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good stuff11/3/2006 12:20:54 AM

Pros: ive used this board a time or 2 or 20 lol but ya alot.none have come back to me.thing is i would only use this as a replacement part now days as this type of sytem is more costly then the newer better ones.754 is out but are as cheap as one of theses set ups and run faster.but thing is thats nice a few of my cust.still use dial up and this baby comes/came with a modem cost zero and runs great.i myself seen it as a freebee and thats why i used this board in the first place.the extra modems laying around i have used for replacement modems if the cnr was avail. on boards that needed a new modem.

Cons: this is not a fancy board not at all it does the job well for what its built to do.its not a screamer so dont plan on putting heavy loads on it or playing major games.Its not made to do overclocks some but not alot.when i have used theses they were all work computers little to no internet mostly office duties.and for that you cant go wrong.internet works well to but if it clogs up from software from the net it will slow up a bit.but any pc will do that.

Overall Review: im happy with them i dont compare them with anything ther then what it is this socket is old the cpu that goes in it is old.but its small and the vid is fair along with sound and nic.there is better socket A out there.but this does a good job for what its made to do.

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100% perfect11/1/2006 8:15:28 PM

Pros: you just cant go wrong i mean look at the price.for this price they should hum and crack and sound like yuk.i had bought a rosewill case keyboard mouse speaker 5-1 set the speakers were poor poor poor so i thought id order the customers a bit better.i love them and so did the young couple that was my ginny pig for these and they thought wow them sound great.good base somthing that most speakers lack unless with sub.i have bought a few more since then.

Cons: short cord but ok for most desk.

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Great HD10/31/2006 8:59:13 PM

Pros: When i purchased this hd drive several years ago its was a costly part and was only in this size.Not until later was 74gig avai.Since then this drive has showed its colors time and time again.I havent had to restore windows at all so i been lucky and along with that it still loads xp in mear seconds.At new it went from post to desktop however after loading programs and slowing windows down it now shows the windows start up.

Cons: none

Overall Review: if you love your hard drive and you want it to last for years to come its really simple if workmanship is perfect then all oyu have to do is keep it cool.everest says with standard case cooling (3fans) and side open on case it runs about 45c. to me thats a little warm but not any diffrent then any hard drive.However if you put a fan directly on it or use a hd cooler ( mine has a fan blowing directly on it)it drops to 29c this is in a room that stays around thats in good ranage if i touch the hd it feels just a touch above room running a p4 3.0 oc to 3.7 its running at 45c. and the board at 35c. so the case is faily cool in the hot of the summer i put a large fan on my case.prevents hot air standing in there.even with 3 fans and the open side on the case it still stays warm in there.only complaint to it all is it sounds like a hoover running lol.bottom line is if you love it and care for it keep it cool!!!

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read it says it all9/7/2006 12:49:31 AM

Pros: price, x16,fast ram

Cons: people if you cant read as advertised then you shouldnt even be putting a vid card in your machine much less build a machine from ground up.did you people not see 64 vram on board that means is 64 meg vid card. it can then take more if needed from your system ram.Now lets say it does take it well it will then clock down to the type of ram your system uses along side of that if your ram is junk your vid will be poor.hince how some games work and look good but others look bad that is when its taking the ram from your system.get a good fast solid ram and it will work great.i have build alot of cheaper systems with this card and with my system builds i only use good ram so it works fine.people love how well it runs.and how cheap.

Overall Review: dont buy this if you think it will be top of the line performance for this price.its not made for such.if 64 megs of ram is all thats needed then buy it for that and how fast the ram is and that the buss speed is it also says 32 32 bit should be used for a game i dont care if its 512 meg on board thats still low and not good for games.

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small issue but good9/2/2006 9:39:53 PM

Pros: cheap overclocks well good chipset for onboard vid type bored.overclocked my celron d 2.26 to 2.8 without changing my ram settings

Cons: could not change my ddr 400 to the correct speed it shows it as 333 but i might be able to update bios and fix that issue but the real problem i had was the sound wont work doesnt even see that there is a sound card onboard drivers dont help nothing just a dead sound chip.however this is a recertified board they claim its good as new but we all know better.called the egg and they said order a card and we will pay 10 of it well the card was 8 and shipping was 5 so i paid 3 ok good deal lol.i will assure you the sound will be better anyway.

