5/7/2014 10:04:44 AM

Pros: Great drive when it works (if everything is 4k-native ready)

Cons: Does not work with applications and OSes that don't properly recognize 4k drives

Overall Review: Although the internal drive inside this enclosure is a 512e drive (4096-byte sectors with a 512-byte emulation layer), the enclosure itself forces native 4k (4096-byte sectors and NO emulation layer!!!). This means any application or operating system that does not have proper 4k support (again, NATIVE 4k, not 512e) will have problems. This includes: - various disk cloning programs - various partition resizing programs - Microsoft Exchange - Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 - the built-in backup utility in Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008, and Server 2008 R2. ...and no, Microsoft's hotfix will not fix issues with native 4k. It only fixes issues with 512e.

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Great case with some minor cons4/28/2013 2:39:11 PM

Pros: 1) Lots of room for components, even with an X59, X79, or some other extra large motherboard, as well as those super long video cards 2) Lots of room for cable management behind the right side of the case 3) Lots of room for just about whatever else I can't think of right now.

Cons: 1) Tabs that hold the front 5.25" covers to the front cover snap easily. Be careful! 2) As another reviewer said, the tabs that hold the side fans inside the case can also snap easily. 3) Because it's so dang huge, your power supply cables may not be long enough (particularly the ATX or EPS +12V cable to the motherboard). 4) Lots of fans makes this thing loud. 5) No 3.5" bay or bay conversion plate for things like card readers and whatnot (unlike the old Nine Hundred Two model).

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Does its job, but has a few quirks9/26/2012 8:10:24 AM

Pros: Does its job--displays pictures on a portable keychain.

Cons: 1) No way to view pictures while charging over USB. Not a huge deal. 2) No way to change settings while charging over USB. Normally wouldn't be a big deal, but... 3) ...has almost NO battery charge out of the package. I would like to at least show someone how to use it without having to wait four hours to charge. -1 egg. 4) Has a 120 picture limit. Yes, it's exactly what it says on the package, but still...most data storage media is limited by capacity, not by number of files. It can be 120 huge bitmaps or 120 tiny jpegs--doesn't matter. 5) Can't manipulate the storage directly. You have to use the utility that shows up in a CDFS-mounted partition to add/remove pics. This is fine for people that don't want to deal with drives/drive letters. 6) Does not come with an AC Adapter. So if it runs out of juice, you need to find a USB port.

Overall Review: This was a gift for my mother. I had to buy an AC Adapter with a USB port to charge it, since she doesn't use computers much. Despite all the cons, I only knocked off 1 egg, since none of them are huge dealbreakers. YMMV, though.

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Great for hot plugging, look elsewhere for RAID7/12/2012 1:44:51 PM

Pros: As the review title says, this card (or really, any card with a Silicon Image chipset) is extremely reliable for hot-plugging. In other words, if you use a removable drive and your onboard SATA ports aren't doing it for you (even when AHCI is enabled), get this.

Cons: However, when using RAID0 or RAID1, look elsewhere because this is a soft-RAID solution, and performance is going to suck. Others have posted benchmarks, so there's no need to repeat what they've said...

Overall Review: You CAN, however, use this card to set up a bootable RAID0 or RAID1 array--just make sure your motherboard's BIOS will allow you to boot from a PCI-Express card.

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Unstable when hot-plugging on Server 2008 with Windows Server Backup11/15/2011 1:01:02 PM

Pros: It's SATA III (6gbps). It's cheap.

Cons: Even with the AHCI driver installed (whether the standard one with Windows Server 2008 R1 or R2 or the Marvell driver), hot-plugging drives tend to be hit-or miss. Results are either: a) Works great! Swap drives away! b) Drives suddenly "disappear" from Device Manager (particularly SATA III-compatible drives. SATA II drives, not so much) c) BSOD

Overall Review: Hopefully Marvell can get the hot-plugging issues fixed with their drivers. Otherwise pass on these for something with a more stable chipset (like the Silicon Image chipsets, which the Rosewill RC-207, 210 and 211 cards use...except they're SATA II (3gbps) and not SATA III)...

