Good motherboard2/14/2013 6:17:08 PM

Pros: -No driver installs for needed for windows 8. -works with VMware ESXi 5.1 -works with ubuntu 12.10 -testing hackintosh, will post later if it works. -took 32 Gigs of GSkill Ripjaws with no issue. -took 8 core 3.9GHz FX processor with no issue.

Cons: -sata ports in ackward place.

Overall Review: great board

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Awesome Deal2/14/2013 6:06:47 PM

Pros: -You get an 8 Core FX processor at 3.9GHz with a water cooler. Much better than a typical cooler. -Little bonus, on the cooler is that the FX emblem on the water block lights up. -Might also be worth mentioning that this CPU is insanely fast. -Instructions for water block mounting are surprisingly good.

Cons: -You need a backplate access panel on your case to attach the water block to the motherboard, otherwise, you will have to pull the entire motherboard from the case. You have to exert a lot of pressure on the mounting hardware to get the threads to catch on the back plate. -Radiator and doublefans take up a lot of space.

Overall Review: Harder to install than a traditional cooler, but worth it.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Good laptop but OEM install is rubish...12/10/2012 5:37:54 PM

Pros: I have owned this laptop for roughly 6 months, and have a love/hate relationship. I put Ubuntu Linux on it and love it, but it was a nightmare to get it that point. See Cons... -Very lightweight -Very fast -Rather stylish, emulates macbook without the price tag. -Actually has a NIC -Long battery life -Don't have hold down the base to open the screen, resistance is just right.

Cons: OK...if you are serious about this laptop, then here's what you need to know: -Beware IRST, especially if you intend to reinstall the OS. This comes with no recovery media, only a recovery partitiion which must be lost in order to reload an OS from scratch without bloatware. Also invalidates factory warranty. DISABLE IRST ASAP in the BIOS. -Forget about the Windows 7 OEM install this comes with, it is preloaded in most messed up way i have ever seen. It uses a recently developed Intel technology called Intel Rapid Start Technology (IRST for short). It automatically puts the computer in hibernation after a short amount of time in sleep mode. The system BIOS is programmed to BYPASS the "F2 to enter setup" prompt when in hibernation mode. This is bad if you blow away the OEM partition while the BIOS thinks it is in hibernation mode. You cannot get back into the BIOS until you flash it from a windows environment. BIG PAIN, i've been there. -2nd weird thing is that the SSD and Conventional hard drive in a RAID configuration...what the heck!!...They use the SSD to cache the hibernate file for a quick resume from hibernation. Shaves off about 5 seconds, but not worth the headache. To reinstall the OS, you must disable IRST in the BIOS and change the disk controller from RAID to AHCI mode. Then, your partitions are unreadable and you need to completely rewrite the partition table. This can be done from the Windows or Ubuntu startup installation routines. You need a 4GB flash drive to setup for Linux or Windows install. To use the existing Win7 OEM license, you also need an OEM windows 7 home Disc image which is difficult to find for a home user. I work in a IT shop, so it was easy. Once your SSD and Conventional hard drive show up as seperate disks, then you can install your OS directly to the SSD for quick boots. -Small con, the trackpad is unusually large, and is easy to graze with your palms while typing, I use travel mouse, and disable the trackpad because of my ridiculously large and clumsy hands.

Overall Review: After getting this laptop extactly the way I wanted it, I have really enjoyed using it with Ubuntu Linux. All hardware works great in Ubuntu. I installed Oracle VirtualBox (free) and I able to install my copy of Windows 8 Pro as a VM and have plenty of storage for it on the 500GB HD.

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Totally jumped on this deal...11/25/2011 7:19:35 PM

Pros: Totally jumped on it, didn't believe it at first. If it doesn't fit, my tin snips say it will. It should arrive Monday. I can finally play bf3 as it was intended. My gtx 260 can retire. Thank you newegg!!

Cons: Not here yet!

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Really bummed.....7/16/2011 1:35:04 PM

Pros: -Lots of features -Solid construction -My first purchase of this baord was great, the second was awefull.

Cons: -Really disappointed... board appeared to work fine even after windows was fully installed and operational. Then, random BSOD, then error beeps on post. Wouldn't boot with known good RAM in Dual Channel mode, switched to single channel and booted but wasn't stable. Memtest OK, so has to be the board. North Bridge cooler seemed loose, but it was like that on the first board it worked fine.

Overall Review: My first Gigabyte RMA, but I'm not giving up on them yet.

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Great Case6/1/2009 3:47:46 PM

Pros: Great case, fits in my media rack very nicely. The case is solid, very heavy. Quality craftmanship. The removable hard drive enclosures are nice. The 3.5 internal bays have a removable enclosure identical to the one for the hard drives that can mount internal hard drives or 3.5 media bay items, found it very handy for RAID disks. Case fans are SILENT. Also can barely hear any of the 3 hard drives inide the box, once again solid construction.

Cons: -Power LED too bright. -HD enclosures difficult to insert, screws are in a difficult place to reach, just under the lip to the removable case cover. Magnetic screw driver a must.

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Pretty nice remote....5/16/2009 6:23:43 AM

Pros: -Works great with Media Center. -Didn't install the software that came with it, not really interested. -Pretty nice not having to stash a mouse next to the sofa. -The gyroscopic mouse is very accurate and sensitive. -For something that you just wave around in the air, the mouse is surprisingly easy to use. -no drivers or software needed, plug and play. -power button actually works well for putting the media center into Standby, and just as good at waking it up from it.(likely depends on ACPI settings in BIOS, but worked out of the box on my ASUS board.) -Remember to hold down the Gyration button on the remote to get the mouse to work before you throw it against the wall. If you read the instructions, you will will learn this, but I only do that as a last resort.

Cons: -not compatible with my Sony Blue Ray player. -only compatible enough with my samsung 52" LCD to turn it on, switch inputs, and change volume. -You can't hold down the volume button to rapidly increase/decrease the volume. You have to keep hitting the button, both on TV and from Media Center, HUGE irritation. -NO SCROLL WHEEL. Makes internet surfing difficult, the down/up arrows do work for scrolling, but I still miss having a wheel. -BAD documentation, especially for setting up other AV components.

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Worked on my ATI 2900XT3/31/2009 4:35:01 PM

Pros: CHEAP!! WORKS!! Just make the ATI Onboard HDMI Audio device your default sound device, and boom, you have video and sound to your hdtv. Mine is a 52" Samsung. Definitely satified overall.

Cons: 1- Little metal "prongs" that are meant to keep the hdmi cable securely attached protruded too far out, and nearly ruined the cable when I tried to plug it in. Had to use pliers to press the "prongs" against the housing so that the cable would fit. 2- It was difficult to attach the adapter to the DVI port on the video card. Had line up the little horizontal flat pin just right before it would go on. Impossible to do in shadows or low light. After lining it up right, had to use a bit of force to get it on there, it is a very snug fit.

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Great Card7/31/2006 4:33:43 PM

Pros: Linux install is great, it see's the card and finds the drivers, all you have to do is build the array under the bios, then edit fstab and mount it.

Cons: 3dm software that came with it was out of date along with the drivers, but that doesn't matter since the OS has the latest drivers. Download latest 3dm pachage for monitoring and alerts. Remember to read up on the latest release because they changed alot including the http port from 1080 to 888.

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