Overall Review: good unit im happy.Remember to changed that cmos settings from clear cmos to normal if you dont you will think you have a doa board cuz it will be dead.Now days when i buy pcchips (rare) they put a sticker on the ram slots telling you to put the jumper to normal.To be honest only one board up and died on me so far with this company.course it was being moved around and i think perhaps someone jared it just a little to hard during the move.cant say but worked fine befor the move.But for replacement part this company is the way to go really as they fit in most any box and the price is right.i dont buy them for new builds unless its a cheapo build and i tell the people its for non games ect.

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first reviw8/27/2006 11:21:42 PM

Pros: was able to find drivers very simple by going to ati website.Installs just like any windows xp fact you think its not xp as it doesnt say.not until it restarts after loading files does it say.desk top and tools in fact every thing i see is the same as xp home or pro.i use a very quick standard easy to use performance test.It gives me a quick very of how things are running in a couple of min giving more scores per action given and the overall score.using the ati chipset with windows xp 32 bit my score was 240 after installing this my score went up to 298 thats a huge jump.i was amazed on how well the graffics increased with this.

Cons: To start with ill tell you what i was installing this on using a retail board that i got for ultra cheap it was a asus board socked 939 out of a comaq computer it had a sempron 3500 running 2.0 ghz 256 catche 2x256 dual channel corsair xms platnium pc3200 40 gig ata 100 .this unit is a hog for resorces the test was a great increase however the overall perfomance on the computer was down.i think its a must to have at least 1 gig of ram a fast hard drive perhaps sata2 and something other then a sempron.the onboard vid is ati 200 and i was impressed with how well it did.i think overall the program has great things to offer as long as you have a beffy unit.

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pleased8/27/2006 9:15:00 AM

Pros: stabe low cost nearly virus free nearly pop up free.this os works great for what it is.Its not microsoft windows so dont think it will work just like xp.i myself enjoy using it my daughter perfers it over windows.The key is to have a open mind and whilling to learn new things.I have used this on "new"computer users whom have not had xp.So far no complaints.Nobody has jumped for joy either cuz well they dont know what bad is they only know this.If they try to use someting that dont work for the most part they just think its something that just dont work.they use it for what it is and thats that.I have had a few questions on it but other then that it works great as a email machine web surfing ect ect.People say they can play some high end games.I however dont know as i dont play them on my linspire or windows machine.

Cons: well if your go go go windows and closed minded and not whilling to learn then this is not the op for you.

Overall Review: i like both windows and linspire.i dot think that linspire is more secure but ill jump on either and do my work.however i wont lie windows to me is a bit simpler but then agian i know it inside and out

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excelent6/4/2006 10:01:58 PM

Pros: well everything works great.easy to use i have a ipod nano and for ease of use i use this and the sound is just about as good.and i think with a better pair of ear buds it might just be as good.Im happy with it

Cons: well wally world has it for the same price so im a little thrown off on that when even the shipping is more then the tax i paid for it and got it well instant.but despite were you get it you wont regret it.ear buds are a little big but sound good.

Overall Review: comes with all sorts of goodies for ease of use.never did look at whats on the cd but i will soon.i mean i love ipod quality but listen this is so easy to use plug it in a usb and drag it over and well your done.unlike ipod and all the stuff you have to use and do just to load up some songs errr.

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good stuff5/22/2006 1:58:24 AM

Pros: heat spreaders price lifetime war.good name pleases most all boards even the more picky ones.for example i use kingston and corseair as my spare ram.if something dont go ill try to put one or the other in the unit to make sure theres not a memory clash.its hard for me to say this but the truth be known kingston works on nearly 100 percent of my setups corseair has had some problems rare but i have ran into it.a biostar t-force dont like corsair all that well but took this and i ran a amd 3000 on that board oc from 1.8 to 2.2 then after all was done put in the ram that was bought for it (kingston value) and no go it went up to 2.0 and ran a bit unstable.this ram stayed in the unit and i returned the value and bought another set of this.its not the top of the line but with the right stuff it will do most anything within reason.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: now in my area of the world we have a many types of people surfing the net or playing games or just doing the office stuff.the local universty has been kind to me and brought me a whole lot of work.when i build someone a game system i tend to go with g-skills samsung tccd ram if the money is there to buy it.however more times then none people cant afford 100% top notch stuff.when i started using this i was surprised on how well it did.i build computers that overclock well but i dont sell them overclocked.but each and every system i build i over clock them to the max and push everything to the limit.i am amazed on how cheap these are and how well they run it baffels me to know something so well priced runs so well and strong.the thing i have found is with all units is make sure the power supply is strong with pleany of extra power for the taking.its a must for a strong overclocking these you wont regret it.ive pretty much put these babys in about all my stuff even low end stuff

