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Great Motherboard, Horrible BIOS & Customer Support11/14/2020 7:02:25 AM

Pros: -Two Thunderbolt 3 connectors -Aquantia 10G Lan

Cons: -Price -BIOS has memory compatibility issues where one bios my xmp profiles work fine, while the next one will not boot. Luckily I've built enough to know to downclock the ram ending up with 3200mhz for most bios to boot windows. The best part is that I'm not even trying to push my ram as its 3600c14 tridentz royal and i'm using xmp. This same kit works perfectly in my other build, Asus X570 Crosshair VIII Wi-Fi with a 3800x. I contacted support about the bios issues and they told me to downgrade the bios to one that works or return my motherboard. Terrible!

Overall Review: I don't know what happened to AsRock especially with the bios issues, but I will not buy another board from them or recommend such. A motherboard is only as good as the bios, and when I spend a ton of money on a motherboard and a ton more money for compatible ram with low timings then it should work.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear John, Thank you for purchase and review. The memory speed support is based on the whole system configuration. However, please try following. Install the 2 x memory on A2 and B2 slots. Load UEFI BIOS setting default. Save and exit. Enter BIOS again. Load the XMP Profile (BIOS, OC Tweaker, DRAM Configuration, Load XMP Setting [Profile]). Set the DRAM Frequency manually to 2933 Save and exit to test. If it’s worked stably with 3200, then adjust higher speed to check. Please visit link below for reference memory QVL list for this board. Link: If you have any technical or warranty inquiry in the future, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
Great Price!12/20/2016 6:51:24 AM

Pros: This PSU can handle two RX 480s in Crossfire fine, while supplying power to a i7-6850k on a slight overclock, m.2 drive, a few hard drives, and a blu-ray drive. Also the fan doesn't spin up until it hits a certain load which rarely happens with my setup so it has been extremely quiet!

Cons: The cables are not sleeved which is a tad bit annoying. This is how Corsair does their top of the line cabling now, so I'm hoping they change it soon. Also the wires are extremely thick, inflexible, and it's hard to zip-tie them in place. The platinum rating is great, except that using HW Monitor I seem to be getting around 82-88% efficiency even at low usage loads.

Overall Review: Overall for the price you can't beat this price. Corsair's support is also very nice if you do happen to need it. In the future they need to improve the cables and quit falsifying the energy rating or make it more efficient. The PSU is the normal length 180mm which may prevent you space wise from using this psu in a smaller case (I'm not sure why they couldn't make this around 160mm since they use a 140mm fan).

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Perfect for the X9912/20/2016 6:40:19 AM

Pros: Works great. Switching to the XMP stored settings is easy on my motherboard. The memory is also low profile if you don't use the included fan/heatsink setup (which is not pictured but included)

Cons: Just remember that 3333 requires a slight overclock to your processor. Cas Latency seems a little slow for the price but is normal for this speed 3333 (in fact the quickest out from newegg is 16-16-16-36 rather than this one at 16-18-18-36).

Overall Review: Black sticks are exactly what I wanted with my build, but I was hoping they also made the kit in white so I could finish the build with a black and white 8 stick combo. oh well. It's also amazing that a processor (i7-6850k) that was built for DDR4 2400 can run DDR4 3333. YMMV depending on your board.

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One of the Better X99 boards from ASrock12/19/2016 7:04:00 AM

Pros: I'm running a 6850k inside this board with the 32GB of memory running at 3333 (slight overclock). The fan settings are great if you like a quiet computer. My build was to be a media pc/server. The dual m.2 slots are nice too. I have a Samsung 960 1tb evo coming so I will test them out soon since its backordered. Also, the board has a slot for tpm, but the motherboard uses a custom 17-pin tpm. Asrock currently only sells v1.2 through outlets and v2.0 can only be ordered direct. The PCI-Express slots are adequately spaced for using two video cards.

Cons: My first board was returned due to a bad antenna connector. The plastic shroud on the board is not removable and I don't think the end-user can replace the wireless/bluetooth adapter. The CPU voltage is wonky (motherboard to blame) when set to AUTO making the automatic overclock settings impossible to use (at least for the 6850k). The fans run on high when the computer first boots up until your fan settings are read. Fan settings default to read case temp instead of CPU temp. The bios has options for marking each SATA port as a hard drive or SSD with NO options for blu-ray, DVD-ROM, etc. Also, my first board only came with one m.2 screw (they are custom sized screws and can only be replaced by ASRock).

Overall Review: This was my first ASRock product. I was not impressed. I picked this board mainly for the price/features. Also contacting ASRock customer service is HORRIBLE. I contacted them to find distributors of the TPM 2.0 Module they list on their website. I am still waiting to get the module (they told me to mail a check to their address while requesting it). In the future, I would spend the extra dollars and go with a better manufacturer (ASUS, even MSI/Gigabyte).

