Handy gizmo12/20/2020 7:53:46 AM

Pros: super handy for cloning drives. I was out of SATA ports and wanted to clone an existing 128gb SSD to a new 500gb one and this worked like a charm I also used it to same effect when I upgraded my moms lap top from an old 500gb 2.5 HDD to a new 1TB ssd. Had a bunch of old drives I had ripped out of broken laptops, hooked it up with this and was able to dig through old files and recover stuff without having to pull my case out, disconnect drives, mess up my cable management, to plug in old drives, then repeat the laborious several times over.

Cons: none really power cable is kind of stiff and too short.

Overall Review: very hand saves lots of time. cheap for what it saves you in time!

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Good PSU5/1/2019 11:18:23 AM

Pros: solid and efficient PSU. it is visually attractive. plenty of cable management accessories in the box that is nice.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: only had it a day. SS gives you a 15 day period to do their review to claim the $25 steam gift card in the box. I doubt there will be any issues Seasonic is a AAA PSU manufacturer. between the $25 gift card (thanks btw) and the $20 mail in rebate and the sale on newegg this PSU is like a $55 buy. pretty awesome for a full modular 80 plus gold from one of the top psu makers...

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nice monitor3/4/2019 12:03:35 PM

Pros: FHD 144hz gaming for under $250. curve is nice haven't messed with freesync yet but I havent felt the need to. I have been running Apex Legends and sea of theives maxed with vsync and gett about 104-120fps with a 980ti and i7 4790k. 0 ghosting or tearing. colors are bright and vibrant and just look "right" curve took a bit to adjust to as it was my first but I really like it especially playing with high FOV.

Cons: Minor complaint I wish you could get it with different color trim, my case, mouse,keyboard are all green (mouse is rgb but set to green).

Overall Review: the picture is great with nice contrast I can easily see enemies moving way out in the distance in games like pubg apex and arma something that gets tough with crumby contrast. highly recommend for budget minded gamers looking to upgrade to a few more features and pushing those console shaming frames to the max haha!

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great lil fans3/4/2019 11:56:58 AM

Pros: nice lil fans. very quite move air well, have nice little anti vibration grommets, very pink and purple. good price for 3 quality PWM fans.

Cons: they make my girlfriends case look nicer than mine.

Overall Review: bought em to match with APEVIA X-MIRAGE pink case which if you want a girly setup is a home run.

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worked good for 2 hours2/2/2019 7:15:39 AM

Pros: image seemed decent.

Cons: some kind of lose connection internally half the monitor started having off color vertical lines. I hooked it up the night I got it, played around with it for about 2hrs, went to bed came out next morning and noticed it was having issues. I could wiggle the DP input around or wiggle it on the mount a bit and the problem would go away but just the vibration from typing would set it off again.

Overall Review: Seems to be hit or miss. I got it on sale on black friday but by the time it got returned and I got my RMA I got swindled out of the saving I could have enjoyed from a manufacturer like MSI ASUS or AOC who actually has QC. this is the 2nd Acer monitor I have had to give me issues. Done with ya'll.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Thomas, We are sorry to hear you are having problems with the display on your Acer gaming monitor. This is not the experience we want our customers to have and we want to work with you to see how we can help improve this experience. If you still have the monitor and are located in the US or Canada please fill out this form so that we can assist you: http://csapps.acer.com/prompt/?key=9541b3eb24281d2a1cd1a44cbdedae84aa3ba601 We appreciate you taking the time to write this review. Thank you Acer America
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Good upgrade from G93011/23/2018 1:41:31 PM

Pros: comfortable with large adjustment range. the ear pads are supportive and do not stick to you if you sweat at all. seems to be durable. has great range I walk 30-40 feet away and go out side and can still talk with ppl in discord sound quality is great for music and gaming. logitech software is a must to get the most out of its audio range. 7.1 mode works nice in gaming.

Cons: battery life is about 10-12 hours on a full charge now. at first it was close to 16-18. mic boom could have a bit more adjustment, and the mic itself has hard sharp little plastic edges.

