Pleasantly Surprised8/2/2009 8:05:07 AM

Pros: Simple, and well-made. No glaring faults or annoyances. Straightforward install.

Cons: 1. There's no reset button 2. Power button feel is a bit sloppy

Overall Review: I installed a Zotac IONITX D-E into this. My temps are ~30 degrees for the CPU cores, 37 for the GPU, and about 40 for the MB. I found the best configuration was the following: 1. Install the motherboard first. 2. Install the 3.5" hard drive into the internal 3.5" slot (not on the side where the manual wants you to install it) on the UPPER set of holes. (or the HDD connectors will be blocked by the RAM). 3. Now install your Optical drive directly above the hard drive. You may have to use a bit of elbow grease to get it in there since after securing the hard-drive, the rails are pulled in tight. Force (carefully of course) the optical drive in and re-tighten the HDD mounting screws if needed. 4. I did not install the included heatsink fan, but I did install a 120mm Nexus fan in the default HDD spot. No tools needed, by coincidence or not it'll snap right in. 5. Route all unused cables below the HDD.

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1/1/2008 7:11:26 AM

Pros: Relatively cheap.

Cons: Surprisingly bad. I bought this to replace the stock 5dBi antenna that came with my D-Link DGL-4300, and it actually decreases stability! I would begin randomly stalling my connection, i.e. while surfing the web, pages would stall for seemingly no reason. Last night I removed it and put back the original antenna and everything is fine again. This morning I went ahead and tried this Rosewill antenna again - same results: random connection stalls almost immediately. Went back to the stock antenna and everything is once again fine.

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Works Well12/30/2007 3:49:51 PM

Pros: The greatest strength of this mouse IMO is how small the USB receiver is. I use it for my eeePC, and I just leave the minuscule USB receiver plugged in all the time as it doesn't interfere at all with placing the eeePC into it's pouch.

Cons: The mouse is a bit small for my medium sized hands for perfect comfort, but it's a laptop mouse so it's forgiven. I do not like how the USB connector dock on the mouse itself is behind the battery door. Adds an extra step to stowing away the USB connector, however as noted in the Pros, it's not really an issue for me since I leave the USB connector on my eeePC at all times.

Overall Review: Other mouse "experience": Logitech G5 Logitech VX Revolution (normal)

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Works Surprisingly Well12/30/2007 3:40:30 PM

Pros: Just Works. Cheap! Auto-connection is fast upon system boot, and I'm consistently getting Excellent 54Mbps connection speeds on an old USB 1.1 (not exactly sure how the 54Mbps rating is possible!) Laptop and a D-Link DGL-4300 router.

Cons: The USB connector itself is a bit wide so it will not fit into a standard laptop's USB port when the laptop is situated on a flat surface. Remedied by a short USB extension cable, which was not included in the box.

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Slow5/12/2007 5:46:52 AM

Pros: Small and Cheap

Cons: This thing is slow. Pictures off a 150x SD card transfers at 3MB/s! That's almost half the speed of transferring directly off my camera.

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