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Great balance between price, size, performance, and customer service!10/14/2011 11:48:31 AM

Pros: The obvious night-and-day difference in Windows start-up time! Obvious difference in application start-up. 222.1 MB/s sequential read speed per CDM. Decent amount of disk space to work with as well.

Cons: Sequential write speed is actually slower than a mechanical hard drive (79 MB/s vs. 101.5 MB/s from a 1 TB WD1001FALS according to CDM), but that's to be expected in the mainstream price range. You buy SSDs for read speed first and foremost.

Overall Review: Again, you don't buy an SSD for space. You buy it for speed. Store your large files on a secondary mechanical drive. As always, G-Skill has great customer service--their replies to the low-egg reviews are a testament to this!

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Your Mileage May Vary!9/20/2011 8:34:35 AM

Pros: Noticeable improvements--point it in the right direction, and you'll very likely get extended range results in comparison to a standard omnidirectional WiFi adapter (usually 1-2 bar improvement). That's been fairly consistent for me through various locations--inside, outside, through a layer or two of concrete, upstairs, downstairs, etc.

Cons: Extremely hit-and-miss. You may get a better signal, but personally, I'm finding little-to-no improvement in transfer speeds. A full 54 Mbps signal (G) or 108 (N) results in only about 2-3% of it being utilized. Not sure if it's a driver issue or if it's a similar latency phenomenon that plagues, say, satellite Internet service...

Overall Review: Let me stress this: Your Mileage May Vary! Check out what you have between your PC/laptop and the access point before purchasing. Are you trying to aim it through over 9000 layers of concrete? Is the access point a mile away? If so, don't bother! If you can barely get the signal through an onboard adapter (like 1 bar if you're lucky), then you're likely to get three bars with this product aimed in the right direction. For the most part, it's a gamble. Just make sure you can return the thing to the store if it doesn't work for you. If it does work, then it's definitely worth every penny! Hence the 4 egg review.

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Great value, poor native OS8/13/2011 7:33:14 AM

Pros: Unlocked phone for a decent price, fast CPU speed

Cons: Windows Mobile 6.5. Horrible.

Overall Review: Flash this with either Android or Windows Phone 7 ROM. Makes a WORLD of difference!

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Great for hot-plugging8/8/2011 6:59:34 AM

Pros: This card has a Silicon Image Sil3132 chipset. I know the previous reviewer sees this as a con, but it is great when it comes to hot-plugging hard drives without having to do anything fancy.

Cons: Look elsewhere for performance (probably why the previous reviewer saw it as a con)

Overall Review: Brand name of the card itself is irrelevant. It's the chipset that counts. If you're connecting any kind of removable drive bay to this card, Silicon Image chipsets are the way to go, as JMicron chipsets tend to blue-screen Windows OS's (even with AHCI enabled) and Marvell's are hit-and-miss.

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MUCH better than previous Icy Docks7/13/2011 10:50:09 AM

Pros: 1) SATAIII (or SATA6, depending on naming convention) 2) MUCH better engineering for pulling the drive out when the door is pulled open. Previous Icy Docks had a small arm that was subject to getting bent or broken--our company has RMA'd a few of the older models for that reason.

Cons: The packaging doesn't indicate SATAIII or SATA6 compatibility--only "Screw-Less 3.5" SAS / SATA I & II Mobile Rack." I haven't run any tests as of yet to see if I can get anywhere near SATAIII speeds (and even then, almost anything that's not a SSD will probably be bottlenecked anyway).

Overall Review: Make sure your SATA controller has the correct drivers for hot-plugging and/or AHCI. No hot-plug = likely BSOD. Silicon Image chipsets are usually best for this, but I don't think they have SATAIII/SATA6 controllers out yet. Marvell is a good second--they have SATAIII/SATA6 controllers that are hot-pluggable.