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exceptional4/25/2006 8:18:33 PM

Pros: easy to install took a old cpu low cost.overclocks well nice bios onboard everything amr modem came with it and it works great with modem on hold going to order a couple more to have around.

Cons: only one, beside the cpu socket there is a transistor thats small and sits right beside the bottom right hand side of the socket were the cooler clips cooler is a older amd stock cooler and it was a pain to clip on because of that transistor.asrock move that thing out of the way lol.the manual well i guess its could has slim pickings of imfo if one was trying to setup for the first time.i personaly had no problems.

Overall Review: the board is set at 100mhz by default so if your not using a 200fsb cpu you will need to change it.i put it to 2-3 settings and it clocked it to a 333fsb and my cpu is a amd athlon 1700 1.540 and it cranked it up to a amd 2200 1.883mhz.i left it at that and its been running fine and very fast.funny thing is i had this cpu on a nvida nforce2 by chaintech 64 meg vid card and i could hardly clock it to 1.66mhz and i would consider that chip way better ram tho im not sure what was in there pc3200 of some sort but none the less this board i put pc2700 pqi and its faster then the nvida.hmmm funny really.i did overclock it to nearly 400fsb it showed it at 2600 but it became very unstable.never in my history of building have i got a via 266pro overclock that good.i left mine at 2200 and its rock solid maybe thats why they call it asrock this if its a office entry level machine type plus mine came with a amr modem and it works just fine and really quick.saved me 16bucks off the bat

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bad power supply4/23/2006 12:15:17 PM

Pros: good solid case paint is nice room to move decent air flow.

Cons: mine came with a power supply with a short in it shocked the snot out of me but i still gave it a 5 because the case is worth the money for what it is.power supplys will come bad sometimes no matter what you pay or who makes them.sadly it cooked a board and about cooked me lol.

Overall Review: rosewill always exceeds my expectations.normaly always pleased with them.Even rosewill ram tho pqi ( i dont like) seems to be stable and cost effective as with this case.newegg was fast from the get go and the fixing of the bad supply was unheard of fast as in i called friday and its on its way and will be here monday (nextday air) what did it cost me nothing but a bad board and im still not so sure if i cant handle that thru them aswell.good company good products.

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HINT4/11/2006 4:59:36 AM

Pros: fast cost effective

Cons: heat lower catche.slow using via and sis chip sets.spend the extra five or ten dollor more and buy the intel 865 or better chip.brand only matters if you plan on overclocking it alot.i used coarsair value ram for this chip.and wd 80 gig with 8 meg catche and on board vid built about 5 or 6 last on and find out more.

Overall Review: the truth about this celron type (D) appossed to the old celron is buss catche and core. this is the older p4 with a reduced amount of catche.same core same fsb.The truth is thie unit will do most anything at a reasonable amount of time.The key to saving money and making this thing really work for most anyone is a good board.if you want a fast board that people will be extreamly happy is using the right board or rather the right chip set on that board.for example i used a biostar with via p4266 for a budget 512 of ram using onboard vid.terrble bench marks and slow to work with and to run apps.set the board aside and put it on a foxcon that had a intel 865G neither board was made from high end companies but the diffrence wad night and day.both using onboard vid.the intel chip set will really boost the speed by great load up time to windows log on screen was cut in half using the inel chip and it over clocks well.along with that you can use dual channel with the intel.