Overall Review: Logitech can't seem to get the battery thing right on a wireless headset. My g930 had similar issue. this one does seem to be built a little bit more solid I haven't had to JB weld it yet. if you can get them under $100 they are well worth it

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Amazing CPU of a bygone time11/9/2018 8:03:46 AM

Pros: has been playing AAA titles since I purchased it in 2010. I have had it on stable 4.0 OC for close to a decade with air cooling. It has been paired with an asus m4n98td evo and 16gb of mushkin ddr3 1600.

Cons: it is 12 years old and bottle necks gtx 980. It has never made me dinner.

Overall Review: the days of AMD chips smoking intel chips at 1/3 the price are gone. ryzen seems to have made some good impressions but people still will tell you to buy a 3rd gen intel chip used on the interwebs instead of a new low/mid ryzen and the FX series was a huge let down.

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great SSD11/7/2018 6:44:22 AM

Pros: faster than older 840 pro I had been running.

Cons: had trouble getting my system to see it initially, had to play musical chairs with 3 other SATA devices. Might be my board, but that is brand new and it saw other devices in the slots I had them. *edit* totally was my board apparently the sata 0_3 and 0_5 are disabled if you use the M.2 port... I switched stuff around and it worked fine.

Overall Review: included software is helpful but not really needed. I will probably buy another if it goes on sale again.

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Great mouse for all kinds of gaming11/30/2017 10:50:49 AM

Pros: 14 total buttons plus scroll wheel up and down. I play a lot of ARMA3 and there is a lot of complex movement and vehicle controls you need buttons for that. the razor synapse gives you lots of customization options. The guy who talked about it throwing your aim way off if you lift off needs to instal synapse do surface calibration and setup the proper liftoff range. basically keeping it really low if you play low sensitive in FPS and lift and drag your mouse a lot. the colors are pretty. braided cloth cord is durable and about 3x longer than you will ever need. left and right buttons very responsive and tactile but not annoyingly clicky the satin/matte finish on the mouse is comfortable just right balance between squeaky slick and to abrasive and sweat/dirt absorbing.

Cons: it is a tad small for my giant hands. wish they would take a page from glock's playbook and include some additional back straps to customize the palm swell. it has a cord which is a double edge sword. sometimes it desyncs from synapse so you have to unplug it and replug and calibrate it again. the little rubber pad in the center of the buttons feels soaking wet if you get even a little bit of oil from your skin on it. which they just went with the matte plastic rest of the mouse has. needs to be cleaned frequently if you have sweating hands.

Overall Review: I bought my first hex v2 to replace a naga MMO which died about 1 month after its warranty through razer. I was not super impressed that razer wouldn't honor the warranty or even offer some kind of discount. So I bought a refurbed one off another site for cheap and loved it. while waiting for it to come I had to go back to my logitech wireless performance MX and it was torture. That was a good mouse back in the day but lacks the precision and buttons of the naga. I got 2nd one for my GF on blackfriday sale 50% off. My final tip would be to pair this with a Golithus control matt and a razer mouse bungee, it makes it feel like a wireless mouse and if you keep your pad clean you get a real nice balance between speed and precision.

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I still have the box for this.10/23/2017 7:18:49 AM

Pros: The cardboard box it shipped in was very durable and houses my collection of powersupply and legacy IDE cables.

Cons: the board was complete trash. it posted once. then i had to reseat the cpu and ram to get it to post and boot. I left my PC on for like 4 months straight in the dorm after that (I didnt pay for electric). when I went home for sumter break I rebuilt with a new mobo and smashed this one with a hammer.

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solid mounting solution10/23/2017 7:10:47 AM

Pros: very sturdy. the main mounting bolt takes 30 ftlb of torque no prob and didnt strip so tighten it right down! very versatile. I am using it for my his and hers computer desk setup.

Cons: the plastic cable management brackets are very flimsy and break if u look at them too hard.

Overall Review: would like another 1 or 2 of vertical adjustment. the wrench that comes with it is junk a good socket makes tightening it down easier just be careful. I used a torque wrench set to 30 ft/lb to tension it but you can easily surpass that with a 3/8 drive ratchet if you are a meatstick.

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affordable alternative to AMD jet engine stock cooler10/13/2017 6:02:53 AM

Pros: It is nearly silent compared to the previous stock AMD cooler that had a little 70mm fan on it. it is pretty to look at. installation took about 20 minutes temps are way down over stock cooler prob will try for some OC now.

