Ideal laptop3/21/2012 1:51:45 PM

Pros: I bought this to run SWTOR, it does so perfectly on max settings with only the Shadows turned down slightly. DC Universe online runs perfectly as well. I haven't tried many other games but I don't anticipate much trouble. Awesome bang for buck. The screen is vibrant and whilst the resolution is a little low it does not look "blocky". Speakers are superb! Great for games, tweak the settings a little and they are great for music too. Build quality feels solid and the power brick is space efficient unlike some other laptops on the market. No flex in the keyboard. Big and responsive track pad. Minimal bloatware, and the bloatware that exists could actually be useful for the most part. No monitor wobble and the hinges feel like they are good quality. . White lights used for the notification lights, volume control and the power buttons which I kinda like. The keyboard surround and the back of the monitor are a brushes metal which looks pretty good.

Cons: No Back lit keyboard. Hard drive is a little slow and "clicky". The metal smudges easily.

Overall Review: As this laptop is at the cheaper end of the market, they could have slapped something low quality together under the mantra of "what do you want? it's cheap!" But lenovo have done a great job on this. The quality is excellent As other reviewers have commented, there is a slight purplish tint to the brushed metal cover. So make of that what you will. This was a steal, I was going to spend a lot more, maybe with a HP envy 17 or AW m14x but when it came down to it. Were they 3x as good? Because they were nearly 3x the price. For me the answer was no. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone. This has turned me into a lenovo fanboy.

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