What more do you want for the price?3/10/2021 5:49:37 AM

Pros: Clean BIOS B560 allows ram overclocking Great price Internal USB-C header WiFi

Cons: Only one m.2 slot Only two I/O panel USB 3 ports

Overall Review: For the price this is a fantastic board. Sure I’d like another m.2 and some more USB 3 on the I/O but for the price it’s hard to really actually complain. Good board.

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Not Bad1/27/2016 3:27:11 PM

Pros: Lights look half decent, nice media keys, looks slright

Cons: Weirdly low profile takes a while to get used to, feels cheap but then again it was like 22 dollars

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Hardware good, software bad6/11/2015 6:53:23 AM

Pros: The Hardware works flawlessly (so far) and with my OS on the SSD portion my laptops boot up time is now about 8 seconds which is incredible, the HDD portion works well so far as well and I'm excited to begin loading up the SSD with a few apps and key games and then using the HDD for my mass storage

Cons: The Acronis hard drive cloning software it has you use is incredibly inefficient and does not work.................at all. After many hours of frustration I finally downloaded Macrium Reflect, a free hard drive cloning program, and the cloning was easy going from there. Only took 20 minutes

Overall Review: I gave it a 5 despite my frustrations because the hardware itself is everything I hoped it would be, the software it gives you is junk but luckily you can use any cloning software (such as Macrium Reflect)

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