Great Except for the touchy memory5/20/2011 2:05:51 PM

Pros: Has all the bells and whistles that I wanted for a great price. SATA 6.0, USB3, and 4 RAM slots.

Cons: Memory is very very touchy. I first had problems with the board not runnign my RAM in dual channel, but after getting a 4GB set that was approved by their website everything ran fine. I even put the previous 4GB set in and it is running 8GB with no problems.

Overall Review: Make sure your using the RAM approved by the manufacture off their website, it will save you some headache

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Memory Issues are no fun5/12/2011 6:45:11 AM

Pros: Board runs quick in RAM in single channel mode and the board was reasonably priced.

Cons: Board will not post if RAM is placed in slots B1 or B2. This has happened on two separate boards. The RAM has no issues in single channel mode, but as soon as you place a stick in B2, the system will not POST.

Overall Review: Other than the RAM issues this is a great board. Sata 6.0 and USB 3.0 and all the other bells and whistles you need. It feels like it is one firmware update away from being where it needs to be, I just hope that it gets here soon.

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Manufacturer Response:
Sorry to hear of your troubles, but based on your problem and already tried two motherboards and showing same symptom, it's highly possible the problem may be your processor. Recommend that you try a different processor to see if that will fix your memory issue.