I ordered two kits (4x16 Total 64GB) for 2020 iMac 5K 27'' i9 and they work very well.12/8/2020 7:22:42 AM

Pros: The RAMs work very stable with my memory heavy music projects on Logic Pro 10.5

Overall Review: I want to tell you about my experience when installing these new RAMs: - When the first time I tried to install all of them (4 modules) but my iMac didn't boot. - So I removed the RAMs and install them step by step. - First, I install (2x16GB) modules where the original Mac Memories were (slot 2 and slot 4) and boot the system. iMac recognizes them and shows 32GB. - After I shut down the system and install the second kit to slot 1 and slot 3 and boot the system again. Finally, iMac recognizes all of the new modules and show up 64GB. This does not mean these RAMs are bad. There are too many topics on the web for people who face this issue with replacing new RAMs. I think with the third part RAMs iMac cannot always recognize all of the modules immediately so you need to install them step by step. But after that, it works great! Newegg, thank you so much for the fast shipping to Turkey!

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