Some say this card should not be and nobody wanted it...I'm glad they made it and I certainly wanted it!12/16/2017 7:14:31 AM

Pros: I've been watching this card on Youtube and when the price dropped a bit, I pulled the trigger. Received this card via USPS just a few days ago. Opened the box and this card is big....much bigger than the 970 I had. Two of the fans on the 970 died so it was time to upgrade. I am using a Coolmaster Haf X case so fitting it in was not an issue. The cooling system on this card is big.....and keeps this card very cool and very quiet. 8 pin power connector is satisfactory. The lighting is pretty good....the Aura software to control the lighting works well. I'm running an Intel I7 5960X with a Samsung PRO 1tb M.2 drive......custom water cooling. 32 gb 2666mhz Corsair ram. I did some tests with 4/k video and I really did not notice a difference too much from the 970. That was until I downloaded the ASUS GPU TweakII software. I overclocked this card to accelerate the core to 1949 Mhz. Very nice. The video no longer had that was was just a bit sharper......seemed to be easier to run as the 970 would ramp up the fan speed to cover the cooling while this card had no problem and was totally silent. My video rendering was a lot smoother also. If you do 4/K or 8/K video work, then this card will handle it....maybe not as good as a 1080ti.....but as good as a 1080 when this card is overclocked. I hear that this card is pretty good for gaming.....certainly not a 1080ti..... I do not game....I create video.....4K video....and I watch video....4K video.....and this card can handle it.

Cons: Because this card has the DDR5 and not the DDR5X memory, this card and cards like it are on the hit list for miners.....meaning the price of these cards are higher than they should because of demand. The latency of the DDR5 memory is better than the latency of the DDR5X memory on the 1080 / 1080ti so for certain crypto currency mining, the cards with the DDR5 memory are in great demand. I noticed a price increase after I ordered my card from NewEgg.

Overall Review: If you don't want to spend $600-$800 for a video card, then this card is what you want. Many of the reviews started out saying that this is a card that nobody asked for and it is nothing but a reaction to the AMD Vega 56. This card, at the right price, is the best deal for those wishing to get a really good video card that won't break the bank. I recommend this card highly if you are not willing to pay a lot more for just a little more.

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250GB SSD is fantastic5/23/2014 11:18:40 PM

Pros: I had to get a new SSD as my 128GB Crucial M4 that I've had for over three years was starting to get full and noticed a lag. Being older technology, the M4 is slower than the newer SSd drives. So I decided to go ahead and update. This drive is almost double the speed of the old M4. At twice the capacity, this drive was $75 cheaper than what I paid for the old M4. Installation was very easy and the migration software worked excellent. This new drive being the C drive was easy to install and easy to get Windows 7 and Ubuntu loaded. Went very fast and everything worked perfectly after migration. I noticed right away my computer boots faster after the bios does its thing. I also noticed that the programs were loading faster and also that my internet surfing was much faster as Firefox was quicker by about 25%. All other programs such as Gimp and Open Office open way faster than before. Audacity opens in less than 5 seconds.

Cons: None at all.

Overall Review: This drive is a great improvement over previous versions. Faster than even the top end Samsungs of just a few months ago. Having smaller SSD's in the past, 250 GB is about the lowest capacity I would recommend having. Windows and many other programs are kind of bloated and when an SSD starts to get full, they do slow down a bit. I highly recommend this drive.

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Almost a year 24/71/2/2014 6:23:24 AM

Pros: After my watercooled I7 4600K died, I decided to get back to AMD as in my computing history, the AMD 955 chip and the Gigabyte motherboard was the most reliable I have owned. The 8350 came out and so I decided to get it along with this motherboard. Best decision I've made in a while. I've been running this mother board and the 8350 24/7 since it was put together with just a few hours off. I do some crypto currency mining and it takes a lot of time to do mining so I wanted the most reliable motherboard I could find. So far, this motherboard has performed flawlessly. The layout it pretty good. Lots of room for video cards and a sound card. I've updated the Bios and everything works just fine. I've noticed that I have not noticed the loss of the I7 Intel set up. This mother board with the 8350 has taken the place of the Intel set up and I have no regrets.

Cons: None at all. I've owned several Gigabyte products and every one has been great.

Overall Review: Iceland jailed its bankers and the people wrote a new constitution to prevent corporations from taking control of government ever again. We in the US should do the same. Iceland's economy is now a wonder of the world and they are no longer in debt to the banksters. The Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 is a really nice motherboard. Is it perfect? No.....but it does do what it needs to do and does it every day 24/7 with no complaints.

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Update on my review9/18/2013 5:44:59 AM

Pros: I have owned the 8350 now for a little over 6 months and it has performed everything I have asked of it. I highly recommend this CPU. I previously ran an I7 2600K and while it was a great CPU, it died after my water cooling system broke down in the middle of the night. I ran it overclocked @ 4.9Ghz 24/7. The AMD FX8350 is my second AMD CPU. I once owned a 955 and ran it for several years without a problem. So I wanted to try the 8350 after reading the reviews. The FX8350 has made me realize that paying a lot more for the Intel CPU's is not good economic sense in today's world. The AMD motherboards are usually about half the cost of the Intel motherboards and AMD has wisely kept the motherboard issue at bay with the continuation of the AM3 / AM3+ series. Upgrading a CPU should not mean that you need to gut your computer and buy a new motherboard. AMD got it right with the AMD3+. For all that own the FX8350 and other FX CPU's, if you are running Windows 7, there is a hotfix that is available from Microsoft that allows your 8350 to use all cores. Previously, Windows 7 had a problem with utilizing all 8 cores. With the hotfix, I have noticed an increase in speed and the computer runs much smoother. Google AMD Hotifx for more info.

Cons: None what so ever.