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Works as advertised1/15/2011 6:58:55 AM

Pros: Works on PS/2 KVM switches

Cons: None

Overall Review: This replaced an old traditional ball/roller mouse on an 8-port PS/2 KVM switch. My other options were a USB mouse via a USB to PS/2 adapter, and I haven't had any luck with those on PS/2 KVM switches. So if you have a PS/2 KVM switch, spend the few bucks on this

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100% Compatible with Dell Latitude D830 laptop12/14/2010 9:37:32 AM

Pros: Installed two of these in a Dell Latitude D830 laptop...and works! 8 GB of RAM, baby!

Cons: POST takes about 10x longer the first time you start up the laptop with the new RAM. After that, it starts up normally.

Overall Review: Just make sure you have the latest BIOS flashed before you install the RAM. Otherwise, the most it will detect is 6 GB (one 4 GB DIMM, one 2 GB DIMM).

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Great price, great service, and even the manufacturer responses are human!11/17/2010 7:47:17 AM

Pros: Title says it all! 4 GB DIMMs at an affordable price! 24 GB of RAM is attainable without spending a small fortune!

Cons: CAS 9--my old 6 x 2 GB G-Skill kit was CAS 7 (drops my WEI RAM score from 7.5 to 7.4, but no biggie). I'm sure I won't miss the 1-2 FPS in most games anyway, as this build is for heavy all-purpose use (i.e.: virtual machines).

Overall Review: G-Skill: Best darn manufacturer responses to reviews on Newegg. You can tell that many of them are written by an actual human (not all, but at least it's better than the tons of canned responses by other manufacturers). For the few lemons I've received from G-Skill, the RMA process is relatively painless. This purchase, so far, hasn't been one of those, but if something does happen, at least I know I have decent recourse!

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Like the previous WVC54GCA in many ways...9/29/2010 1:57:08 PM

Pros: Works great when using a wired connection! No downtime whatsoever!

Cons: Works poorly when using a wireless connection, regardless of whether it's WEP, WPA, or WPA2...even if the access point is right next to it! It will occasionally drop off of the wireless network, requiring the settings to be re-entered...

Overall Review: I would have thought that Linksys would have fixed the wireless issues with the WVC54GCA and now the WVC80N. Their most reliable model in the past was the WVC54GC, and it just went downhill from there. As a wired camera, it's awesome! As a wireless camera...don't bother. That's why there's 3 eggs (5 eggs for its wired functionality, 1 egg for its wireless headaches)

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A lot of card for the price!8/25/2010 11:35:58 AM

Pros: For the price, you can't beat it! 1 VGA, 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, and if you use a specific HDMI-to-DVI adapter (not just any generic one), you'll get two HDMI...and both support audio!

Cons: A little deceiving, and yet, a little bit of failure to RTM on my part--no egg deduction, but worth mentioning anyway: even though there are three video output ports on this card, you can only use two! Also, GREAT for HTPCs, put not so much for gaming at high resolutions.

Overall Review: In general, with ATI cards that support HDMI and has more than two video outputs: 1) a generic HDMI-to-DVI adapter with an ATI card will NOT support HDMI audio through the DVI port! You must use an ATI-specific adapter! 2) In order to use three monitors, the card MUST have a DisplayPort on it and said port MUST be used as one of the three monitors! This particular card meets none of these conditions, so no three-monitor setup with this alone!

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Great for small business servers for backup!2/19/2010 8:55:23 AM

Pros: Great for Small Business Server and Windows Home Server owners that want to transition from tape-based backup to drive-based, utilize the speed of SATA, keep costs down (external cages get expensive after a while), not have to get a whole new tape drive every time larger capacity tapes are required, and maintain the same (or similar) media rotation habits. Just get some SATA drives and have the designated person swap them out the same way they did with backup tapes!

