Versatile, reasonable quality display.7/19/2019 6:49:44 PM

Pros: *Ultrawide is a huge win for editing / production software. FL studio was meant to be on this size screen. *Split screen feature is perfect for those cases where you need to multitask on two smaller screen areas (provided you are able to set custom resolutions on your devices) * Sound from the speakers is pretty good / convenient if you tend to use multiple devices on this screen and don't want to hook up your PC speakers every time you swap them out. *3.5mm AUX out allows you to route your HDMI or DisplayPort Audio to any other stereo device. Super convenient if you have extra speakers and want to use them with this monitor exclusively. * Color customization and brightness settings cover a suitably wide range for playing in the dark or in a bright room.

Cons: *Noticed some ghosting when tracking aircraft against the sky in Planetside 2. I noticed it but it didn't affect my ability to play the game, and I really only noticed it in that one specific scenario. *2560x1080 is awesome for most things, but there have been one or two times where I wished I had more vertical resolution (2560x1440 or so) but not enough for me to actually shell out the money to buy a more expensive screen.

Overall Review: I've owned this monitor for a few years now and have had no issues with it. I was initially excited about the split screen mode where you could send one input to each half of the screen, but It took me a while to figure out how to get it displaying properly. In order to display two inputs on this screen side by side without weird scaling you need to manually set your graphics card to display EXACTLY the resolution of half the screen on each display. Once I did that it worked perfectly. You can display any of the inputs on either half of the monitor, or have any of the inputs take up the full screen, just by muddling around in the screen's build in menu. NOTE: The screen can only play audio from one display input at a time. This is actually fine in most cases for me, as I use my own speakers for my PC but then I'll play my nintendo switch audio out of the screen itself. Specific uses: 1. Full screen gaming 2. Watching movies 3. Playing Nintendo switch on one half while reading guides on my PC on the other half 4. Playing local multiplayer games with my bro, each of us using 1/2 the monitor. 5. Music production, video editing, image editing, photo editing NOTE: THE 4 way split screen is a *SOFTWARE* FEATURE. The monitor has built in support for splitting the screen down the middle in HARDWARE, thats two displays, one on the left and one on the right showing up on the same monitor.

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Roomy and cool7/26/2010 10:23:19 AM

Pros: This case was so easy to open up and install stuff in, a caveman could do it. It came with plentiful mounting hardware and convenient thumb screws on the side panels. It's also as porus as a sea sponge! I can see straight through the case looking in the front grate. Airflow is really nice and cable management was a breeze. It has dust filters on the front vent so stuff doesn't get sucked onto all your expensive parts. There is a fan mount on the side panel which is really nice-- even though I didn't buy an extra case fan it allows both my PSU and GPU to blow hot air out the side of the case. The top and back fans have three way speed switches that are fun to fool around with too, whether you want your rig to be super quiet or working hard for high performance, choose the fan speed that suits you. I was also pleased to find that the motherboard could be accessed from both the left and right sides for easy heat sink installation.

Cons: Because my graphics card installs with the built in fans facing down, my PSU and GPU are blowing hot air at each other. The built in fan speed switches are really only accessible if you open the case. That can be sort of a hassle.

Overall Review: The side vent is awesome if cooling is your main priority. Add an extra fan and your upside-down GPU problems just fade away. This case has awesome air intake/output and has ample space for your basic gaming rig setup. I had no problem whatsoever sticking in a (rather) large graphics card, a 1TB hard disk, two sticks of ram, a DVDRW, and a 750w PSU. Like I said before I can still see straight through my case so there's room for a lot more. This is a quiet case. I have a hard time describing just how quiet it is because I have a large fanned heat sink in my case, but I can sleep just fine with it on. My CPU and mobo idle at about 32 degrees centigrade where it's about 22 in my house. This is the first computer I've built, and the case was easy to work with.

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Wrong board7/13/2010 7:14:16 PM

Pros: Looked really cool, fit perfectly into my case, straightforward installation.

Cons: Wrong CPU slot, this was my mistake.

Overall Review: This was a very expensive mistake. As a first time computer builder I would recommend that you make sure your 300 dollar CPU goes into the 200 dollar motherboard before you buy. As far as I can tell the board is good, just not for me.

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