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Mine just died4/4/2011 11:01:27 AM

Pros: Beautifully designed.

Cons: 1. Price, of course 2. Creating activities is a little cumbersome 3. You often have to point the remote toward your equipment for a longer period of time than would seem natural. 4. See below

Overall Review: After 14 months of minimal use in a corporate conference room, mine just died. The screen is blank and will not come back to life. I updated the firmware but still no joy. Because it is past the one-year warranty, Logitech will not replace it. They may offer a 50% discount toward purchase of another, but honestly, even at $125 it's too expensive to have this kind of problem that soon. I'm sure there are many who have had the remote longer with no problems, but there are more than a few with the exact same problem I have. I don't expect Logitech to cover their hardware in perpetuity, but for a $250 remote I expect...I don't know what I expect. I expect to not have to replace it every year and a half! With that frequency, you can find plenty of universal remotes in the $20-$50 range that while not looking as good, function equally well. They might even have better longevity. I bought a low-end Philips universal remote for $20 that is still going strong after 2 years.

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