Great fans2/15/2012 8:26:28 AM

Pros: Pushes a good amount of air, bright blue LEDs and keeps my case cooler than before.

Cons: Loud, not as loud as my CPU was a day ago but its noticeable without a fan controller. Also hard to screw in, the holes are not broken into. If you have tool less screws they fit perfectly.

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Does what its suppose to2/14/2012 6:41:20 AM

Pros: It works as it should, just don't blow air constantly or it will get very cold and weak. It cleared tons of dust from my case that I wasn't even aware of. Now my pc runs cooler and quieter than ever.

Cons: Suggest getting two cans if you have tons because the can gets extremely cold and weak in prolong uses.

Overall Review: Be sure to follow directions

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750 watt goodness5/31/2011 8:50:48 PM

Pros: -Easy installation -Cables are rather easy to maneuver thanks to the sturdy cable sleeves -Nice semi modular design, although I have no need for them atm, I'm happy to know they're there if i plan to add a second HD 6870 card.

Cons: none

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Great mobo5/31/2011 8:46:37 PM

Pros: -AM3+ compatible -Lots of USB ports -Lots of sata connections -Great features for the price

Cons: -The north bridge heat sink is loose -Near the 24 pin connector there is zero support with step offs so be careful when placing it -

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Great ram!5/31/2011 8:42:14 PM

Pros: Nice color Easy install worked just fine at default settings

Cons: Second pair isn't free.

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6/20/2007 12:20:27 PM

Pros: These are cheap and easy to install, I haven't had the problem other people mentioned about about seating them. Just remember to set the RAM voltage to 2. I had 1 A DATA 512 stick all settings in games like CS:source, half life 2 and battlefield 2, I noticed all of the graphical settings were increased on auto detect and it runs so smooth I didn't believe it was possible.All settings were jacked out to max and runs really specs are... CPU, AMD Athlon 3800+ X2 GPU, Geforce 7300GT Ram,1024 (just upgraded)

Cons: Well my games run alot smoother and at higher settings but I noticed that load times haven't really changed much at all. It might just be my CPU it only runs at 2.010GH

Overall Review: Great RAM for gaming, I'm thinking of buying another pair for 2gigs.

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