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear John, Thank you for purchase and review. The IO plastic shroud can be removed by untighten screws from underneath of the board. The preset OC setting is for easy overclocking. However, it is based on adopted components. If the preset OC does worked that may set by manually. The Fan speed can be set in the BIOS, H/W Monitor, CPU_FAN, Chassis_FAN and temperature is based on CPU which shown in the BIOS, H/W Monitor. If you have any technical support inquiry, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
Great motherboard11/6/2009 1:15:44 AM

Pros: Great motherboard. It can easily overclock my i750 to 4Ghz on air. My system rates at 3.7 due to my older graphics card, but my new Power Color 5770 is on the way.

Cons: Right now there is a compatibility issue with the iPhone and the P55 chipset. It can be corrected with 64bit windows 7 if you enable all the cstates in the bios menu! @bios is Gigabytes program to update the bios and shows older bios on the server than on the Gigabyte website.

Overall Review: I had to call Gigabyte about the iPhone/iPod issues and they were clueless about it. Oh well, this is what i get for new technology but hopefully it gets corrected soon.

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Great Ram!9/21/2009 1:33:22 PM

Pros: This memory is amazing. I bought it for my p55 system. It works at 1600mhz fine, with timings of 7,7,7,20, 2T @ 1.7 volts. The heatsink is amazingly built, it feels like it is really good quality. XMP1 setting works great (see cons though), and i may start using xmp2 setting which raises the voltage.

Cons: One of my sticks run with timings of 8,8,8,24 and the other at 7,7,7,20? That's wierd. I am going to bump the voltage up and see if it works.

Overall Review: I haven't overclocked with this ram yet, but its doing fine working with my core i5 750. I want to get another set to have 8 gigs with Windows 7 64bit. I am using this with the Gigabyte P55 Micro UD2 motherboard.

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Took me 3 times and fedex to get one working5/24/2009 4:49:30 PM

Pros: Three power supplies later i got to use one! These power supplies definitely work great. The efficiency is one of the highest I have ever seen! It has two sata cables each with 4 connectors. 24 pin connnector, 6 pin motherboard... the list goes on.

Cons: Hiding the extra cables is a task. also cable management in general is a pain. but i love all of the cables.

Overall Review: My first one had a broken fan, second one looked like someone beat it to death, third one was shipped overnight with fedex and looks alright. Newegg packages these power supplies with a little bit of packing paper on the bottom and the sides and none on the top. So the top is open for damage. great job newegg.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, we are sorry for the shipping issues. Rough handling and insufficient packing can be a problem. This is the largest cause of DOA units. Thanks
DOA5/6/2009 4:08:49 PM

Pros: More plugs than expected (good luck hiding them). The plugs have long cables on them so you can run them all over the case. I have four internal sata hard drives and was able to run one cable all the way down that had four sata power connectors on it! It supplies more than enough power to my gaming/media rig.

Cons: After receiving the power supply I did a visual check and then installed it. I zip-tied everything down nice and neat. My pc booted fine. I couldn't believe how quiet it was then i realized it was because the fan in the back wasn't spinning! Upon further inspection the fan was broke and sort of just stuck inside to pass inspections. I hope quality control didn't go to hell with the ocz takeover.

Overall Review: So far I am not impressed with this brand. After i get my new power supply we will see how well the quality control is working. Paying for return shipping on a DOA product just makes me angry!!!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, we are sorry about the problem. Your unit has suffered some physical damage. We want to assure you that nothing about our business has changed. We are in the same location, with the same personnel, and use the same quality control procedures that made PC Power the high quality brand it is. Please RMA with Newegg, or contact our staff through the link below. Thanks
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no fan?3/23/2007 7:28:34 AM

Pros: Silent cooling option. Does a great job.

Cons: No fan. Also it gets in the way of my cpu cooler (tuniq, yeah its a big heatsink for the cpu)so I had to twist it. The installation was a pain in the rear and very confusing. it still doesn't sit too tight on my northbridge.

Overall Review: I looked down one day and i noticed my northbridge fan quit spinning. I should of noticed earlier when my overclock suddenly became unstable. I replaced with this and I haven't looked back.

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Great Drive3/23/2007 7:23:41 AM

Pros: Great Hard drive. It is fast, cheap, quiet, and cool. Seagate is definitely going to be on my list of HD makers in the future. My Western Digital's just are too loud and hot.

Cons: NO cable, but it does say OEM.

Overall Review: works perfect in my xbox that uses pata. Now i just need to know how to fill it up.

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