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4.75 Stars - Great small or home office all in one printer10/2/2018 4:34:11 PM

Pros: Great print out. Color copies were better than expected. Life of the toner cartridges was better than expected. Easy network setup and printer driver installations were ok. The scanner is great. Both the onboard menu or the software for it is easy to use.

Cons: 3 issues minor issues. 1) Paper tray holds very little paper. I believe that a laser printer should be able to hold more than half a ream of paper. 2) Toner replacement cost is VERY High. Almost 2/3 the cost of the printer. I had another printer, same make, and model for 2 years, and made the mistake to use NON-HP Toner replacements to save money and it blew out the voltage regulator, causing the pages to come out covered in black toner. Cost of repair was 2/3 the cost of the printer and I would have needed to buy HP toner also, so it was cheaper to buy another printer. 3) Network and printer setup when more than one of the same make and model on the network. Renaming the devices are more difficult than they should be, but it can be done if you can figure out where to look in the Web Admin controls of the devices. Still, more of a chore than I think it should be. In Windows, it is even more difficult, but that is a Windows 10 issue and not an HP issue.

Overall Review: I do recommend this product to family, friends, and clients for a single, small office setup. Does not hold enough paper to be used by more than 2 people in my opinion.

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