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ESDF users and ARPG players may have trouble with ghosting (E/T/Space)3/16/2020 1:24:09 PM

Pros: Feels solid and well-made. Attractive lighting. Unobtrusive wrist rest. No issues ordering from Newegg.

Cons: Minimal configuration options without using SteelSeries Engine 3. No page on support site dedicated to this model. And the big one for me: Insufficient anti-ghosting for my needs. While holding E and Space, T will not register. For people who game with WASD where their index finger is used for both E and T, this is likely not much of an issue. People who press E with their middle finger (ESDF or QWER) may run into some trouble, as I did.

Overall Review: My first impression on opening the box was very positive. The keyboard felt substantial and did not noticeably flex when holding it from one end. Was somewhat disappointed that the cord was not braided, but this is acceptable on a keyboard vs a mouse. When I set it up, I didn't personally care for the default RGB/reactive light settings. I was hoping to be able to configure this from the keyboard itself, but could not find a way to get edit these settings despite the LCD panel showing "Settings" as an option. Using the SteelSeries Engine 3, I found that the backlight settings are highly customizable with some time/effort. The only change I might like to see to the program is a longer option for timeout before it switches over to the inactive setting (current maximum is 1 minute). Gaming seemed pretty good at first, but I kept noticing my T not firing. At first I chalked it up to getting used to the keyboard or pressing the key too slowly, but eventually realized that none of these could be the case. I take anti-ghosting for granted on gaming keyboards and nearly submitted a bug report to the game before double checking - I re-enabled the reactive backlight settings, held down E and Space, and started tapping T... nothing. I wanted to like the keyboard, but this was a dealbreaker for me, as far as gaming goes. I may still use it as an office keyboard, but it seems like a waste. Other thoughts: I unfortunately cannot fairly assess the tactile feel of the keys as I am used to red switches.

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