Corsair hits a homerun!12/27/2011 11:51:19 PM

Pros: Let's just say that this baby comes loaded. There's enough room to get in there and work, With the extra mounts for added cooling, and the beautiful drive rack system, installation is a dream. The cable management system is well developed, and down-right gorgeous. The included fan controls are just awesome!

Cons: The only things that were an issue is that With an older power supply, the 4-pin ATX power cable came up short, and Needed to be extended, and the step up to such a well built cooling system mean you may need a new power supply (Higher wattage) anyway.

Overall Review: This case is not your typical all black, run of the mill case. The white paneling adds not only charm, but a sense of individuality. Kinda like saying: "Heh, check this out, it's not just my LED's that are white!"

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ADATA Superior Series 32GB S102 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (Titanium Gray) Model AS102-32G-RGY7/7/2011 5:41:38 PM

Pros: Very tough, reliable and good overall storage with minimal overhead.

Cons: No activity/power light and the finish on the exterior scratches somewhat easily.

Overall Review: For the price, I'm not complaining. It runs my portable linux app like a pro.

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PHILIPS SBA1500/37 2 W Portable Speaker System1/4/2011 9:13:47 AM

Pros: This system is aesthetically pleasing and convenient for something like an office environment.

Cons: This system is nearly inaudible without the battery powered amp turned on, and even then it is not all that loud. You really need to be sitting right in front of it the get any meaningful sound out of it. The sounds quality is not stellar either. It sounds as though someone has put a sheet of children's construction paper over it. The storage system for this seems toy-ish, and is somewhat cumbersome for travel.

Overall Review: The cable management system here also seems as though it was an afterthought, and I worry about the cables remaining usable over time.

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Great Deal!!!5/20/2009 6:17:23 AM

Pros: Fast lookup, High RPM, fast SATA file transfer speed, extremely easy to use, and of course, an outstanding deal for the price.

Cons: None what-so-ever.

Overall Review: How can you beat 1TB for under $90!

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