Overall Review: Microsoft will send you an e-mail with the hotfix download for the AMD FX8350. It will be a zipped file. Just run it and you will see better performance with the hotfix. With all the great reviews, more and more programmers will be writing programs that will utilize the AMD CPU. With the economy the way it is, AMD CPU's make more sense than ever before.

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over a year and still perfect8/11/2013 9:44:10 PM

Pros: I bought this fan with the idea of using it on back of my HAF X case as I did not like the stock fan. I love the rubber mounts and they work great in keeping fan noise way down while moving a ton of air. I am running a Phanteks PH TC14PE CPU cooler and have the rear case fan pushing cool air into the back of the Cooler. I have 4 fans running on the Phanteks and it keeps my CPU nice and cool. I never go above 47C even when overclocking my AMD 8350 at 4.9 GHZ. This fan has performed flawlessly in the over a year it has been used. That is 365/24/7 days a week. I have had other high end fans die on me but this fan keeps on going. I use a fan controller when not overtaxing my system so the fan is really quiet unless I crank it up full blast. Even then, it still is a lot quieter than many other fans I have used.

Cons: None at all.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a case fan that moves a lot of air and lasts a long time, then this is your fan. I have become jaded with Noctua products as I will not use any other fans. I have had nothing but problems with so many other fans and this fan plus all the other Noctuas in my case have been perfect.

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Over a year ago and still happy8/11/2013 6:59:05 AM

Pros: Last year I purchased this SDXC card from NewEgg, In that year, I've taken thousands of photos and so far this card has been fantastic. It may not be THE fastest card available in 2013, but it is fast enough to handle all the video, stills and even used it to try Ubuntu. I've used it to record Blue Ray disks for temporary storage and not one problem. I take it everywhere and it is used almost every day with constant writes and reads with no problems.

Cons: No cons. OK, one. The price is lower since I got it over a year ago. Such is life with technology!

Overall Review: For the price, which dropped by $20 since I bought it, it is a no brainer. I use it as a temporary storage device and for my video, point and shoot and DSLR cameras. It gets used a lot and it has handled it all as GSkill is the company I only use for my memory needs. I run GSkill DDR3 memory in my desktop and am very happy with GSkill products.

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They are quiet and work great8/5/2013 1:46:00 PM

Pros: Very quiet. Have some great engineering behind them. I run 5 of these in my case and they are so quiet that I can barely hear them. I run a Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU cooler and replaced the stock fans with 3 of these. The volume of air is amazing and the temps dropped 3 degrees C when these replaced the stock fans. Plus being 120mm instead of the 140 mm size of the stock fans, no problems with memory clearance. I've had a lot of fan failures in the past and the 6 year warranty was one of the deciding factors in my purchase. So far, in the almost 2 years of owning these, not one failure. I also replaced the stock rear fan of my HAF X case with a 140mm Noctua fan and am very pleased with that fan too. The mounting of the fan is nice with the rubber pins or you can use regular screws.

Cons: The 4 pin connector is problematic with some connectors. The speed reducers are OK but I prefer to use a fan controller instead of those. Many people don't like the color, but who cares if they work so good and last. Kind of pricey but you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: I was having second thoughts about getting this fan. Once I got my first one, I decided that I did not care about the color and got 4 more. I wanted a fan that was quiet and would last. So far, I have decided that I will not have any other fans except Noctuas in my case. They are great fans.

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Nice start into SSD for Seagate!6/16/2013 12:49:23 PM

Pros: The Seagate 240GB SSD is a great start for the Seagate company into the world of SSD technology. I've owned a few SSD's going back a few years. My first SSD is a Crucial M4 64 GB that I still own and use. I've also owned several other SSD's from Samsung and San Disk. All were smaller than the 240 GB unit from Seagate and the prices at the time were way more than I was willing to spend. I waited and waited till the prices came down a bit. I wish I would have not as SSD is the single best upgrade if you are using HDD exclusively. It is amazing how today an SSD of 240 GB sells for the same price as a 64 GB SSD just a few years ago. Technology has a way of marching forward and prices drop as the technology gets better. I have been kind of spoiled since using SSD's as my main C drive. Speed of the earlier drives are slower as compared to the Seagate but it is relative to what you are used to. When I first got into SSD's, I was using a standard HDD and after installing the SSD, I thought I just got a supercomputer as it was that much faster. Now that I have used the SSD technology for a while, I have become jaded and the speed of these newer drives are not as impressive as they once were. This Seagate 600 240GB drive is fast. Faster than any of the ones I have used in the past. But it is measured in fractions of seconds, not tens of seconds or minutes like the comparisons between SSD and HDD when SSD was new. I can attest to the numbers put up by others as far as the speed of this drive goes. It is quick. Its random read and write speeds are fairly close to the high end Samsung 840 pro drives. For a first foray into SSD drives, the Seagate 600 SSD's are a really good start. The drive itself is really small. Incredibly small. Small enough to fit into a modern laptop with room to spare. It looks tiny in a full case. (Corsair HAF X). The exterior has a nice flat black textured finish with a white silkscreen logo on it. Fits into most case color schemes well. Installation in both my laptop or my desktop was easy. Desktops will need a SSD drive mounting kit or you could just let it hang there as it can withstand a lot of G force. I use my SSD as my main C drive for the two operating systems I use, Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7. I also use SSD as my main program drive for programs like Photoshop, Gimp,Adobe After Effects, and Autocad. My 64 GB drive was full and so this drive was a perfect replacement for my almost full C drive. Installation of the OS on the Seagate 600 is fast as the write speeds are pretty good for a first try. The “Up To” numbers are fairly close on both Sequential and random reads and writes. I was going to do a migration of the C drive to the new Seagate 600 C drive but decided it was time to do a fresh install of the OS's and programs. Windows installed in 10 minutes 54 seconds and Ubuntu went in at 8 minutes 14 seconds. Pretty darned quick! I'm running an AMD 8350 Overclocked to 4.9 GHZ. On a Gigabyte UD3 A