Cons: installation took about 20 minutes. The directions are 100% pictoral and not super clear. took me about 5 mins to figure out.

Overall Review: I had an H60 on the same phenom ii 965BE before I swapped over to an i5 setup. I recycled the AMD cpu into a budget gamer build for my girlfriend but was forced to used stock cooler. we share a desk and the vibration from stock cooler were terrible so I got the 212 evo. compared to H60 on same processors temps are pretty close to the same though on prime95 the H60 did hold the temps a 4-5c lower but that was also in my modded rosewill challenger case. I also have 2 fans on the H60 plus the pump, so it is impressive what this can do with a single fan. for $30-40 you cant go wrong with this.

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Cheap attractive case for the girly girls.10/8/2017 8:55:08 AM

Pros: the clear side panels are really nice with the purple/pink lights. the inside of case is pretty well setup. It has 2 backside 2.5" SSD quick tool-less bays. the segmented PSU area with lots of grommets makes for real clean minimalist builds. Plenty of room for coolermaster 212 evo soon to be installed. included fan seems to move air pretty good out back PSU bottom mount has isolated air throughput My girlfriend likes how pretty it is and also no longer seeks to use my gaming rig for the various low demand games she plays!

Cons: stock air flow is very poor. the front intake fan (you have to add) forces air up through a little 1/2 slot and perpendicular to fan, and then only 1 rear exhaust fan. no side or top action. vibrates like an adult toy. In part this is due to the stock heatsink/fan I have on AMD phenom 2 965 BE I have in it currently. however the feat are hard plastic and absorb no vibration. the included fan also is not shock mounted and there really isn't room to put rubber washers on front fan and mount internally. I would avoid if you have hot stuff.

Overall Review: here are build specs Asus M4n 98td EVO EVGA gtx 760 ACX Phenom ii 965 BE 4x4 muskin blackline ddr3 1600 muskin reactor 240gb SSD rosewill hive 750w psu I am going to drill a 4.5" hole in top and mount exhaust fan and mount the front fan on the outside of the inner bezel and cut a hole in the front to improve airflow. Plan on adding some rubber feet as well. Honestly I should have just got another Rosewill Challanger by the time I finish modding this case the $15 I saved will be negated twice over. But I didnt consider spray paint at the time and my better half wanted a pink case haha.

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decent quality, fairly comfortable, ok sound.5/5/2017 7:44:48 AM

Pros: the mic boom has very positive clicks. the whole thing seems to be fairly solid despite its light weight. cord is nice and long. Music sounds good. very pretty to look at.

Cons: nitpicky stuff... the ear pads arent deep enough to keep inner surface from contacting ears especially if you have slightly larger ears. I wouldn't consider this a true around ear design, it is a more comfortable over ear. The mic boom is too short and places mic behind your mouth you will likely have to compensate by increasing mic input sensitivity so you may end up with some background noise in games with voice activation. the GUI for the included software isn't terrible but not very intuitive. I got this headset as a companion to a finicky logitec G930 that likes to bug out and drop connection some times. The logitec has a much deeper richer fuller sound in games and the 7.1 simulation is noticeably stronger from the larger drivers in the G930. I suppose if you frig around with the equalizer you might be able to get that full deep range from a higher quality headset but I havent been able to yet.

Overall Review: comparable to $80-100 headsets. However expect long shipping times from china. good for a budget or backup.

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cooler than the fonz1/13/2017 9:26:09 AM

Pros: works as advertised! cheap! easy to apply!

Cons: doesn't change the oil in my car.

Overall Review: I was using artic alumina with an h60 cooler on my i4570k. with a paltry 4.0ghz OC I had 42C idle and 98-100C burn temps on P95. I added a 2nd SP120 to the H60 for a push/pull and added this stuff... so I didnt control for variables but regardless I went down to 30-33c idle which is only 10 degree above room temp. and I now hold between 76-80 on p95 on the 2 initial 15 min tests I have run. Safe to say this stuff lives up to the rep.

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good but not perfect12/30/2016 12:11:23 PM

Pros: first time using UEFI bios, very nifty and fast. overclocking and system management is a breeze. It seems like it is very well built but only had it in my new box for a week time will tell.

