I love this nutty thing | Edit: now includes a fix11/17/2017 6:59:43 PM

Pros: The curve is awesome, haters be mad Will do any refresh rate, 60-200hz. O.O Works great with reading glasses Fills your FOV nicely, great for wide open games where spotting is key like ARMA, SQUAD, RO2/RS2, PUBG, Battlefield, etc. Is way bigger than I expected :O The stand is dorky but it actually does preserve space on your desk, doesn't get in the way of mouse GSYNC/ULMB at 144hz on a 2K Ultrawide display!? OKAY.JPG Lots of USB ports HAS EYE TRACKING OKAY WHAT. :O

Cons: There is a lot of ghosting on the display at 144hz+. It bothers some people but I don't really mind that much. It's a feature with costs and benefits. :p The firmware works great but is a little bit difficult to navigate at times. No big deal tbh. The screen doesn't rotate into portrait mode, but then again why would you do that with a curved display :p ||||||||| EDIT: The way to fix the ghosting issue is to use the "Adaptive Contrast" setting under the "Picture" tab. You can still adjust your brightness and contrast, but for some reason I don't understand, enabling this eliminates 95% of the ghosting issues. <33333

Overall Review: I got this on sale with the Tobii eyetracking bar for $100 less than the base model. I'm over the moon tbh. I've had the display about a week now and I adore it. It's become my main display over my 240hz BenQ monitor, it's just terribly enjoyable to use. :) Edit: After 3 months I still love it. It's quickly become my main monitor. The only time it ever takes the sideline is if I'm doing hardcore competitive gaming where I need my 240hz benQ screen with less latency and ghosting. For everything else that isn't bleeding edge pixel clicking competition, this is wonderful. I have a lot of screen real estate for doing real work, and it makes casual single/multiplayer gaming far more enjoyable. NO REGERTS

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