Cons: As others have said, the SATA controller must support hot-plugging or else you will blue-screen your computer (if you're using Windows). Also, swapping bare drives out without static protection can be a bit risky. The latter is not the fault of the product, so no egg deduction there. The former can be a bit misleading, so -1/2. Since I can't give 1/2 of an egg, it rounds back up to a whole egg, so no deduction. :)

Overall Review: To address the cons above, use a Silicon-Image SATA PCI or PCIe controller in conjunction with this for best results (Rosewill RC-210 for PCI or RC-207/211 for PCIe). Alternatively, if your onboard SATA controller is AHCI-compatible, then you can use it for hot-plugging. As for the bare drives, either use plastic VCR tape containers, the anti-static bag from the drives in question, or purchase some bare drive storage cases (which are more expensive than they should be).

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Have an older Zalman, a hot i7, and limited funds? This is your answer!8/13/2009 10:08:18 AM

Pros: Allows you to use an old Zalman 9500 or 9700 with a Core i7. The old Zalmans are better than i7 stock fans by a longshot. Fastening clip is better than the one that came with the 9500s and 9700s.

Cons: You have to remove the motherboard from your case in order to mount the bracket.

Overall Review: Using Core i7 920 at stock speed, ASUS P6T SE motherboard, and Antec Nine Hundred Two case: Stock i7 HSF w. Arctic Silver 5: Idle: 47C, Load: 80C!!!!! Zalman 9500 w. this bracket: Idle: 39C, Load: 60C (MUCH better!!!) Also...USE THE WASHERS! Four metal screws shorting out a motherboard can be a bad bad thing.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Have an older Zalman, a hot i7, and limited funds? This is your answer!8/13/2009 10:08:08 AM

Pros: Allows you to use an old Zalman 9500 or 9700 with a Core i7. The old Zalmans are better than i7 stock fans by a longshot. Fastening clip is better than the one that came with the 9500s and 9700s.

Cons: You have to remove the motherboard from your case in order to mount the bracket.

Overall Review: Using Core i7 920 at stock speed, ASUS P6T SE motherboard, and Antec Nine Hundred Two case: Stock i7 HSF w. Arctic Silver 5: Idle: 47C, Load: 80C!!!!! Zalman 9500 w. this bracket: Idle: 39C, Load: 60C (MUCH better!!!) Also...USE THE WASHERS! Four metal screws shorting out a motherboard can be a bad bad thing.

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Hit or miss5/18/2009 9:08:54 AM

Pros: Excellent price-to-performance-to-capacity ratio at the time of this review (1.5 TB in the low-Benjamin sweet spot), great for single drive storage, relatively fast transfer speeds through SATA 3.0gb and eSATA (about 100 MB/s burst, 70 MB avg.). +5 eggs.

Cons: ...I ordered three drives, and have one with the click o death after three days. -1 egg (no more than that because it happens with any manufacturer's hard drive every now and then).

Overall Review: However, considering all the reported problems with RAID and firmware reported in earlier reviews as well as Seagate's customer service blunders, it's more difficult to be as forgiving. -1 egg because of what seems to be a consistent pattern that can cost Seagate a bunch of customers (including myself if this keeps up)...

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
1st purchase: excellent, 2nd purchase: DOA1/26/2008 12:41:18 PM

Pros: First shredder purchase (for my father) is excellent. Give it anything (paper, credit card, CD, DVD) and it will chew it up without breaking a sweat! 5 eggs for that.

Cons: Second shredder purchase (for myself)...not so excellent. It's DOA--only clicks when you try to shred anything. 1 egg for that.

Overall Review: I'm not sure if I won the lemon lottery or if this is reflective of Royal's quality control... Overall...3 eggs...

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Price to performance ratio = consumer comes out on top!1/23/2008 11:10:13 AM

Pros: 1) You get a lot of printer for the price: duplexing, Ethernet connection, fast printing, fast warm-up! 2) Works in Vista x64 without having to install drivers!