Cons: takes about 45 seconds on every restart for the Ethernet to connect to internet. my old M4N 98td EVO took all of 3 seconds before establishing network/internet connection. maybe not worth a full egg but during an initial reinstall of windows and drivers having to restart every 3 mins this was SUPER annoying having to sit there and stare at the screen for dang near a minute. I have a pci ethernet card I might throw in and see if it speeds up, I suspect this issue has something to do with the killer lan.

Overall Review: got it for less than $100 so I am happy as a clam.

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Wicked good speakers11/25/2016 12:02:11 PM

Pros: I replaced 2 infinity primus 2 way bookshelf speakers in my front l/r channels with these and I am impressed. they are attractive. have a good full range sound above 80hz. very crisp and bright highs. tweeter height is perfect for most sofas and recliner viewing/gaming.

Cons: I have cats and they are a holes... the feet on these speakers combined with their high center of gravity makes them a toppling hazard on carpet. I think I can pop the lil rubber feet of and drill/tap em out for carpet spikes which should help some. I may also use some monofiliment fishing line or something and a few small screws to affix some safety lines. If one of these topples and falls on a small pet or kid, gunna be a bad day.

Overall Review: I have loved my infinity speakers but the single woofer was not enough to produce a room filling sound especially since we moved to a place with a much bigger living room and open floor plan. I have had a polk 12" powered sub for years and it kind of over powered what those bookshelf speakers were doing. Now I have moved those speakers in the rear and my living room sounds better than the local movie theater by far. I am not sure if it would have been worth the typical retail tag of $299 per + shipping but hell... can't beat $76 per with free shipping. I ordered these bad boys on a friday and they were here the following tuesday. Newegg rocks per usual.

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Good Amp11/16/2014 9:04:05 AM

Pros: Affordable 5 channel. good low and high response. attractive design.

Cons: If you are a noob at this stuff there aren't any directions on how to properly tune in a new amp so you will need to google it. the inputs are all canted down at a 45 degree angle which can make for a clean install BUT it is very difficult to try and get 4 gauge power wire bent in at that angle I had to pre crimp the leads a bit and then I tinned them together with some solider. The channels are marked 1-5 l/r so if you run 3 sets of RCA's make sure you color code them or mark them ahead of time or be prepared to play a plug un plug game. The RCA inputs are also packed pretty tight together so running high quality RCA plugs can be very tight.

Overall Review: For the money I spent on it compared to a 2x-3x more expensive JL or kicker I am very happy with the sound quality and output performance. I think it is a lil over rated. I have pushed an infinity 12" with a 500 watt amp before @ 2ohm and this doesnt get there I would say it is more akin to a 350-400w amp but still will bump it. I am running infinity reference components in the front and reference coaxles in the back and it took me about 15-20 min to get the gain an levels on the amp just right. I use the HP on both the amp and pioneer deck I have so only 150hz and up go to the speakers and they sound amazing. If you are trying to build a good system on a budget and dont want to run 2 amps go for this. An alternative in the price range would be kenwood but they are 40-70 more depending where u buy it.

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sweet product10/17/2012 12:28:02 PM

Pros: Trap all cat hair and most cast dander. can wash under running water in sink and air dry in like 5 minutes.

Cons: not sure how long the filter material will hold up. I wash em once a month and they are ok so far but seem a little flimsy. Also the filter grill assembly is fairly restrictive and causes stuff to build up quickly.

Overall Review: I modified these. the inner plastic grill I cut with diagonal cutters all the cross pieces away so it look now like a big X the outter grill I cut every other circle section out. Also because the 2 120mm fans are so close together on my rosewill challanger case I had to cut 1 side wall of each cover off then ground the two ends flush so they would fit over the inner grills that were butted up against each other. I used some gorilla glue to take the two strips and use them to brace the two outter grills together to form one big rectangle grill. The plastic held up very well to all this monkeying and the setup functions very well.

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love this case10/17/2012 12:18:11 PM

Pros: The case as it ships is solid well constructed and visually appeasing. plenty of space to run wires and tie downs, the quick detach bays are nice too. I like the rubber feet they help reduce vibrations and the filters def help with dust in the cast.

