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ASUS Z9PA-D8 ATX Server Motherboard Dual LGA 2011 DDR3 1600/1333/1066
ASUS Z9PA-D8 ATX Server Motherboard Dual LGA 2011 DDR3 1600/1333/1066

Pros: Easy setup . It's been 8 yrs since the last build . I had no problem followin the directions right out of the box. I thought i had the wrong ram at first because the board supports ddr3 1600 and the bowx on the processors say they only support ddr3 1333 ... did some chking and was assured nthat the ram would run ... so made the build and loaded the ram into an old scorpio AT case I had .... plugged it in waited for the board to complete it pre function (second green led to start flashing )then hit the power button , and it came to life ..... By far, way more impressive than I had hopped for ....

Cons: Evrything i sa bit tight for an ATX case would recommend a full or server stack for this build ... lol ... just wanted to see if it would fit in one of my older cases ... Oh and as an after thought ... had to bend the tabs for the harddrive slots and install them upside down ... like i said , not much room in an atx case ....

Overall Review: I would definately do this build again ASUS has always been a staple for me when it comes to motherboards ... tho I have used MSI and Gigabyte and supermicro... been lucky so far ... no problems with any .... tho Asus has always out performed... Thanx....

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Would use them again if in a pinch...

If you have patience and time to wait on your purchase buying from this seller is a viable option... The package took a little more than a week to leave China and the tracking showed its progress, however when it reached the US it showed it was in Illinois and i checked it everyday for over a week and a half and nothing , so i ordered one directly from Newegg which i received within 5 days still with no word about the other processor . On the day that the Newegg package arrived, low and behold the one from China arrived as well... The product was well packaged and the box was even in new condition .

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