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Pretty Cool Laptop Backpack4/18/2016 6:37:35 PM

Pros: -The backpack came free with the MSI laptop I purchased. -It has a lot of padding for the laptop to sit in and actually the entire backpack seems to use nice material. -There is a second compartment to put the charging brick and associated cable as well as all other cables you might want/need to bring along. -Two handles, one at the top and the other at a side. -Zippers are made thick so they will not fall apart. -"Breathing" cushions on the back of the backpack to pad between your back and the laptop. -Straps can be adjusted to fit the largest or smallest of people.

Cons: -The backpack was designed for the 17 inch version of the laptop I purchased (15 inch). The pouch for the laptop is larger than the laptop itself by a fair amount. It would be nice to see the laptop more snug in place for transport.

Overall Review: -Given the posted price of the backpack, which was 100 dollars, for sure not worth that kind of money. I could see maybe 30-40 range being an alright deal if you want a matching backpack with the laptop. I'm sure there are better options out there though if the sole purpose of the backpack is to carry a 15 inch laptop. -There is also a headphone cord grommet to feed cords through which is nice as well. Though, why you want have the laptop on inside the backpack just to play music...seems like there are better options in the world we live in especially with the market the backpack is geared towards. If people can afford this backpack they likely have a smartphone or other more portable music playing device. -The clip that are used to strap around your front when using the backpack are a little smaller.

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Works as Expected11/6/2013 7:47:05 AM

Pros: I needed a stud detector to mount a frame in my apartment. It's pretty accurate for all three detectors, but my walls are pretty thin, so that might have something to do with how well it works.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: At first it took me a minute to figure out how it worked because I didn't feel like reading instructions.

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Solid Cable11/6/2013 7:16:48 AM

Pros: I needed an HDMI cable for my portable Xbox 360 and display setup for traveling. This fit the bill.

Cons: None

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Works as Expected11/6/2013 7:11:44 AM

Pros: I don't own a tv and I use my computer for everything. I wanted something for the basic cable service I get and be able to watch on my monitors or projector. This was basic enough for that and fairly simple to install.

Cons: The drivers were a little hard to find and install. Once installed though, there were zero hitches on getting the product to work as expected.

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Works as Expected11/6/2013 6:59:06 AM

Pros: I needed the drive for media storage since I was slowly running out of room on my other drives. I also wanted a hard drive that I could attach to my router so I could FTP into it and have access to my media anywhere with an internet connection. This hard drive fit both those criteria.

Cons: None really yet.

Overall Review: Comes with some WD software on the drive when you get it instead of on a CD which I thought was neat since I don't use CD/DVD drives anymore. I didn't think the software was useful at all though.

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My First Real Projector7/10/2013 7:08:39 AM

Pros: This may be the excitement talking but my first day with this was spectacular. I was able to hook the projector up to my PC and my 360 through my HDMI switch. I switched to eco mode after setting the focus and zoom properly. Even with the light set to a lower brightness the picture was very clear in the room. With the drapes closed there was still enough sunlight to be able to clearly see my way around the apartment and this amount of light did not detract from the picture quality. The projector is ultra light from what I was expecting and comes with a carrying case in case you wanted to take it places since its very portable. I had both the projector on and my desktop. The projector was much closer to my head, but I couldn't hear it because of how loud my computer is (or how quiet the projector is).

Cons: The rainbow effect. I did not notice it while gaming on my PC, but when I watched the latest episode of Falling Skies the rainbow effect was present in a few of the faster scenes. It was not really noticeable when you are not looking for it. However, after thinking about it for half a moment, I remembered that this projector has a slower color wheel therefore the rainbow effect would be more noticeable. After I realized what was wrong in these faster scenes, I was able to notice the rainbow effect. However, if you forget it is there, its not too bad.

Overall Review: My advice is wait for the price to be right for this projector, it seems every month or so it goes on sale from 850 down to 700. At this point people start to notice it, then after a while at this price, a 10% off promo code makes it 630. At the 630 price is when people strike and it goes out of stock very quickly. I managed to grab one this month (my third month of waiting) at this price and was very pleased. I have setup my recliner couch as a makeshift computer desk. Basically enough space to be able to recline and use my mouse and keyboard in a stable position. Since I don't have a television, my computer does all my media viewing through my tv tuner. So far this setup works well. This is my first real projector so I can't really compare my thoughts to other projectors and give any recommendation, I can only give my opinion of the projector. My last one was something I inherited since it was going to be thrown out: a native resolution of 1024x768 that had overheating problems, so I scrapped it after I couldn't get the overheating to stop, even with excessive external fans blowing on it.

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Pleasantly Surprised3/19/2013 6:38:34 AM

Pros: When I purchased this device, it was free after mail-in-rebate, so I was expecting some janky HDMI switcher that might have some adverse effects to my HDMI signals since they are propagating through a box before hitting my screen. As it turns out, the thing simply booted up when I plugged it in and instantly recognized everything without having to mess with any settings. After maybe a minute of looking at my desktop something seemed off, like the concept art as my wallpaper was 'jumping' out at me. I attributed this to the box and confirmed it by using the remote. I turned the eeColor modes off to see what it used to look like. At this point I was extremely excited because everything looked better AND I got an HDMI switch to boot. I still had my doubts that maybe motion on the screen would ruin something. I booted up the movie, 'Brave' and changed the color mode to C5 (cinema mode) and was astounded by the Disney castle (with the fireworks and what not) that happens before the movie starts. The enhanced color really did something great for my viewing pleasure. For reference, I am using some AOC 24 inch monitor that is more or less a normal monitor I use to game with. During the movie everything looked better, its hard to describe in words, but the colors definitely got me excited.

Cons: The only truly bad thing I can say about this product is that when swapping between color modes, except from coming from a color mode to having no color mode, that some of the darker pixels on my screen would flicker white before finalizing their transition to the new color scheme. This lasts less than a second during the transition, but after that everything looks fabulous.

Overall Review: There was some black tape on the back of the device that covered a hole. I was curious to what hid here, secretly hoping for some extra free functionality but realistically thinking that perhaps it was a debugging port or a screw to hold the device together. It turns out it was neither of those, it was a hole intended for USB support, but was never implemented in this version of the product. The hole is labeled USB and looks to be the shape/size of a micro USB port, however, the actual port isn't there. From what I could see inside the box on the PCB is that there was an intention for the device to have USB but the port was never soldered onto the solder points that were visible. Perhaps the plan was for a future device to have USB support and just save money on the cases instead of having two different cases, one with USB and one without USB. That or USB was initially planned for the product and after the boards were ordered someone realized that the FPGA limits were exceeded if they tried to program everything they wanted to it. Either way, it seems kinda shady and not very professional in the end.

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