Cons: none really

Overall Review: I heavily modded this case right out of the box. We have two cats that love the computer either the hum or warmth draws them to it but they are all about sleeping on or in around it haha. So when building a new case filtering was a big goal. Out of the box the front fan has a good but hard to remove filter and I have left that for the time being. The PSU filter on the bottom is real easy to pop in and out and clean and it makes a huge difference. I chopped the side fan grill out and spot welded a cross member in and installed 2 fan filters (also modified those brackets to be less restrictive) then put in 2 92mm fans and ducted one directly to the CPU. I had bought a fan to replace the top fan expecting it to be el cheapo but its quiet and moves a decent amount of air so I sold the other fan. I think this case appeals to a wide variety of builders. It is nice right out of the box and would be great for a budget build but at the same time its sturdy enough to hold up to some serious modding. I have bought rosewill CD/DVD drives in the past and wasn't impressed with their performance so I was hesitant on this case. If your on the fence go for it I think you will be happy.

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good board10/17/2012 12:06:48 PM

Pros: I liked the layout on the board. Visually pleasing if you have an open case. The chipset heat sink is pretty knarly looking. I runs good with the mushkin ddr3 1600mhz ram I have in it it has been a very stable system

Cons: This isn't really the boards fault but I wasn't able to unlock my phenom II x2 555. So buying a 965 x4 BE. I wish it had a few more fan controllers for a ram cooler but I have 5 cases fans... plus the CPU fan and 2 gpu fans soooo I tend to over do it.

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good card10/14/2012 1:58:09 PM

Pros: runs Skyrim on max @ 1080p no problems like 40-50fps. Too bad it isnt for sale any more the newer 560/580 series have minuet differences and in comparable systems I haven't seen huge performance gains. OC'd ez. oh yeh I have 2 of these and it smokes through all the big stradegy games like total wars starcraft things like that.

Cons: runs like 58c under 100% load with 5 fans in my rosewill case maxed. the case isn't the best out there but has very good positive airflow and I have the CPU ducted. the top card runs much warmer where there isnt much airspace between the two. top card is 58c bottom is like 51c.

Overall Review: bought first one @ almost $175 2 years ago. then it went on sale and I got 2nd one for like $90.00 I have 16gigs of mushkin blackline ddr3 1600 and an phenom x4 965 BE. I don't plan on needing PC rebuild/upgrade for a few years.

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AMD never fails to impress8/17/2011 9:03:49 AM

Pros: Runs like a top outta the box. I have noticed nice overall system performance increase from Athlon x2 6000+. Stable and cool.

Cons: I doubt the stock heatsink is going to be real good for serious overclocking. It is pretty flimsy aluminum. Not the CPUs fault but I havent had any luck unlocking the other 2 cores yet.

Overall Review: I didnt take an egg for not unlocking cores, its a gaming rig and I dont need the quad core. I still have to try the physical switch on the MOBO... I have constructed an air duct cooling system can't wait to OC

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Good piece5/21/2011 1:13:32 PM

Pros: Good solid plastic. attractive design no messy molding.

Cons: it wasnt free...

Overall Review: I used it to funnel down a 120 mm fan to a duct to my CPU and 80mm fan/heatsink plate my ol' 6000+ was running 58c under load now it doesnt even touch 40.

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Screamer!!!11/13/2010 1:27:35 PM

Pros: seems to like windows 7 64bit with the 260 series driver. doesn't bust 58c under heaviest load (crysis max 1600x960) I can run crsis as stated above and it stays around 40 fps and dipps down to 25ish in heavy jungle combat. HUGE upgrade from x2 8600gt's they couldnt run crysis on medium at 10fps. TF2 maxs nicely 120fps

Cons: I am a fan of RTS Empire Total war max settings and ultra unit scale with full armies does bog down a little bit It draws everything nice and effects are good just so many pieces to draw. I think a second one will shred the game nicely.

Overall Review: for 200 dollars... 400 if you get 2 compared to a 480 or 500 series for $500+ its comprable and can save you some $$$ still have a lot more testing to do with it. I havent tried the supplied overclocking software either that might help with big RTS graphics.

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