Terrible Range9/11/2018 8:09:49 AM

Pros: Pros-none. To be honest.

Cons: I got this setup, which was easy enough. Used it as it's own access point. LAN cable direct connect to the main router. I just had it laying on my TV stand, walked down the hallway...and it dropped. Not a good sign. Also, VERY slow about half the speed of my 2.4ghz connection on the main router. But I still gave it a shot. Installed it up 30' on my ham radio tower, away from any of my other antennas. I got appox 350' before the signal dropped out. And that was clear line of site. I could see the repeater. When it was connected I was getting about 5-7mbs download via OOkla speed test app. In the end I won't even bother to return it as I got it on sale for 45$....if it was the normal 200 dollar price tag, I'd be more than irritated. I'll try wiring up some better antennas, but I don't have a lot of hope for it.

Overall Review: Other-Look somewhere else.

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