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Pretty nice1/22/2014 5:41:35 PM

Pros: keys have a sturdy feel to them backlight is amazing great for gaming (despite what some people think) software easy to use

Cons: the g16 is much brighter than the other keys, no matter what the brightness is. so idk if the g16 key is way too bright, or the other keys are too dim :/. tried calling but the rep said that it probably wouldn't be worth it. i can deal with it

Overall Review: if you are used to throwing your hand to the left of the keyboard to find WASD without looking, you will hit the macro keys on this keyboard. you've been warned i bought this from ama zon bc my friend has prime and i wanted 2 day shipping so i wont be a verified owner :/

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DOA, sort of1/12/2014 1:07:59 PM

Pros: Long Very Cheap, without shipping and tax

Cons: worked for 3 days (about 5 hours of use) and now my ps4 controller frequently disconnects and connects when the wire is moved around. also, when the wire is not moving the controller will not respond for a few seconds every once and a while. I would RMA but is it worth it for this little?

Overall Review: not about the wire but ps4 controllers do work on PC with the ds4tool wrapper and is overall very fun to use on 3rd person games. too bad i have to wait for a bluetooth dongle to come in the mail to use the thing

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Eggxcelent11/16/2013 8:43:24 PM

Pros: It's nice and flexible and stuff Long enough for any card reasonable price

Cons: wasnt free

Overall Review: this is good if you have a hard bridge and cards with huge coolers or shrouds (like me)

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meh10/14/2013 7:16:36 PM

Pros: They tried to make a board with 2 pciE 3.0 affordable works (sorta)

Cons: poor manufacturing bios crashes

Overall Review: i was planning to eventually have a 760 sli setup on this board (i already have one, getting another one for my bday) but i was rebuilding my system once and i put my 760 into the slot i originally had vacant, and it was completely unresponsive. the video outputs were not working on the card which caused me to spend over an hour switching screens out, switching cables, and just getting very frustrated. i then switched the card back to the other slot and it worked fine. but this means that the board cant be used for sli and asrock has not responded to any of my emails so i had to go ahead and order an msi g45 gaming mobo so i can use my new card. pretty disappointing, yes, but now i know not to buy Asrock boards plus this g45 looks hella nice. IN addition to my slot being dead, i was tinkering in the bios a bit once and (even though i didnt save any changes) it completely froze my system. after restarting my system i then had 15 seconds to revert changes in the bios THAT I DIDNT MAKE so my computer wouldnt crash regardless of if i was in the bios or starting windows. How does this even happen?

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ASRock Customer We sincerely apologize that you having difficulty with SLI setup. However, mainboard supports SLI and CrossFireX out of the box. Please unplug the power, clear the CMOS. Test with single VGA card on each PCIE slot one at the time to verify the slots are working. Reseat the both VGA cards firmly and its 6 +6 pins VGA power (if applied). Plug monitor to VGA card to check if its resolved. If you have any technical issues or warranty questions please contact our Tech Support at We can assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
its just so good10/14/2013 7:07:29 PM

Pros: got this ram on sale for like 40 dollars off. great deal! very fast plenty for video editing, gaming, and music production brushed aluminum, your move Apple reliable so far

Cons: doesn't do the dishes...

Overall Review: the way to go if you are looking for 16GB. period

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Fantastic10/14/2013 7:03:16 PM

Pros: This psu is anything but flawed. Quiet, powerful (duh), efficient, and reliable. i have had it for about 4 months without any hiccups at all. my system's power draw is 730 watts at full load so this thing is near maxed out and i haven't had any problems with the consistency. EVGA makes quality products and at 110 bucks for a 750 watt psu you really can't go wrong. if you plan on sli or cfx, this comes with 4 pciE power cables in the box and each have a 6 pin and 8 pin headers so they will work with any card.

Cons: absolutely none

Overall Review: from when you open the luxurious box to when you are running the thing in your system, you will be truly amazed.

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Amazing10/6/2013 3:25:37 PM

Pros: This card absolutely dominates pretty much every game you throw at it. I run bf3 at ultra (2x msaa) always maxing out 60 fps at 1080p. Bf4 is not optimized yet but i get 50-60 fps on medium. Getting another one for sli soon

Cons: Not too much of a con but its big, really big. Good thing i have a huge case

Overall Review: Specs: I5 4670k Asrock extreme 3 (soon to be msi gaming series mobo) 16gb ballisticx ram 1600mhz 750 watt 80 plus gold psu

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Great buy!9/1/2013 10:47:56 AM

Pros: Great colors ips very affordable came in perfect condition. i guess this is a requirement but, it did very cool bezels. not exactly edge to edge display but thin bezels that are flat, like an iphone looks sexy sturdy stand that has tilt

Cons: not the biggest screen but you get what you paid for

Overall Review: I haven't had the thing for a long time but it seems like it is reliable according to most other reviews so i expect it to last a long time :)

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great cpu8/12/2013 8:30:14 AM

Pros: Fast Easy to install OC able Good for gaming

Cons: Wasnt too cheap but whatever, you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: Perfect for any first time pc builders for gaming or just general use

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