Nice Mouse10/27/2014 9:45:44 AM

Pros: The mouse feels and looks nice. It tracks very well and plenty fast, even not being a laser mouse. The sides have a more rubbery grip which is also a nice feature. All in all, a very good basic mouse. It only has the left and right buttons, and a scroll wheel button, which is all I want out of a mouse.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: This mouse ships from China and is made in China. The box that it comes in has all Chinese lettering, except for "Lapop," which is also printed on the mouse itself (have no idea what it stands for). As reported by one reviewer, the scroll wheel not working, it works perfectly for me, and if it had not worked, this mouse would have been useless for me because I use it for editing reports and need the scroll wheel often.

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Working and winning12/2/2011 4:57:41 AM

Pros: So far, works as intended. Did a fresh install of Win 7 64 without a hitch. After benchmarking test from the software provided (Magician), it registered at advertised speeds. Not much more to say here, other than it works great and I am very happy with it.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Some recommend you over provision the drive (which you should do before installing OS). I did some reading and the benefits seem trivial so I did not, plus I keep the space on my drive. Also, make sure your bios is set up for AHCI on your Sata III connections (as well as your Sata II), because it will stay as IDE and yield much lower performance.

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Works like a champ2/12/2011 2:23:05 PM

Pros: This product is solid and works as intended. Using the software provided, I cloned a Windows XP installation (my work requires a computer more compatible with XP) and everything worked perfectly. I am very happy with the drive and confident that my installation will remain secure for quite some time.

Cons: Not really a con, but the Acronis software used for the installation will only recognize your drives if they are set up to be in AHCI mode in your bios. Because I am using Windows XP, I had mine set at IDE, but made the change to AHCI and everything worked fine for the installation, and I then changed it back to IDE.

Overall Review: If you want a relatively inexpensive and solid SSD for your OS and other applications that do not take up a lot of space, you really can't go wrong with this drive. I am very happy with this product.

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I like colors and this monitor shines4/4/2010 8:21:20 PM

Pros: This monitor is down right excellent. The crispness of the image is basically the best I've seen in a thin (LCD) monitor. I bought this monitor a while ago (not at Newegg, because they did not have it for sale, plus mine is glossy black and not charcoal gray) and have had a while to just absorb how good it really is. All things considered, hands down the best monitor you will get for the price at this time.

Cons: The controls are a tad bit hard to access at times; you have to basically rub you finger over the control area to get it to activate, such as the on-off switch and configuration menus.

Overall Review: Welp, you've heard it from me and from others; this is the best you're gonna get at this time.

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Does not seem to work11/3/2009 4:36:21 PM

Pros: It does not work for me, so I don't see any pros, and I am not going to do anything more to see if I can get it to work. It was cheap, however.

Cons: I does not do what I was hoping for, that is connecting a DVI cable through a KVM switch and having the VGA output from the video card recognized as such and going to my monitor.

Overall Review: I don't really have a clue what this thing's usefulness is.

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Works great so far11/3/2009 4:29:47 PM

Pros: It works great so far. Easy to install. This is an inexpensive piece of hardware for what it accomplishes. I am using a DVI converter to my video card on my main PC which has only DVI plugs and there is no discernible difference in performance.

Cons: None that I can see so far.

Overall Review: I used to run 2 DVI/USB computers through a rather expensive KVM switch, but now have to use a VGA-only computer for work, so I now switch between my work computer and personal computer (DVI) using this device. It has worked flawlessly. I know that some have experienced having it fail on them after a little while, but I shall see what happens. For the price, you can't beat it.

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What can I say? Awesome9/14/2009 4:37:46 PM

Pros: This keyboard is large and follows standard dimensions as a baseline (I have big hands). The key responce and feel is, bar none, the best I have come across. The blue LED backlight is nice too. Also, the key presses are relatively very silent. It has some accessory function keys like opening mail, home page web browser, and others I have not explored at this time. Not too many or a bunch of fancy extra function keys that clutter up your board. Long story short: I love this thing.

