Reasonable2/14/2012 5:14:17 PM

Pros: The steel feels thick, seems to measure a full millimeter. The build quality feels good, heavy for it's size, doesn't bend easily. There's enough space around the faceplate of the optical drive that it shouldn't ever hit the mount when closing. There are screws in places where they technically could have put spot welds - this was totally necessary, but makes the difference between a product I can't use to one that I can use.

Cons: Tolerances are a bit too loose. I don't expect perfection, because costs increase exponentially as tolerances get tighter, and it's no help if the stuff you're putting in the mount isn't just as exacting. Still, the whole thing needs a bit of adjusting to get your stuff to fit. Also, screw holes on one side of the slim bay are too close to the bend in the metal. The size of even a tiny screw head means the screw goes in at an angle. I had to file out the circular hole to an oval hole just to get the screw to sit flush. Luckily I already has a file small enough to fit. You may need a small tubular file if you plan to put all four screws in your slim optical drive.

Overall Review: Parts that screw together rather than being welded means that pretty much anything that's supposed to fit in here, will fit in here, even if it's poorly made. Overall I'd say I'm happy with it, even though I had to file some of the screw holes to be larger. If I had paid half the price, I'd be ecstatic, but as it stands it's just "meh".

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