Cons: Now for the cons. Not really a con for this drive but SSD's overall. SSD's are not meant to be used for files that are accessed by a lot of people and are changed and have a lot of writes. Seems that heat is generated when these things run and heat is the enemy of most electronics. SSD's are no exception. HDD's are better for files that are written to and read hundreds or thousands of times. SSD's are great for main C drives with OS's and programs that are usually just opened and closed. This Seagate 600 drive is probably the same as all other SSD's in that it should not be used as a drive for large scale writes. Better for write once read many times like in C drive OS use and main program use. I see no reason to upgrade from an older SSD drive at this time IF you have enough room on your SSD. But if you, like I, have almost maxed out your lower capacity SSD, then the Seagate 600 240 GB drive could be a great upgrade. Oh yes. It's not really 240 GB. 223.57 GB is what it has available. About the same for all the other 240 GB SSD drives out there.

Overall Review: Overall, I can highly recommend the Seagate 600 240 GB SSD drive. If you are looking for more space over a smaller SSD, then this drive could be the one you would want. If you are looking for more speed over a similar sized drive, then it would not make sense. The advantage of speed is relative to what you are used to. Over an HDD, then yes this drive makes a ton of sense to buy. I do love this drive! Highly recommended.

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If you need it, get it at the EGG!6/7/2013 4:43:21 PM

Pros: I needed to get another USB cable for my new Samsung ML-3312-ND and I needed 10 feet. I bought one of these before for my Canon Pro 9000 MKII printer and was happy with it then. It came quickly as usual from NewEgg. I could not find this product cheaper anywhere locally and so even with shipping, it was cheaper here on the EGG than anywhere else that I could find.

Cons: It was not free!!!!!

Overall Review: If you need a good printer cable, this is the one to get. Inexpensive, not cheaply made and it works like it should. Rosewill has always shown me that they make quality products and I recommend this cable if you need one. Fight the internet sales tax. Newegg is the best and I want to be able to say TAX FREE when I order.

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Fast printer and easy set up6/7/2013 4:18:17 PM

Pros: I got this printer to print out business forms and flyers and the resolution of 1200 x 1200 makes for sharp B&W images and sharp very small type if needed. The unit itself is not too big and I love having the screen and buttons off to the side where they are away from the paper unlike some other printers that have controls where the paper ends up after printing. This printer is fast and starts up quickly. The rated 33 pages per minute is right on and prints quickly with no jamming or banding of the printed image. I get on average a start up time of about 6 seconds while warming up. After the warm up, it prints very quickly and sharp. The color scheme is nice with light grey overall and dark grey on the right side where the buttons and screen is. The toner is now more available and I have seen refills at less than half the cost of the factory toner cartridges. I've had this printer for just a few days but so far it has been a very good printer. It is pretty quiet and from first plug in, ran without a problem with Windows 7 seeing it right away. With Linux, the CD is a help in the advanced section of it to set the printer up.

Cons: The LCD screen is small and not back lit. It is very difficult to read the LCD screen in a dim lit room. IT would be nice to have a back light on the screen. It does not come with a USB cord so if you are buying this printer, make sure you get a good USB printer cord.

Overall Review: I like this printer a lot. It does what it is supposed to do and does it fairly quietly. I like the quality of the printing at 1200 x 1200 and it does it without banding. It prints very fast and pumps out pages like there is no tomorrow. Not sure on total pages from a toner cartridge and I will report back when that information becomes available along with any reliability issues. I recommend this printer highly so far.

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6 month review5/31/2013 3:01:05 AM

Pros: So far I have had no problems at all with this router. I have tired several routers and in the past have had issues with reliability and range. It seems that my home has issues with radio waves that prevent some routers to not to be able to transmit to certain areas of the home. With the R6300, range and reliability has not been an issue. I've had comments from neighbors that my signal is stronger at their home than their own wireless router! This router has been working 24/7 now for over 6 months and no issues at all. Never a dropped signal. No breakdown and no complaints from the family! No problems with Apple products and no problem with PC's either.

Cons: I still have just one complaint. I like to mount things like routers off the desk on either a wall or the back of the desk. With this router, mounting is almost impossible as the base is wide so it can sit on a desk. While it is a really good looking router, I want it to just do its job out of sight.

Overall Review: I recommend this router highly. So far it has performed as it should and has connected to all my devices with not one problem. I originally gave it 4 eggs because I was not sure of the reliability of it but after 6 months of continuous use, I can say that so far it has earned the 5th egg.

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Good Board but not perfect5/19/2013 8:01:15 AM

Pros: When I found out that this board was available, I jumped at the chance to try an MSI board as I have been using ASUS and Gigabyte boards for a number of years. When the package arrived, I was impressed with the box. Whenever details like boxes and packaging are taken good care of, it seems to be carried over to the product as well. Right away I noticed that this board is fairly heavy. Not Gigabyte 2X copper heavy but it does have some weight to it. It does not flex like some of the other boards seem to do when you pick it up. The Dragon motif is interesting. Heat sinks are black and red and in the shape of dragons. Looks good. Installation was fairly easy with a few caveats. Fan plugs are in mostly the right places. Sata ports are positioned well (but needs more Sata III ports!) First start up went well with no problems. Overall it was a good experience. BIOS works fairly well and is easy to learn. The Killer E-2200 Ethernet technology seems to do the job in prioritizing gaming over regular internet. The gaming device port is a nice touch. You can connect most gaming devices to that. Works pretty well. Very easy build and it looks pretty good in the case.

