At least an adequate window AC unit8/28/2018 1:26:37 PM

Pros: Instructions for installation were easy enough. Cools a large room to 76 degreees (ambient) using the energy saver functions.

Cons: I had to use the remote to get it to correctly function as desired...ymmv.

Overall Review: My first window A/C unit installation, with the help of the instructions and a few videos.

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Nice general use monitor8/28/2018 12:22:26 PM

Pros: Cheap 27" LED monitor Easy to set-up Bright clear colors (compared to what I used previously, at least) Cool, doesn't put out much heat in an AC-challenged office Compared to what I was using, my eyestrain feels reduced

Cons: Not very adjustable. While not flimsy, the stand takes up some real estate. Not entirely sure about the warranty length.

Overall Review: When I bought it, I could have sworn it said there was a five year warranty. Now the description says four year. Hope I don't have to put it to the test.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Ben, Thank you for taking the time to post your PHILIPS product review on If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the monitor, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to help. Thank you for choosing PHILIPS! PHILIPS Support
Nice notebook1/10/2018 11:07:31 AM

Pros: The notebook was exactly as described. Very clean, A-quality refurb.

Cons: Paid for one-day shipping (business day). Did not receive in one (business) day

Overall Review: Ordered (late) Wednesday night and paid extra for one business day shipping. CC didn't get charged until Thursday. Notebook didn't ship till Friday. Holiday weekend, so item not received until following Tuesday. I guess my expectation was at-fault.

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I don't want to jinx it, but...9/19/2013 3:29:14 PM

Pros: Very fast, very solid. Running four consumer grade 3TB drives in RAID10 via USB 3 connection.

Cons: Setup instructions. Included software didn't install on Windows 8, had to go to the website to download a newer version. Not a huge deal.

Overall Review: It does what I need it to do on a budget. It wasn't too hard to figure out how to set it up even with spotty instructions.

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Does what it is supposed to do5/7/2013 12:14:16 PM

Pros: Used it to upgrade a Dell Latitude E6420 and E6430 after verifying the chipset would support it. I run a couple of VMs. It gives no problems thus far.

Cons: None, really

Overall Review: It was relatively cheap when I purchased. If it is what your need (or just want) I'd recommend.

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Works just fine, so far8/11/2011 8:09:01 AM

Pros: Fast, quiet, relatively cool considering fluctuating ambient room temperatures in an HP Z400 WS case.

Cons: None evidenced, yet.

Overall Review: Pretty decent product IMHO.

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Works really nicely4/26/2011 5:06:24 PM

Pros: Fast. Quiet, compared to other things in the workstation, at least. Relatively cool. Got them on sale.

Cons: None noticed so far.

Overall Review: We use these to store older projects in G&G workstations, but the projects do get referred to fairly frequently. Can't really tell a difference between these and the SCSI drives that the priority projects are stored on, as far as startup and access times go. A cheap, much needed storage upgrade that will let us squeeze a little more life out of these workstations.

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Works pretty well, so far4/19/2011 3:52:04 PM

Pros: Quite fast. Relatively quiet. No setup problems.

Cons: Little warm, but nothing extreme.

Overall Review: Installed in an HP Workstation, serving as a low-end server. Two of these RAID 0 as a backup scratch drive before migration to tape. RW really nicely. Owned them since August, no problems yet.

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Does the job4/19/2011 2:00:24 PM

Pros: Fast, 3TB (2.7) of storage.

Cons: Runs very hot. Not a warm fuzzy (pun intended)

Overall Review: Placed this in a Dell PC to use for Acronis backups. It gets written to every night, about 150 GB of diffs. It came bundled with a HDD cooler, but the BTX format case made it not usable for this application. I had to have a fan blowing directly onto it to bring the temps down. Now placed in a cool server closet (68-70F ambient), I can still feel how hot it is. The temps cause me to wonder at the longevity of the drive.

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