Was a decent laptop, now is useless11/28/2015 2:21:21 PM

Pros: Powerful, fast, was generally reliable. I bought it on sale for around $900.

Cons: Shipped with Windows 8.1. In my hurry to get away from that hot garbage, I ran into the brick wall that was terrible drivers and even worse: Windows 10. About 4-5 months ago I was still running 8.1 and began having serious wireless issues. The laptop simply refused to connect to any wifi networks. After updating to 10 (through wired lan) no progress was made. As of now I still cannot connect to the internet and it seems I never will be able to. And because of the great Windows 10 update, I no longer have a recovery partition and Windows 10 refuses to reset or reset itself.

Overall Review: It was fun while it lasted (about 6 months). Now it's useless and, of course, out of warranty. Absolutely not worth the full price tag, and I would say it's not worth it unless the price drops considerably.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Brianne, Thank you for your time on posting this review, we are sorry to hear your experience with the ASUS laptop. Please allow me to assist you. Was there an error message? if there is what is the exact error message that you seeing whenever you are unable Please try the steps below to try to troubleshoot the unit's issue. 1. Check the support site for more updated driver - if yes, update the driver 2. If NO, Uninstall the driver and install it back thru its support disk - if no good 3. Try to uninstall the current driver from Device Manager 4. Restart the computer. 5. When Windows is loaded up completely, Windows 10 will eventually install its driver 6. If not, Update Windows so the device will be back to its normal working state - if NOT 7. Please visit our support site (or the chipset site like Intel, NVidia, AMD) for more updated driver corresponding to Windows 10. For further assistance or if you want to discuss this matter with me, please email me at customerloyalty@asus.com and put case #N151214572 in the subject line for a reference. I'm here to help you and all others with these issues, as our customer loyalty department dedicated to bringing a resolution to all issues related to our products. If ever you want to call our representatives please check link below for the contact numbers. http://www.asus.com/us/support/CallUs Thank you for choosing ASUS. Best regards, Jerry ASUS Customer Loyalty
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Great Audio Control Software10/3/2013 12:09:04 PM

Pros: Has great options to hone your customized audio experience, instead of just accepting the norm.

Cons: I experienced some minor bugs with the drivers, but nothing serious.

Overall Review: Another good thing from Razr!

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