Cons: The cons are few but could be deal breakers. First, the position of the 24 power pin jack is right behind the V-checkpoints plug which makes using it almost impossible. Second, can we do away with Sata II and USB 2 ? How about only SATA III and USB3 ports only? It sure would be nice to rid ourselves once and for all legacy technology. Reminds me of floppy disk! Overclock Genie is a nice idea but in practice does not overclock well enough. I could only get my 3770K up to 4.4 GHZ. and it would not go any higher with Overclock Genie. NOT using the Genie resulted in an overclock of 4.7 GHZ which is about standard for the Intel I7 Ivy bridge chips. I like the Ivy Bridge CPU's and their ability to use the Z-77's boards chip set. Installing my 2600K chip on this board resulted in not being able to use the on board video which is OK as I use higher end video cards anyway. But also there are other technologies that is not supported by the Sandy bridge CPU's so the Z77 chip set was a nice upgrade. So it is a gain lose proposition in regards to CPU's. The 2600K's ability to overclock is better than the 3770's. But it seems that the 3770's ability to use the Z77 chip set to its full potential offsets that to a degree. The price. It is a bit more than the regular GD65 motherboard. I have a friend who owns the regular board and we cannot see a whole lot of advantage of the Gaming board over the regular board.

Overall Review: The MSI Z77A -GD65 motherboard is a good board. Not a great one but it does everything well. The Z77 upgrade was a nice step up and found it to be slightly superior to the Z68 boards I have been using. Things run a bit smoother and a bit quicker with the Z77's! If it came down to it, I probably would buy the regular GD65 board over this one. But if it did come on sale, then I would say get this one. The extra price for what you get to me seems to be not worth the extra cost. It's just that putting GAMING on the end of the name does not make it a great board for gaming. It does game well but not better than other boards I have used. Overall, it is in the middle of the pack of motherboards in my opinion. Not great, but a very good board that may last a lot longer than some of the higher end motherboards due to not being able to overclock to the max and its Military grade rating. I do like this board and do recommend it for general computing and if you game. Not great but a good board.

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May not be the coolest...but it is!5/10/2013 2:19:13 PM

Pros: I ordered this after reading some of the reviews here on the EGG and also doing some Youtube watching on this monster. I was an avid water cooler fan and have built a few high end water cooling systems. I found that after a while, the water cooled systems have problems with reliability. I've even used almost all the closed systems from most of the major companies and found that water cooling is too maintenance intensive for most computer users. Most just want to turn it on and go. Water systems have pumps which in my experience don't last much over a year. Some brands last a bit longer but overall, they will need to be replaced sooner or later. Watching the quality of the coolant and worrying about leaks is another reason why I decided to go with air cooling for good. I was looking for a good air cooler and did some research on which one was the best. I was considering the Noctua NHD14 and also this. It was a matter of a coin toss. The Ph-TC14PE won the toss and so installed it in my new FX8350 AMD build. First, it is big. Fits fine in my Corsair Haf X case. It is quiet! I can hardly hear it running. It looks great. It comes in several colors. It is really easy to install. Fits most AMD and Intel motherboards and comes with everything you need including a fairly good thermal paste. And it works! I found this air cooler to be very effective in removing heat from the CPU. Mine is set up a bit differently as I am pulling cold air from the outside of the case via the rear case fan (Noktua 14 inch), then the Two Phantek supplied fans and finally, a Noctua 12 inch NF-F12 fan which is a tad bit smaller than the Phantek fans and allows for it to fit over the Ram slots without having to go with low profile ram. I also run two 200MM Coolermaster fans at the top of the case to expel any hot air quickly. My temperatures are in the low 20C's at idle and at full 4.2 Ghz, do not go above 40C. I am sure that with overclocking, it will be higher, but even so, I see results from others that show that this works almost as good as a higher end self contained water cooling system. No,the Phantek PH-TC14PE probably won't be as cool as a high end water cooled system at maximum overclock, but it does not require a lot of worry about if it will leak and worry about the pump dying in the middle of the night and frying your $300+ CPU. Plus it does cool good enough to keep just about any CPU overclocked nearly as cool as any custom water cooled setup. Face it, you are not going to need to worry about 4 or 5 degrees C warmer than a water cooled set up. The unit itself come with all mounting brackets for Intel and AMD although the AMD kit that comes with it requires to use the factory back plate on the mother board. Coming from a high end custom water cooling system, with the PH-TC14PE, you don't need any darned stinking hoses!!!!! No leaks and no worry about pump failure.

Cons: It is big so it will not fit in all cases. It is big enough to interfere with the ram so plan on using a smaller 12 inch Noktua or some other reliable fan on the end of this monster. Figuring out how to use the fan clips is new to me so it tool a while. Once I figured it out, it was easy. The little black clips for mounting the fan can fly across the room and can get lost. Has some sharp edges that can cut you if not careful.

Overall Review: I like this cooler a lot. After having a few problems with water cooling, I sure am glad that they have come up with a better way to air cool with this cooler. For me, it would be between this and the Noctua. It does resemble the Noctua version a little but according to some, not all, it cools a bit better too. The one biggest plus this system has is that it comes in different colors. It looks pretty impressive especially with the 4 fans lined up in a row on this thing as I have it set up. Overall, I recommend the Phantek PH-TC14PE. It may not have the absolute coolest of air cooling system temperatures, but it is in the top three and with the colors available, it is the coolest no matter what!

