Perfect Solution!8/9/2017 7:14:28 PM

Pros: I have a Lenovo laptop purchased several years ago that has a poor wifi plus the built in ethernet is only 100mbps which I found was pretty standard with regular laptops unless you're willing to spend for a high end one. My internet provider gives me 600mb/s but I was only getting about 50mb/s with the built in ethernet and even less with the wifi. I purchased this adapter and right away I'm getting close to 400mb/s when plugged in directly to my router! This adapter is the solution I've been trying to find. Pros: -This was simple to set up on my Windows 10 laptop. -It was working right out of the box and I've had no issues with it. -Great price

Cons: None

Overall Review: I would purchase this again if needed and I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade their laptop to be able to utilize faster internet.

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Great product12/9/2014 7:10:09 PM

Pros: Simple to install

Cons: Having to screw antennas to the back of the computer

Overall Review: I wanted to write a review of this product as I own one that I've had for several years. I previously installed in a computer I built that was running Win XP and I kept having problems as the adapter would stop working after long periods of idleness. I recently upgraded and built a new system with Win 8 and installed wdn4800 onto that machine. The adapter has worked fantastic ever since I installed it. I was really frustrated at first with the adapter but ever since installing it on a Win 8 system, it has worked perfectly. My wireless router is downstairs and the wdn4800 adapter is upstairs and draws a strong signal consistently. I am very happy with this adapter.

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