiting on bulldozer to come out, and keeping this ram to support it with the next upgrade. =) Phenom II X4 925 OC to 3.5ghz Asus M4A89GTD Pro USB3 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 - 2133

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Great PSU so far5/24/2011 11:13:12 AM

Pros: PSU just came in today, well packaged. Heavy, looks like it is well built, and package contents were more than adequate. Current Specs: Antec 1200 AMD PhenomII 925 OC to 3.5ghz @ 1.45v 6x 120mm Fans 1x 140mm Fan 1 High Speed 120mm 4870X2 + 4870 1GB (Tri-Fire) Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 2TB 5200rpm Sata 2x 320GB 7200RPM Sata 8GB PNY XLR8 Windows 7 (64)

Cons: Not full modular. Blue Light is unnecessary.

Overall Review: Great so far! Also... none of the cables were to short for my case, and its a full tower. I was even able to do cable mgmt without too much hassle. However, I have a bottom mounted PSU so that may make a difference. ?? Recommend the PSU, especially for the price.

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Excellent for the price.5/23/2011 9:22:41 AM

Pros: Excellent mount, very easy install. Took about 20minutes. Nicely built piece of equipment (for the price). Finding the right spot to mount was the most difficult part of the install. Highly recommended. Will buy 2 more when Newegg has another special.

Cons: The actual Allen Screws are going to need to be tightened every so often, but that is not a difficult thing to do.

Overall Review: The screws included are for mounting a larger monitor with heavier qualities. If you don't want to put these screws in the wall, go buy some for .20 cents a piece at your local hardware store. These work just fine for me, and yeah, its overkill but I'm very confident that these screws will hold up.

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Updated review:5/20/2011 11:05:59 AM

Pros: Have this mobo running Win7 64bit for just over a month now. Very nice board, most everything works perfectly.

Cons: Some of these have defective on-board audio chips. Just be aware of that. Sound stopped working for me after a month.

Overall Review: Might have an sound card on hand if you get this board.

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Recieved Rebate!5/10/2011 11:33:33 AM

Pros: Update To Previous Post: Ram running fastastic, and have received the rebates! Even got an email before they mailed them.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: Bought the triple channel kit, as well as this kit. All EXCELLENT ram. Thanks PNY!

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Received The Rebates!5/10/2011 11:30:25 AM

Pros: Update to previous post: Have received both of the PNY Rebates! Excellent excellent.

Cons: N?A

Overall Review: Thank you PNY! T

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Fantastic Chip, worth the price!4/22/2011 8:30:10 AM

Pros: Was running this processor at 2.8ghz for the first 6 months I had it, was plenty fast, but now.. its just an overclocking beast, it just keeps allowing me to push it further. Now currently running at 3.7ghz stable as can be at 1.465v I am about to my heatsink limitation. Under full load prime95 at 51c, and the lows (with C1E enabled, cool n' quiet, and throttling) @ 29c idle. Got more out of this chip than even I bargained for.

Cons: Absolutely no cons

Overall Review: System Specs: Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 AMD PhenomII X4 925 PNY XLR8 (8GB) DDR3 1600mhz Radeon HD4870 (1GB) Antec 1200 Scythe SCNJ-3000 (Aftermarket HSF)

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Excellent. Just excellent4/16/2011 8:10:26 AM

Pros: Running 8GB of these at 1736mhz @ (1.65v) Nice and FAST. I have overclocked these to 1866mhz @ timing, but didn't like the performance hit of the higher latency. Brought them back down to 1600 @ CAS 8, then started working up from there. No voltage increase to reach 1736. Though I'm sure that these kits can do more. Stable as can be. Excellent Quality. Great Prices (with rebate) Lifetime warranty.

Cons: Stupid Rebates. Haven't received the rebates yet, but follow the directions and read the fine print.

Overall Review: System Specs: AMD Phenom II 925 X4 (2.8 stock) O.C. @ 3.55ghz, 1.4v 8GB PNY DDR3 1600 O.C. to 1736 @ M4A89GTD Pro

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M4A89GTD Pro/USB34/12/2011 3:14:45 PM

Pros: Well built. Nice Heatsinks. Runs cool. Stable. Extreme Overclocking abilities. Core Unlock. CPU boost. Automatic overclocking if your into that. You can take your RAM overclocking to a whole new level. Looks fantastic. Great board layout. Highly recommend updating to the latest BIOS when you get this girl up and running. Improves response time and stability significantly from stock. Currently (BIOS.2001) PhenomII X4 925 O.C. to 3.6ghz Stable @ 1.45v PNY 6GB XLR8 DDR3 Kit 1600mhz@ and 1.65v

Cons: Board seemed a little too flexible upon initial testing/installation. Only 8x/8x PCIE when two graphics cards are installed. Express Gate and Hybrid Xfire are pretty much useless to me. Post-Time is a bit slow. Even with fast boot enabled and expressgate disabled.

Overall Review: Bought this as an Open Box, and was excellent an excellent decision. The only defect was an missing spring loaded push pin that popped off the north bridge heat-sink. I used another push pin from an old board I had lying around. Problem fixed.

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PNY 6GB 1600mhz 3:16:53 PM

Pros: Excellent set of ram. Excellent for the price and quality. Lifetime warranty. Highly Recommend! All sticks ran perfect, but you still need to configure them in bios. Good to overclock also. Make sure your running these at 1.65v. Have overclocked these up to 1833mhz @ CAS 9 on stock voltage, however I saw some performance decrease with the higher timings, so I pulled the CAS timings back to 8 @ 1600mhz and haven't looked back. Very responsive, stable, excellent quality, looks great, and they are fantastic price. Going to buy another kit.

Cons: Mail-In Rebate. Hopefully I receive mine.

Overall Review: AMD PhenomII X4 924 O.C. @3.6ghz M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 6GB PNY XLR8 1600mhz @

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