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Best Corded Mouse so far, and maybe best overall mouse so far3/4/2013 12:11:46 AM

Pros: I'm kind of a Mouse connoisseur and am always looking for the best mouse possible. I've tried almost all the mice available, both corded and wireless. The one I was using before this mouse was the Logitech Trackman wheel (red ball version). I was fairly happy with that one till I saw the Corsair M65. The M65 is corded which is not a deal breaker for me. The cord is sleeved with a fairly nice armor that is not even noticeable. The wire is installed on the left side of the mouse but that was not noticeable. Installing was easy as it was plug and play. Stuck the USB plug into the computer and away it goes. Windows 7 and Ubuntu had no problems with this mouse. The optional software available online is nice and allows for quite a bit of adjustments. Turning it on, I noticed that the mouse has an orange led in it and it lights up the top of the mouse in the little bars on it. Looks kind of cool. Not overly bright and not noticeable on my desktop that runs 24/7/365. The mouse itself works really well at 8200DPI and moves around my three screens quickly. That speed is adjustable if you need a less sensitive mouse. The track wheel moves smoothly and is very precise. Not sure how well it will hold up to sticky hands. Time will tell. The outside of the mouse has two different surfaces where your fingers contact. The sides of the mouse have a sort of non slip rougher surface and the top has a smooth rubber surface. Pretty nice and feels natural. My hands are kind of big and the mouse was comfortable. The base is made from aluminum and has 5 PTFE skid pads. So far the pads work great and slide across the desk top pretty easily. Using DCS A10C Warthog flight simulator, this mouse so far has handled that flawlessly. I like the feel of the mouse and the sensitivity of it. Clicks are precise and instant. The sniper button comes in handy with DCS A10C. Got it programmed for the cannon. I really like the ability to adjust this mouse to what I like in a mouse. The software available online is OK and has tons of options to adjust this mouse to where you want it. You can adjust the weight on this mouse by removing the weights in the bottom of the mouse. So far, this mouse has exceeded my expectations and I really enjoy using it.

Cons: Some have said that the M65 works well on glass. It does if you adjust the response time. You have a choice of 1000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz, or 125Hz (1ms, 2ms, 4ms or 8ms). I found you have to slow it down a bit to get it to work on glass. It depends on the thickness of the glass and or other surface textures for it to work well. Not really a con but I was not aware of that till I read the directions which I rarely do!

Overall Review: Pretty solid mouse. I like the sniper button and the front back buttons are in just the right place on the left side of the mouse and don't get in the way or get pushed by mistake. It is a really smooth mouse with lots of adjustments to make it your own. The adjustments are stored inside the mouse itself and so you can move this mouse from desktop to laptop or other computers and still have the setup you want. There is multiple set ups that this mouse can store. Overall, a very enjoyable mouse and it is now my number one mouse. I do recommend this mouse if you are a gamer or just any mouse user. While it excels at gaming, it also make a great overall utility mouse. Mice have come a long way since I first got involved in computers back in the early 1980's. This mouse is at the top of the food chain of mice. I really like this mouse!

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I now have wireless storage big enough for everything1/31/2013 2:04:43 PM

Pros: I am always amazed at the march of technology and how it improves over time. When I had the chance to get this unit, I jumped at the chance as I was about to fly to Australia and wanted to watch a movie or two, read some digital books plus listen to my favorite music on my I-Pad. There are restrictions on flying with lithium batteries but I believe that the size of the batteries in this hard drive fall within those limits. The folks at the airport wanted to know what it was and how it was powered and they were OK with it but I was told that I was not to use it while taking off, landing and not to use it till the announcement was made to allow used of portable electronic devices. This drive is as fast as any other USB 3 drive I am using on my desktop while wired which is a plus. The wireless aspect is just a tad slower by seat of the pants feel, but not by much. I also love being able to put this in my carry on luggage and after start up, leave it in there in the console above the seats while in use. Keeps all the clutter of wires and having the drive falling all over the place. How did it work? Great! I had a few other folks on the plane with me that asked all kinds of questions about my amazing I-Pad with all that storage. When I told them about the wireless hard drive I had and the movies I was watching, they wanted to watch too! So I told them how to connect and there were four different people watching two movies with it at the same time with I-Pads. No lag at all and everyone was asking about the drive afterwards. On my trip I took tons of photos and then put them onto this drive. My camera is a high end camera with RAW capability and it was nice to be able to dump the photos on this drive to open up space on my card for some videos I also shot. Now back to home and using it there. I have kids who love to watch movies and recorded TV shows on their I-pads when in the car. This really is nice for that. I can travel with them and not hear a peep out of them. Nice!!!!!!! In the home, using it for all my portable devices is fairly easy. I have Apple products so it is pretty easy to set up. The range of this is pretty good. Not as good as say a good dual band router but still very impressive for a wireless drive. It does make it into my basement but not far enough to my neighbors home. Most of the routers I have used were able to hit the homes next door fairly strong. This seems to be a bit less but still acceptable. They say up to 10 hours of battery use and I found that in my experience so far, heavy use will get less time. While watching movies, the drive lasted a bit over 7 hours on battery.

Cons: I like the idea of having a protective carry to allow for dropping and other mishaps. It really is a nice looking high tech unit and would be a shame to get it banged up. I travel a lot and without a doubt this will get dropped and banged up without protection. The USB 3 cord is short but that is because of power requirements. I wish someone would invent a USB3 cord longer than 18 inches that can be used to power USB3 devices. Start up time is a bit slow. About as fast as any other router but still slow. The supplied connectors look weak but time will tell if they hold up. Never yet have I ever gotten a drive that has the stated 1 TB or 2 TB or whatever. It always falls short due to formatting. This drive is pretty close to 1 TB but not 1 TB. A small issue but one none the less. If the battery ever goes dead on this, not sure how that will be handled. It is not user replaceable. I do have lots of experience with lithium batteries and so far not one problem with any of them in over 6 years. Hopefully that will continue with this drive.

Overall Review: This is one product that after you get it you wonder how you got along with it before. I love the high storage capacity and love the speed of it. If you travel. If you spend a lot of time away from home. If you need higher storage capacity and want no wires, this is the drive to have.

