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Be sure to check multiple PSU's!11/11/2010 8:42:28 PM

Pros: -Easy to use -Blue readout is easy on the eyes -All voltages are displayed in simple format -Aluminum build is suprisingly sturdy -Alarm beeps are audible, if a tad bit annoying -Packaging comes with a nice voltage table -Nicely priced

Cons: -Be sure to have multiple psu's to test when you receive this tester!: -Between the different power supplies the voltages should never share alarms on the same values. For example: the -12v value should never be HH or LL between different psu's. Could be the sign of a faulty or flawed tester! -Alarm beep can become annoying -Feels as if you're going to break it when removing 20/24 pin or molex, but just be smart!

Overall Review: Fantastic item other than the tester itself failing! Personally had the problem with it the first time, RMA'd and got a perfect one.

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Quite a headache11/11/2010 8:07:05 PM

Pros: -Tester was easy to read -Easy to use -Idiot proof -Nice voltage chart on the back of packaging -Blue readout screen is easy on the eyes -Beeping alarms can be annoying but are necessary

Cons: -Not completely idiot-proof: Was originally having a problem with my semi aged computer where it would power on and then power off after about 5 seconds. Read massive forums and troubleshooting guides, which led me to the purchase of this tester, which told me everything was well and good, all except for my -12v value, the tester was reading HH, meaning well over the accepted range. So i bought a brand new Seasonic 750w 80+ gold psu thinking mine was bad & it was time for a new one. Immediately testing the PSU out of the box with this tester came up with perfect readings on every value, all except for the -12v value again, HH and a loud beeping that haunts me still! Needless to say i then realized the tester was faulty =/

Overall Review: RMA'd & the newly received one worked perfectly. First time RMA'ing something from newegg after 5 years of purchasing, glad it was on something cheap, but wish it hadn't cost me a new psu!

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