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John C.

John C.

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product reviews
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Great Stand

Planar 997-5253-00 Black Dual Monitor Stand for LCD Displays
Planar 997-5253-00 Black Dual Monitor Stand for LCD Displays

Pros: Sturdy, very easy to adjust monitors once you get it set up

Cons: Hard to set up, could be taller I suppose

Overall Review: This stand is an excellent solution to the two monitor dilemma. It is really hard to set up by yourself though - with only one monitor on it is very unstable. I suggest laying your monitors face down on your bed or something soft and attaching the stand like that - then going vertical. This won't hold two bigger 24" monitors. I have a 23 and a 21 set up now, and it wouldn't hold two of my 23 inch. It is plenty strong, but the arms aren't long enough. Finally, if you move your monitor around a lot (LAN party etc) this may not be for you. Removing one monitor is a huge pain, and without two monitors you can't use this stand. Not that I deduct eggs for this - the stand does exactly what I expect it would.

Great Keyboard

Microsoft  SideWinder X6  Black Keyboard Win USB English
Microsoft SideWinder X6 Black Keyboard Win USB English

Pros: Back-lighting, Detachable numpad, Programmable keys, adjustable brightness Calculator shortcut key gets used WAY more than I expected it would.

Cons: Two big cons for me: 1. No legs to tilt up. Maybe not a problem for others, drives me insane even after a year. 2. I hit caps lock ALL THE TIME. This is the only keyboard I have ever had this problem on. I can't get past it. I don't know why Small cons: Volume knob lags terribly. Not even worth having.

Overall Review: I have had some trouble getting full functionality since the upgrade to Windows 7, but it hasn't been a problem. (media keys, haven't tried macros) When I was on Vista, I would get sticky keys after returning from sleep. It was terrible. Not a problem since 7 This keyboard has really held out. I've typed several term papers on it with no problem, but I hate the flatness of the board. The complete lack of adjustment would prevent me from buying again, but I have been satisfied with the purchase. Totally random, but the memory leak on the keyboard program was so bad on vista that one day, after my comp had been on for a few days, it was running very slowly. When I scoped out task manager, KBD.exe was using 4GB of ram. Yes, that's GIGAbytes.