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one year and still going strong!1/13/2013 9:33:44 AM

Pros: It has been one year since I purchased my 128GB Crucial SSD. I run my computer 24/7/365 and it has been on almost continually since I built it. The SSD is a great place to install programs that I use most often. My OS's...Windows 7 and Linux......and my video programs, image programs like Gimp and Photoshop and my favorite...Adobe after effects. They start up almost instantly and I love the speed that this drive gives for the programs I use most. So far after being on for one year, I have not had one single problem with this drive. One of the best investments I have made in computers. In my top 5 list of must haves, the Intel I7 2700K would be first but by only a nose. This drive would be a very close second.

Cons: None at all. OK, it is not a huge drive by any means. It does have space limitations but for the price and performance, this drive, by selecting it only for programs I use most, it is plenty big. Now the price has dropped by quite a bit since I got mine. By almost half! That is the way it is with technology. It always happens!

Overall Review: I have come to the conclusion that SSD's are a great way to increase the performance of most computers. I also think that using an SSD in concert with a good HDD is the best way to go. The constant reading and writing to the SSD is not really what it was designed to do. So I have also invested in a 2 TB Caviar Black internal HDD and have suspended it with a bungee cord. It is about as quiet as the SSD and is a good bit slower, but it is a great way to have the ability to store mass quantities of information without stressing the SSD. I also run a 3 TB external USB3 drive to store movies and other large data files. The Crucial M4 SSD is one great little drive. Really silent and if used correctly as a source drive for programs and OS, it will last. To use it as a constant write drive could cause problems in the future as the technology was developed for write once, read many times.

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Dual band nice12/16/2012 2:52:34 PM

Pros: The TP Link N750 is a dual band wireless router that I have used now for almost two weeks. In those two weeks it has worked flawlessly. It is fast and allows me to download high def videos without lag. I find it is the servers that give me more trouble than the wireless connection with this router. I have found that TP Link products have become one of my favorite brands. Their products are priced right and they perform. I use this wireless router for two laptops and they are quite a distance away from the router. One is in the basement and another is in my neighbors house about 100 feet away. Neither one has had any issues with signal strength. Dual band is a plus. The build quality is good. It has three antennas.

Cons: The shiny finish of the router is a dust magnet. I prefer a soft finish as the dust does not show up as much. It is kind of big. I have mine mounted on the wall behind the monitor so it does not stand out. The blinking blue lights are a distraction at night with my 24/365 computer system.

Overall Review: This router is a good choice if you are on a budget. There are more expensive choices out there but for the price, this router is hard to beat.

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Big Fast Nice PC and Mac12/7/2012 11:33:06 AM

Pros: I've had this drive now for about a month. In that month I have downloaded all my Blue Ray videos and tons of photos and music to the drive.I have both MAC and PC so this drive does double duty. I use it as a server drive for both via wireless and wired network. I also use it as a recorder drive for internet TV. Being USB3, it is fast. I love USB3 and this drive does not disappoint. Some external drives have annoying LED lights. This has a tiny white LED in the lower part of the front to let you know it is on. Very fast on downloads and access. Very quiet. I water cool my PC and have large fans that run slow to keep the sound down. I prefer to run 24/7/365 and so having a drive that is quiet and fast is a big plus. This drive is quiet. Like almost no noise at all. This drive so far has been one awesome drive. The semi hard rubber case feels like it could go through a war and win. So far, this drive has been flawless.

Cons: None other than it does get a little warm. I water cool so I am used to chilly computing. The drive does get a little warm but nothing to worry about. Oh and the USB cable is kind of short. As most USB3 cables are. It does require a separate power supply but that is not a deal breaker.

Overall Review: I like this drive a lot. No, the more I think about it, I really like this drive a whole lot. 3 TB, USB3 fast and quiet. Cross platform ability (Mac and PC). And for the price.... an excellent value...what's not to like. It's not often that I say this..... I highly recommend this drive.

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It works OK....but.......12/4/2012 7:01:04 PM

Pros: I like wireless as having wires, although faster, does not allow me to take my laptop computer around the house or out in the yard. So I give up speed for convenience. That being said, this router promises a lot. Dual bands (2.4 &5 GHZ.) and 300 and 450 MBPS connection. I've been using the WDR 3600 and it is a pretty good wireless router. The WDR4300 is just a bit better overall. I've yet to see 450MBPS but I have noticed that HD YouTube downloads a little bit faster than the 3600. Downloads are just a tad quicker. Comes with the easy setup CD and it does what it has to do. Makes set up a snap. Very easy. The USB ports are USB2. The security on TP Link Routers are pretty good and this one is no exception. So far it has worked flawlessly and has pretty good range. No drop outs in my basement as I have had only a few with the WDR3600. So it seems to have a pretty good radio transmitter and receiver. My neighbors are reading the WDR4300 one bar higher than the WDR 3600. But they can't get on because of my security. But it is good to know that the signal is getting out. The price of this router if it was released about 5 years ago, would be in the several hundred dollar range. But as technology advances, prices come down. For the average user, this router is one that I would consider a good bet and buy.

Cons: USB is only USB2. USB3 is becoming the standard so it would be nice to have that.

Overall Review: It won't break the bank and will do what you ask of it. Are there better routers out there? Yeah probably. For the price, this router will do just fine. I've never had any problems with TP link products. They just do what they are supposed to do.