Cons: Duplexing is a little slower than on other models. Some printers duplex by printing the odd pages first and suck them back into the duplexer to print the even pages, speeding things up. This particular printer prints sequentially, slowing down the duplexing. In the grand scheme of things, that's not a huge issue.

Overall Review: If you're duplexing, remember to change the settings in the Printer Properties AND in the application you are running (i.e.: Adobe Acrobat). Otherwise, the printer will duplex upside-down.

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Great price, great timings, great quality...just...great!12/12/2007 7:41:36 AM

Pros: Title says it all! Vista loves this stuff, 5.9 rating, didn't have to pay a fortune for it.

Cons: Not such a well-known brand name. Then again, even Kingston, Crucial, and Corsair were small shops at one time!

Overall Review: I have 4 GB of RAM in my Vista Ultimate x64 system now (MSI P6N-SLI FI motherboard (had to flash the BIOS), Core 2 Quad Q6600 B3, 8800 GTS 320 MB video card). I'll buy 4 more when I can afford it!

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Somewhat consistent DOAs?8/20/2006 2:45:25 PM

Pros: 1) Decent price for 2 GB PC3200 DDR RAM. 2) Lifetime warranty--you'll need it (see below).

Cons: Four (yes, four) DOA chips in a row out of five of these. We built two systems with this RAM. 1) First time, we bought a set of this RAM off of Newegg. Found one stick to be bad running Mem****86 on it, sent it back to Newegg, and they replaced it no problem. That replacement stick is still good, as far as I know. Later on, the other original stick went bad, and the Newegg warranty already expired. Called Corsair, and the tech was rude (which is probably not indicating of Corsair's service in general...it was probably just someone having a bad day). He did tell us to jack up the voltage to 2.7V, but that didn't help, but regardless, sent the second stick back--still waiting for a replacement. 2) The second time, I realized another friend bought this RAM from Newegg a little over a year ago. He had some random problems with his PC, then changed out his motherboard to an A8N32-SLI deluxe, and had the same problems with games crashing.

Overall Review: We eliminated other hardware and software problems, and then I told him to run Mem****86, telling him of what I mentioned in #1 above. BOTH sticks were bad. We are in the process of calling Corsair. Typically, I'm not the type of person to slam a product with one or two DOA products, but when you see a somewhat consistent pattern, there's something wrong... Now one would think "user error" with four dead sticks, but I don't think that's the case here (but then again, I wasn't involved in the initial building of the system mentioned in #2). I'm probably going to avoid this particular product from now on. I would advise others to do the same, but I'm not going to discredit those that gave it 4 or 5 eggs because obviously they haven't run into the kinds of problems I've mentioned.

5 out of 6 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
5/12/2006 8:45:27 AM

Pros: 1) Lots of fan grills and fans (120mm on side, 80mm on back, room for 80mm on top and two in front. 2) Screwless design for cards and drives 3) Temp readout is great, if installed properly 4) Easy access to components (as long as you're not trying to make a full tower out of a mid-tower by stuffing too much into it)

Cons: 1) Hard drive bays are too close to the side of case: SATA connectors can break off if you're not careful reattaching the side door 2) Front panel's clock has to have the clock reset after unplugging for long period of time (bad battery in the panel, perhaps?) 3) No way to adjust the alarm on front panel (once video card hit 60C while my cousin was playing FEAR, it went ballistic) 4) Larger video cards (and anything that takes up more than one expansion slot) can be a pain--you'll have to bend or break off enough of the separator tab to get it in the slot, but not too much, else you'll destroy the screwless mechanism. 5) Dust filter can be a pain to clean

Overall Review: My cousin picked this case out for his rig, and so far, he loves it! I didn't have the issue others had with sharp edges, but I don't doubt that some of these cases could have them. Despite the flaws, this is a great case, and I'll recommend this one to others! This case could be a tad better if they fix some of the flaws.

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