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top rated4/4/2006 11:42:46 PM

Pros: This unit i sold back in the mid 90's as a sears kenmore.Back then sears trained us extreamly well (perhaps still today but dont know anymore lol)none the less the kenmore sold for around 220 i knowing what i did purchased one witch by the way works as it did new.Its a filter first unit meaning a long life for the motor as nothing flows thru the fan on the motor.The fan sits below the filter pulling the vacume thru the filer hince the dirt hitting the filter befor the fan.The filter is very high quality and can be purchased at any sears.The sears called it a kenmore whisper.Not that its a special feture its just how panasonic makes it.quite and extreamly strong.beware of loose things as it will suck up the sofa if it could fit thru the hose.

Cons: none

Overall Review: its light but tends to pull slightly to the floor as the suction is extream.dual motor meaning the brushes has its own motor running the agitator.If your looking for a throw away unit perhaps a dirt devil or a eurika would suit you best.If your looking for a vacume that last a while but lacks suction then a hoover will fit your needs.however if your looking for a long lasting powerfull quite light unit then this is it.consumer magazine rates this along with the kenmore as being the best.Panasonic i will remind you still makes there micro waves and vacumes in the usa and most (not all anymore)electronics such as phones and things are made in japan not china or places of low pay and low quality IT DOES MATTER!

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very happy3/21/2006 10:26:35 PM

Pros: barton core simple bios sata raid 1/0 took value ram fairly stable on the cheap ram when over clocked decent budget chip set up on software cd is great and cpu runs ultra cool

Cons: didnt use all the options to comment on such as raid set up nore will it remain over clocked the fan is hoover loud and the heat sink fan is glued to the board but for me thats fine

Overall Review: it apears that the cpu could vary some have barton some have the Thoroughbred but for a budget either is ok however i prefer the barton always was top notch core with 512 catche i cranked it up to 2460 ran unstable but with good ram im sure it would be ok however i used rosewill and the madule uses pqi chips and i never had much luck with pqi chips but this is all i need for this budget system.add a decent vid card and it becomes a very nice unit performance test shows 215 with onboard vid i added a ati 9750 128meg vid card jumped up the results to 305 yikes thats like really really good and that vid card is nothing to talk about either. this combo will beat the snot out of all the combo sets out there and the price is just right!!!

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ok unit3/21/2006 3:14:29 AM

Pros: price looks nice

Cons: flimsy noisy keys light

Overall Review: the key board is a great for a budget system.another note that may not apply to this unit itself.however im not sure of anyone else but New Jersey wharehouse has extreamly low shippng methods.i can never get things out of the wharehouse on a timely fashion.need something next day you better order a day ahead cuz they wont get it out order from cali it will always get out.i have placed orders late in the day and they get it out.yet place a order early early in the day if it comes out of new jersey give it up it still wont be out that day.if you want next day pray it comes froms out west.cali wharehouse goes the extra mile to get the stuff out and out fast.Hats off to new egg cali New Jersey get off your seats and get that stuff out.around ohio we call that being lazy

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100% great3/20/2006 1:29:46 AM

Pros: well everything this thing is unreal.the mother ship seen this thing in a matter of seconds

Cons: netgear does not like this company lol or is that a pro?

Overall Review: um this thing is amazing works so easy throw that cd in and bang done simple fast and stable.couldnt loose the signal for nothing dont play hide and seek with this thing cuz it will win lol

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100%3/20/2006 1:20:26 AM

Pros: easy to install i mean easy plugged it all in and went to install software but it wasnt needed i was online the lap top beside of me also found connection.bang done.did i need instructions or the cd? not really but i did install for the sake of great with the convertor aswell just as easy.

Cons: none.well it wasnt free does that count lol!oh and its a big con for netgear lol

Overall Review: ive been called many time from people saying can you come help me with this wireless bought it here or there and i cant get the second computer going ect.ive used them all and some i have given great reviews on because over all they went well.compared to others but this is not like the others this is thee best.the house i installed this in is 4000sq ft.and i was kinda worried even with the bridge.but with this alone i couldnt loose the connection no matter were i went.upstairs or basement even ouside still never dropped below this house sits on 12 ackers of land so walking a bit would kill it until i added the bridge but still all that did was take me around the house better then one could even imagine.after i was done he like it so well he wanted his old lap hooked up and his printer wireless. came home and order the slot card from this company and the printer adapter from this company and im not worried at all.SIMPLE AND GOOD!! ps those that want password protected fear none

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another good setup3/16/2006 12:17:38 AM

Pros: everything

Cons: well not much of a con but ill add the south bridge gets warm so as long as you have air blowing over the board its fine and keeps cool and i dont think its a danger but perhaps a little artic silver and good air its fine.