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It's big and it works11/24/2012 1:12:38 PM

Pros: Newegg got this to me really fast. I can not complain about Newegg at all. They have been fast with shipping. I got this in three days. This N adapter is really big. It comes with a stiff USB connection that holds the adapter up in the air. That is kind of nice as it keeps the adapter out of the way and allows me to use my mouse when I'm using my laptop on smaller tables. This adapter is being used on an old HP laptop that is about 9 years old. Using Windows XP. It came with G wireless and was really slow even with a brand new TP Link TL-WDR3600 wireless dual band router. My computer needed to be upgraded to N wireless so this became a priority as G was so slow. Setting this adapter up was easy with the supplied CD. With it all set up and using this adapter, my internet speed doubled on my laptop coming close to my hardwired desktop. Everything downloads faster. The dual band set up seems to work well between this device and my dual band router. Speed increase is very noticeable from the G to this dual band N. Well worth the price of admission.

Cons: It is kind of big. It does stick out and up due to the stiff mounting cable that comes with it. But it does seem to keep it out of the way. A little higher in price than some others available but after reading the reviews, this was the one I wanted.

Overall Review: Well worth getting if you have issues with your older laptop's G wireless or if you do not have dual band ability. My Youtube videos are now downloading quicker and have no lag at higher definition settings. The computer has a lot more range now that this is on. I can pick up my router at over 300 feet at my neighbors house so it seems to have a pretty effective antenna. I do recommend this wireless adapter. It just works well and that is all I can ask.

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A good deal and works well11/23/2012 10:10:38 PM

Pros: I have had the WDR3600 router now for about a week. I use an old HP laptop with G wireless only and connecting with G, it is slow as it should be! So I decided to get a N router USB adapter and see if this router can do what it says. I found that without the adapter, the old HP laptop was OK but not really fast enough for today's web sites. Lots of waiting and choppy audio and video at times. G may have been OK a few years ago but with all the Java and Flash on pages today, G is slow as compared to my desktop which is hard wired. You Tube is like forever on HD so I had to kick it down to lower settings to get smoother video. This router using G gets for me at my Roadrunner connection 14.66 MbPS download, 57 ms ping and an upload of 4.77 Mbps. Installing the N adapter, I get 29 Mbps download and an upload speed of 6.25 Mbps. Not too shabby. Not too far from my wired connection on the desktop. You tube videos at HD are now smoother. So if you are planning on getting this router, I would suggest if you are planning on using it on an older laptop with only G ability, then get the N adapter and be happy. The range on this router is pretty good with my neighbors reading my signal at full scale. They are about 200 feet from the router on both sides of the house so it hits them pretty good. The neighbor across the street is about 400 feet away and it hits them at three bars. Glad I have password security set so they can't connect! Now as far as wireless printers, I found this router to be very easy to set up and use. My cannon wireless gets fed nicely with this router. I t just plain works and works well. The Mac I have is fed nicely also.

Cons: As mentioned by others, the shiny black is a dust magnet. The antennas are fairly big but they probably must be to get the coverage that they seem to have. I've got it mounted on a wall and it is not so much a problem but if you have limited space, the antennas could get in the way. I switched out the supplied cables as I went with a better set. The software is a bit confusing at first. After fooling around with it for a few hours I was able to change settings fairly easily. But it should be intuitive and not as confusing as it may keep some from setting it up correctly. The blue lights are not visible when mounted to a wall. Not a big deal.

Overall Review: I like this router. It works as it should and has some pretty good range. The dual band is nice and the 2.4 is pretty strong. The 5 ghz band is not quite as strong but still is not bad for such a low cost router. If this router was available just a few years ago, it would be a $300 router. With the costs of these things always seeming to drop, the price today is a great deal. With all the wireless peripherals available today, a wireless router is one of those things that you just about have to have. I hate the dust collecting wires hanging all over the place and so this router has made my life just a bit easier not having to dust around all the wires. With all that being said, I recommend this router! Now if it could feed the dog and do the dishes, I'd say it was perfect.

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1 Year anniversary11/14/2012 7:23:04 PM

Pros: It has been over a year since I purchased the I7 2600K. When I first got it, I immediately water cooled it and overclocked it to 4.9 GHZ. I run this CPU 24/365 at overclocked speed and it has not had one single problem with it. It has handled everything I have thrown at it and not missed a beat. I previously ran an AMD 955 OC'd to 3.8 GHZ. and it worked fine but the Intel I7 2600K blew it out of the water. Everything is fast. Running an SSD as my OS drive, the I7 2600K is perfect with any SSD. It will match any software that you can throw at it. It can do videos with ease. It does not get hot even at 4.9GHZ. I can run several programs at the same time and not have any problem. The I7 is by far the best CPU I've had the pleasure of using.

Cons: It was expensive when I bought it and has held the price even today. Not really a con as that shows it still is in demand. CPU cooler is a dead horse. When you buy this, you know you will need a better cooler.

Overall Review: Water cooling or better air cooling is needed as this CPU begs to be overclocked. It is made for it. The I7-2700K is just a higher binned 2600K and for the extra $10, it is worth it. But if you already have a 2600K, you gain very little by upgrading to the I-7 2700K. This CPU should be a hall of fame contender. One of the best of the best.

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Great case and modifiable11/10/2012 7:53:17 AM

Pros: First off, I have reviewed this case when I first got it about a year ago. This is an update to that review. The case arrived from Newegg damaged from shipping. The plastic window was cracked. Newegg offered a partial refund and I figured it was worth it to keep it so I accepted. Newegg is awesome when it comes to taking care of problems. I was able to fix the window with a new piece of plexi glass. This case is big and can fit almost anything inside it. It is one of the best cases I've owned and I've owned quite a few. I water cool and have a RSX 360 radiator which is really thick. I have three fans pushing and the two top 200mm fans pulling. This case is made for water cooling and it allowed me to install a really thick radiator and a set of push fans. PERFECT! Lots of room for drives. When I install a hard drive, is use bungee cords to suspend the drives. I run an SSD for my OS and have a couple of 2 TB hard drives as my data drives. Usually the HDD's are kind of noisy, but when you suspend them with bungee cords, it silences them where you cannot hear them when reading or writing. The HAF X case has a nice big 230mm fan up front and it pushes quite a bit of air. One of the biggest reasons for HDD failure is heat. Poor case design and no air flow over the HDD's. This case has plenty of air flow. Some folks replace the stock fans with higher flow fans, but I found it not necessary. This case if fairly quiet and the stock fans are really quiet for being so big. Lots of air flow as I have said. Cooling is important and this case is designed for cooling in mind. Tons of room at the bottom of the case for any size power supply you may want to install. The cable management on this case is pretty good and allows for easy hiding of cables for a sano appearance in the big window it has. 6 open drive bays up front allowed me to install two Blue ray drives and a fan controller. Has a couple of USB3 ports, two USB2 ports, an E-SATA port and some audio plugs up on top. Very convenient. Case looks like it is built to last. So far not one problem with this case in a year of use.

