Still running strong 4 years later with daily use6/24/2017 1:02:28 AM

Pros: -Reliable memory at rated speed -Arguable great value -Oversized heatsink presumably assists heat dissipation, larger compared to competing RAM solutions at similar price point

Cons: -Nothing

Overall Review: This only reason I am leaving a review 4 years after the fact is because I came back to buy another two sticks to fully populate the FM2-based AMD A10-6800K MSI system I built for them in 2013. It is their primary system and I used two of these sticks of RAM running at the rated 1600 speed and the system has been running solidly as the day I bought it. My parents use their desktop system for very light duty use including web surfing, word processing, and lots of YouTube video watching. Overall I'm very pleased with this RAM, it did it's job and has produced no errors. I just ran a memtest86 and the RAM tests perfectly, so I'll be purchasing another two chips to bring the total system spec up to 32GB. Admittedly, another thing that spawned my review was the surprisingly number of folks rating this at 2 stars claiming that it brought nothing but instability to their systems. As a system integrator/PC builder with over 20 years of experience, I feel I know what I'm doing and this RAM worked just fine.

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Legendary reliability, performance, and quietness3/11/2015 6:59:34 PM

Pros: Quiet operation Fast operation Customer service Extreme reliability

Cons: Device is stamped as a 2000GB capacity and not a true 2TB which would be 2048GB.

Overall Review: I've been using four of these drives in a Buffalo LS441de 4-drive RAID 5 array Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit that runs 24/7 in a residential setting. The drives run quietly and perform fast and can deliver data to network users very fast. I was previously using one of these drives in a Nexstar 3 external USB 3.0 enclosure as a backup drive. I have never experienced any faults or errors with these drives and they perform fast, quietly, and without any issues at all. In the long past, I've had very positive dealings with Seagate customer service and have been impressed by their quick action taken on any issues I've encountered. Additionally, if you do ever have any data corruption or loss, Seagate's Seatools and rescue software is available freely and only functions on Seagate devices. Both software applications have saved me on several occasions. I now ONLY use Seagate for all of my hard drive needs.

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