A bit too long1/24/2020 11:55:39 AM

Pros: Comes loaded with all kinds of adapters and extra hardware, way more versatile than I needed. Kit is pretty easy to understand. I used it to hang a small TV at eye level in front of my back porch treadmill. Did the trick.

Cons: Description lacks the actual length. I could have used a 1 foot long item, and the shortest this one goes is 2 feet. Included hardware is mostly just a waste.

Overall Review: Heavy duty, professional quality, super adaptable to many applications. More 5han you probably need, but for the price, why not? Might hang lower than you expect. Great for high ceilings, not a perfect fit for my back porch, but it works, so can't complain.

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Just awesome12/27/2018 8:02:23 AM

Pros: Surprised by how much gaming landscapes are available in true aspect ratio that this bear delivers. It's big, sure, but fits comfortably on my 36 inch desk top. Color depth is brilliant, no shadowing that I could see, and the sturdy base is not at all obtrusive. Great price and top notch performance.

Cons: The FreeSync is for ATI Radeon GPUs...mine is Nvidia. Hasn't been an issue since it runs beautifully, and has it's own Adaptive-Sync version that seems to do the trick, but I'm always curious about how much better it might be if I had the version that suits my video card.

Overall Review: You may want to take the negatives with a grain of salt. If you have a good to great video card, enough memory and a game-worth motherboard, it's all meant to drive a beast like this. You can put a saddle on a pig, but it won't win the Kentucky Derby...(I just made that one up :) ) SAVE THE BOX. It has a 3 year manufacturer's warranty and if you ever did need to ship it back, you'll be glad you have that perfect packing for it.

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Works great...pond is clear5/20/2018 9:45:41 AM

Pros: Easy to install. Does as advertised.

Cons: These things have notoriously short lives...but can't rate that yet..still going after a month.

Overall Review: If your koi pond has too much algae, an infrared sterilizer is what you need. This is just the replacement bulb, but the cost is fair and the product seems comparable to its competitors.

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Big boost1/27/2015 10:34:21 AM

Pros: Compact secure design. Fits perfectly behind my wall-hung TV (glad I put that duplex outlet there!) Like everybody else, went from 2 to 5 bars in a snap.

Cons: I have an older wi fi router, so I couldn't just push a button to reset as the easier instructions recommend. But, with a bit of patience and following directions I downloaded from the Netgear website, I got it to work.

Overall Review: Great range. One unit covers 2 floors.

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Won big points with the wife3/13/2013 6:47:51 AM

Pros: A beautiful bauble, man-made ruby, small enough to be real, big enough to impress.

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: Hurricane Sandy hit us hard, so when Valentines Day rolled around, I didn't want to waste money on flowers that wilt and candy that, face it, few of us need...and Newegg had a special deal on a "created" ruby pendant. Well, considering our situation, the wife was bowled over at this little gift. Thanks, Newegg, and Mabella - you made me a hero.

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