Overall Review: iv used this board now 4 times with another on its way and sata raid 0 mirror works great get those drivers from the website not the cd.update nvidas drivers and it runs very well but im not fully sure how much newer they are if your not using pci x otherwise i think the drivers on cd are pretty current.JUST LOVE THIS BOARD but ill be honest this is the only biostar board i will purchase the rest are garbage if you ask me they are nothing more then a more costly pc chips but this board is in its own world perhaps bio star is changing its way...

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good stuff3/16/2006 12:05:04 AM

Pros: light decent power supply roomy nice paint job nice to look edges are limited and the io plate came out with 2 screws and the new one went in without a problem.

Cons: power supply connectors you only have 4 so if you need more than 4 then use spliters but then you have to consider rather you have enough power for more than 4 devices as the power supply is nothing to talk about but it works ok.perhaps a better low end power supply is ones best bet but for me it seems to hold steady and stable without over heating with 2 fans and 2cdroms and 2 sata 2 wd hd's however the fans im using are only .12amps so thats fairly low.sock a few .5amp fans in there and i will promise you it will heat that ps up and perhaps cause a very unstable enviroment

Overall Review: i was very pleased with this case the finish is neat the front panel is nice and simple just normal.the unit is semi flimsy but comapared to a coolmax cheap case this blows it out of the water.ill buy again for my low end builds.i put a biostar tforce board in it with a amd sempron 2800 512 gskil ram the board runs warm and this is a airy case.hint tho the side air duct can be pulled apart to put a fan blowing air on the cpu and if you take off the mouth of the duct it works well and fits just about half inch away from the cpu and it cooled my cpu by 4c more plus blows a little more over the board with nice fresh cool air direct from the outside of the case.dont use the fan that comes with it says its .12amps but ive seen .06 amps put out more air. so junk that and put a cheap ball bearing masscool .15amp in its place and one in front of the case and bang your up and running nice and cool for cheap and its pretty quite with both fans going again tho keep in mind it only has a small ps

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good stuff3/15/2006 2:10:32 AM

Pros: not a wide screen.chipset.vid chip.ddr2 1gig.100gig hd.dvdrw.battery life.

Cons: hd speed minor but wish it was 7200 rpm the partions on the hard drive.this unit was for a cuztomer so i left the hard drive alone.had it been mine i would have cleaned the hard drive up and made one partion using ntfs file system

Overall Review: despite the fact acer bloats this thing to the max it runs so good its smooth crisp dispaly is a real pleaser to the eyes.sound is fair.wirless seems to hunt for a signal no matter were its coming from and it holds on to it tight.i was very pleased with the wireless.i pulled into a local gas station that offers wireless at no charge and i was there to get gas ended up updating windows befor my customer even got it lol.pulled in said wireless detected with good signal and i said ok and bang i was on.went to his house installed his new home pc with the dsl westbill unit finished that picked up the lap top and bang there it was online.if you buy this for yourself tho clean the hard drive up.but first do the back up it ask you to do as soon as you turn the computer on this way you can load windows off that however your still stuck with fat32 other wise use a xp cd

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raid 13/10/2006 1:19:21 AM

Pros: this is a second review from me.i have used this board many times and will use it as long as im able to for the simple needs of customers.Out performs most customers needs on a entry level or even higher.even as a gamer with a good vid card would do as good as the big boys.but onboard is great and i wouldnt be afraid to use it on most games at a med hight type setting

Cons: the only con i can come up with is when using was not as simple as i thought it should be as this board is a snap to i was not happy with the manual or the cd for raid drivers.using a sata2 or 1 hd is ok it sees it fine but when running raid in my case for 2 customers it was a bit of a search.

Overall Review: now once i went to bios and enabled raid and raid on both drives.because enabling raid does not enable the drives so do all three things once thats done restart and it ask you to configure by pressing f12 do that and follow the insructions. then go to the biostar website and download drivers and put on floppy use the f6 key in windows as asked and select both that it offers windows says you need both.thats all there is to it.the cd does say it has the drivers on it but i couldnt find them besides never risk outdated drivers for that and your going i know the next few times will go easy now that i know.this review is only a fyi i already rated the board a month back.