Cons: Absolutely none.

Overall Review: I am an avid gamer, but the real reason I bought this keyboard is for work. My job is transcribing medical reports, so I am always looking for that "special" keyboard that is both of standard format (dimensions, no crazy ergonomic curves, etc.) and has a magic touch. This keyboard does just that.

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Nice!!6/5/2009 2:55:01 PM

Pros: I use this drive for my work computer running Windows XP and don't need too much space. Now I'm virtually guarded against any type of drive failure which would cause me major hardship. So far, I love this drive. Without a doubt, this is the way of the future.

Cons: A little pricey, but prices should only continue to drop. maybe the write speed is a little slower than other higher-priced cards, but I haven't noticed any performance degredation.

Overall Review: It was hard for me to tell the size of this thing looking at pictures, but it is basically a little bit bigger in dimension than a credit card and about 5 mm thick or so. I downloaded a 15-day trial of a drive backup/cloning program and was able to copy to this drive without a hitch, thus there was no need to reinstall Windows -- what a relief and I did it for free!

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Sweet board4/25/2009 7:48:37 PM

Pros: This board posted on the first attempt for me. Not really sure what else to say, but it works like a champ. Has onboard lights, one which shows status of post or other status and potential errors (none for me), and CPU core temp ongoing. I've been a G***byte fan, and this is my first EVGA board, and so far I love it. Along with EVGA's video cards, this could be a sign of a solid company with quality products. BTW, I got this board with revision 1.1

Cons: If you truly want to run a 3-way SLI or even 2-way, you sacifice some PCI slots and/or the PCI E x1 slot, so this is kind of bizarre that you cant use all the features of the board when installing multiple graphics card. I still give it 5 eggs, because for my purposes (1 graphics card), it works perfectly well.

Overall Review: EVGA web site has a wealth of information in their forums about overclocking, setting up the bios, and many other things that will help you with installing this board. I highly suggest going to their site before installing this board. All in all, if EVGA continues with this standard of quality, I could be a dedicated customer. As usual, NewEgg delivered this product in a timely manner.

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Nice board8/11/2008 12:33:18 PM

Pros: This board works wonferfully. I've been running it for nearly a week now and have had zero BSOD or any problems whatsoever. I'm running Vista 32 home premium with 4 g of Kingston ram, plus Intel 8400 CPU. Came with F4 bios and upgraded to F8 (luckily I had an old floppy drive and easily made a boot disk, which ultimately I removed after upgrading the bios). I'm not sure if I actually needed to make the boot disk versus just a formatted disk with the file on it, but Qflash bios update easily recognized the file on the floppy and flashed the bios with no problems.

Cons: A little of a pain to update the bios, but no biggy. I'm using the stock heatsink/fan that came with the Intel CPU and it can run a little hot, but that's because Intel for some reason has the crappiest heatsink every made, not a fault of Gigabyte.

Overall Review: All in all and good, solid board.

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Hmmm don't know can't tell2/23/2007 5:40:56 PM

Pros: It is a good and solid product. Been using Windows XP for many years.

Cons: The upgrade code to Vista is all but worthless. On another note, I decided to buy Vista on its own and wanted to return XP Home for a refund with an RMA, but Newegg wouldn't accept it, stating that the box was opened, but I never even touched the box.

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I like it!!2/10/2007 1:42:48 AM

Pros: As others have said, Windows Vista is an excellent product. I installed 64-bit version and I have seen a dramatic increase in overall performance with just about all applications. Strangely, my FPS is a little lower (perhaps due to drivers) on a popular online game, but the overall performance is much better. Another interesting thing is that I installed fresh on a my system and formatting the drive took maybe a minute; with XP, it took like 20 minutes. All in all a wonderful product.

Cons: The price is a bit steep, but that also depends on the version you get. Not sure about reinstallation, because I like to upgrade and build new systems, so that remains to be seen.

Overall Review: Windows Vista is not the next "Windows ME"; it is far from it.

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