Beautiful case for advanced builders1/15/2016 10:39:50 PM

Pros: Beautiful for starters and room for up to 10 storage devices! Packaging was great with the glass side panel perfectly protected in the box, Lian Li has FIXED its issue with the glass breaking in shipping! There is plenty of room for cable management and a usb 3.0 to 2.0 converter IS INCLUDED for motherboards that only have 1 usb 3.0 header. Also all the screws you could possibly need are included, even for slimline optical drives. Three top fans are included and are oriented as exhaust, however, I FLIPPED THE FANS making them intake to create a positive internal pressure and because they have a removable FILTER to keep dust out. This case looks amazing with the included stand too! Temperatures have not been an issue at all with the spacing between components and there are plenty of slots for running cables through too.

Cons: Biggest con for me is that I could not fit my corsair H80i all-in-one cpu cooler into this case, the hose outlets on the radiator would not clear the motherboard tray in any configuration I could try, this forced me to use the stock cooler for my cpu... :( The other biggest con is that the power supply is "supposed" to be oriented with the fan toward the motherboard tray (according to documentation) meaning that it would be starved for airflow. On my particular power supply ( Silverstone 850W SST-ST85F-GS) the power plug prevented the power supply from mounting properly and to fix it I had to file off one corner of the plug to get it to fit. Last con is that this case is not at all beginner friendly! I knew this when I bought it though, but it is something that has to be stated. Everything is held together by little screws which can easily be lost, just be mindful of that when installing components into this case.

Overall Review: This case is just the most beautiful and luxurious way to display your computer components, especially your graphics card which is proudly displayed by this case. On the glass panel in the lower left corner is a tasteful Lian Li logo which looks excellent and classy. The glass panel is in pristine condition and is lightly smoked. The brushed aluminum is clean cut without any burrs, but is of course a fingerprint magnet so dont let your friends touch it when they admire it, haha! The power LED is a blue color but of course if that doesn't fit your particular theme then you can always leave it unplugged. Conclusion: Despite not accommodating my CPU's liquid cooler I am thoroughly satisfied with this case in both looks and features. This case is definitely a conversation starter and impresses everyone who sees it.

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