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amazing2/21/2006 12:18:09 AM

Pros: biostar must be very eager to become a top notch company i have used them in the past usualy for a low end system that runs but not so good.but this board is one of the best boards i have ever used perhaps the best amd board for over clocking i have ever installed without sata drivers thats a huge plus seen my sata2 drive without a hitch.drivers installed from the cd easly.sound is good vid is good for onboard fact ive used vid cards that benched for oc that it comes with is unreal good.this board period is unreal good.and with the combo deal i purchase a sempron with it made it even better.this and a sempron 3100 great price

Cons: no cons here

Overall Review: here is what i did this computer was a tester for me. i set up a intel chipset board by foxcon using the 865g with onboard vid i put a celron d 2.26 oc 2.66 i used a low end bench mark software and got 310 thats amazingly high for for a onboard vid and not running dual channel.this board reached fsb of 270 running 2.4 on a sempron 3100 @ 1.8 i have never been able to get that high on these cpu's but did and i benched at 345 wow thats just unheard of both test using cheap pqi ram only thing diffrent is this this board had a sata2 and that could make a slight diffrence but not much.however the vid was a little less then the intel.with the right ram and a good vid card you could really produce high end results with games.ill buy again and sure this will end up being a hot seller for me. thanks newegg for providing this and biostar for really making a A++ board

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great chip2/19/2006 7:45:25 PM

Pros: this is not the board i am using i purchased a foxcon for a replacement for a emachine the on board vid is just unreal good i was amazed dual channel worked great.i was a little weary about the fact no agp was to my avail.the cust ended up not repairing but had me build new at that i didnt use this i used it for my parents put a celron d 2.26 in it oc to 2.66 ligthing fast warm of course.i i tested it and even the vid suprassed a ati 9250 128 meg vid card.thumbs up

Cons: no agp for upgrades later but its not much of a pro cuz i could have got a diffrent chip that had that

Overall Review: i think i found a new value board ill use the asus now that foxcon isnt avail any longer.make sure you use that dual channel benchmarks dropped when running single channel

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reviews2/16/2006 3:04:15 AM

Pros: price,full size,older cpu's sapport.this is a real gift for those of us that have a old cpu sitting around i had 4 older p4 sitting around the house from bad dells and hp's ect.look how cheap i can rebuild a system and sell it as used with a 30 day return policy.

Cons: only cons are the reviews i seem to read.indeed this board is older its cheap it has a via chipset but it is as it claims this is not for new builds its for replacement boards for a working older cpu im happy that it has pc2700 happy i can get it so cheap.

Overall Review: ive used several of these without a hitch took some old hard drives some old cpu ram is new cuz its fussy about ram took the old cdrw roms anyway ive sold 4 of these out the door for a good profit and people like them for the price.linspire a cheap os went on easy.for kids or people that dont have a computer i put linspire on them as most of these people have never touched windows so they love it and no viruses.ive got 6 bids on old p4 on a well known auction sites to gather some more of these.i love a good running system to sell as used its such a good profit it dont take new p4 nor does it take celron d's it dont claim to read what it says and you will know old stuff only ! make some money on these you cant beat it.

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cpu?2/1/2006 10:16:25 PM

Pros: a killer deal on cpu only person that would complain about this is a person thats trying to get a cup of juice out of a strawberry it just wont happen.use it for what its intended to do and well it works.

Cons: lack of specs on cpu.changing the hsf could be a problem however if the heat sink cant be changed just change the fan to reduce the noise level

Overall Review: athlon mobile now the 2800 mobile on new egg oem sells for 113 and the specs are1.6 800fsb and a 1meg catche using the clawhammer question is does anyone know if this has the 1meg catche if it does then its a true amd athlon mobile if it does not is nothing more then a sempron.and if it is the athlon then this is a great price toss the board and get a good board use the old board for a cheap cheap sempron or just use it for a spare or whatever.none the less the athlon mobile is a great over clocker runs fast despite its low clock say find the best ram this board will take and juice it up that way perhaps it will overclock on this board better.ill post more after playing with the board when i get it.

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