Cons: The case comes with wheels that are almost useless. No fan at one of the openings at the top of the case. Had to purchase another 200mm fan. Other than that, this case is awesome.

Overall Review: Like I said, the case is big and allows for bungee suspension of the hard drives. Hanging your HDD's with bungie cords keeps the drives almost as silent as an SSD. Nice! The Haf X allows for removal of the screens in front of the fans and still has a larger guard under the screens for safety. I removed the fine screens to allow for better air flow at top and side of the case. I left the screen in at the front to allow for air filtration as it removes quite a bit of dust. The air flow around the HDD's is strong with the stock 230MM fan. My drives stay nice and cool even with heavy use. I see lots of folks painting this case. I like the black and so it stays that for me. But I've seen some really radical paint jobs on this case. If you water cool, this case is great. If you air cool with large CPU heat sinks, there is tons of room to install one of those. My system, almost all bought from the Egg: CoolerMaster HAF X case Asus P8Z68 V-gen3 motherboard Intel I-7 2600K overclocked to 5 ghz. Gskill RipJaw DDR3 2133 ram slightly overclocked Corsair 1000 watt PS Custom water cooling system with RSX 360 radiator 3 Ncotfua NF-F12's for pushing on radiator 2 200MM Coolermaster fans as pulling on radiator 1 Noctua 140MM case fan on back 1 230MM front Coolermaster case fan in front 1 200MM Coolermaster case fan on side 1 Crucial 128 GB SSD as OS drive 2-2tb WD Caviar Black HDD's 1-3TB Seagate external USB3 drive AMD Radeon 6950 graphics card

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Its small, it works, it converts!11/9/2012 7:06:01 PM

Pros: My church was looking to convert some cassette tapes of radio broadcasts that they have had archived and was looking to convert them to MP3 files to be stored on hard drive and recorded on CD. I looked around and found that there are just a few cassette to MP3 converters around. I checked Newegg as I buy most of my electronics from them. This came up first and found there were no reviews on this item or most of the others that are available. It seems the cassette is almost totally dead! Got this quickly from NewEgg even though the hurricane had shut down a lot of the east coast. Thanks Newegg. The package arrived and it was fairly small. I thought, Oh great, a little thing like this certainly won't do the job. Man was I wrong. It works pretty well. Well, better than that. It worked perfectly. Set up was fairly easy and the unit uses Audacity as its program of choice. Wise decision on the designer of this. Converted cassette to MP3 in real time. Allows for listening with small ear phones which are supplied with the unit. We've got several thousands of hours of radio programs to convert so it looks as if we will be buying a few more of these.

Cons: None really. It is small. Looks like a Sony Walkman of old which is not a con.

Overall Review: Works as intended. Was able to set up and use within a few minutes. Even though the cassette is just about dead, if you have a need to convert cassettes to MP3, then this is an answer. There are other options if you want to convert cassettes to MP3, but for overall compactness and plug and play with everything you need, this is certainly a good choice.

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Never thought I needed one11/7/2012 8:12:33 PM

Pros: Did you ever buy something not really thinking you needed it and then found out that it was something that you really did need it and wonder how you got along without it? That is the case with the D-Link Shareport Go. I have several Several mobile devices. A newer I-Phone and an I-Pad plus a laptop. I am always on the go and use WI-FI spots to keep myself in contact with business situations. Often times, I prefer the simplicity of using the I pads instead of the computers for much of what I do on the web plus I like having the I-Pad while around the house as it is so light and easy to move around. But not having the ability to have wireless for the I-Pad and I-Phone around the house was a downer. Often times, reception was fairly bad and so connecting was a real pain. Not with this Shareport though! It can be used as a wireless router when an N wireless adapter is used on older laptops like mine which are set up for G. Otherwise, newer laptops can be used as is. I sure is nice to have the ability to take this thing with you on the road as it is so small. It also runs on a lithium ion battery that recharges when hooked up to a USB 2 port. Problem is that the ability to recharge is limited with USB as this device requires 1 amp and the USB2 ports only supply .5 amp. None the less, the ability of this wireless router to connect to all the wireless devices that you may have is really nice. It is also nice that this device can be used to move information from your I pad or I phone and store it on your computer or to a flash drive that plugs into the top of the Shareport. It is fairly small and easy to travel with. Again, that battery power does come in handy. It will last uncharged and in fairly heavy use for about 4 hours. If connected to the USB2 port, then longer times are assured.

Cons: Short supplied cables which is pretty common with most things now a days. Router not set up to be secured. Must be done by the user. Apps are available from D-Link to get this thing running as it should.

Overall Review: This is a very nice little portable cloud router. I found it to be fairly powerful but not quite as strong as an N+ router. But when I am out on the road, it sure is nice to be able to use several devices and not have to worry about connecting. I do recommend it for those who travel. Often times, motels and hotels have poor reception of their Wi-FI and they often have wired connection. Hooking this up makes using wireless a whole lot better.

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