Not bad and definitely worth what I paid12/11/2013 7:31:44 AM

Pros: Wireless, fold-able, great for phones and tablets.

Cons: Hard top can get uncomfortable, no dongle included.

Overall Review: I bought these headphones as black Friday deal and the price was outstanding. This was a spontaneous purchase and I didn't research it enough to know it didn't come with a bluetooth dongle which my slightly older laptop doesn't have, but at the price I paid (19.99) I can afford to get one and it was my own fault for not looking into that. That said, I tried it out with my phone and the sound was acceptable. I didn't have the wireless anomalies that I've seen some have. Pairing worked pretty well. I'll get much more use as soon as I get my dongle. I'll update my review then if needed.

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This unit really works well12/4/2013 10:53:11 PM

Pros: This thing just works like advertised. I've had to work on computers with both DVI and VGA, and with an adapter on DVI it always works.

Cons: Only one USB port for keyboard and mouse makes this ideal for wireless keyboard and mouse that together use one USB dongle. If you have a separate wired keyboard and mouse you may have to switch the mouse from computer to computer or have an extra mouse that will have to be connected each time separately from the KVM.

Overall Review: If you don't care about the one USB per computer switching, then you will really enjoy the performance of this little device.

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It just works.12/1/2013 7:28:52 PM

Pros: Works well, great value, great buy. sheathed release clip.

Cons: Not any for my applications.

Overall Review: It works. If you want anything better, make it yourself.

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Very Satisfied1/21/2013 5:40:47 PM

Pros: This case is very "power-user" friendly in my experience. Installing the drives in this case is so easy it's ridiculous. There are plenty of possible fan locations for future needs. Also, wire management slots and placement were mostly right on for me. Super value for what I paid! (Black Friday deal) In all honesty, I really wanted to get the Phantom 410, but I used my budget on actually working parts inside the computer. This case is almost as good, but not as pretty. That being said, this case is unexpectedly attractive in the most contemporary adult fashion when viewed in person and also seems like a great future candidate for modding before just putting it out to pasture.

Cons: I don't have many cons in my use of the case except for one that I've had with most cases. On the side where the wires have to hide, there's almost not enough room to put the side panel back on, but yet it gets done somehow. This a problem even on most full-tower cases I've worked with though. On minor issue that is more an issue with the power supply than the case is this. The power supply has to be installed on the bottom of this case instead of the top. One cable on my OCZ modular power supply was not long enough to be properly wire-managed when running it to the 8-pin motherboard power connection. It's just running all the way up around the video card and then the other way around the CPU cooler to it's destination and kind of ruins the clean look, but I still blame this on OCZ instead of NZXT. If I had bought a full tower case, it would have never made it at all. Just a warning with an OCZ modular power supply and this case.

Overall Review: I've heard other reviewers actually complaining that there were no screws for the drives. Are you nuts?! If you're an upgrade kind-of-guy/gal and will be changing out parts more than twice a year, this saves so much time and trouble and it works great. I've used many, many different cases and I'm really sold on NZXT cases for future builds (unless someone comes up with even better innovations at this dirt cheap price).

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Great bang for the buck12/14/2012 10:49:07 PM

Pros: Great price, especially for the black Friday deal that I got. The sound quality is fantastic for $25. These are not the best sounding headphones ever by any means, but they sound great for the money and have a decent mic, too. I don't know how you get anything better in this price range.

Cons: The cord is thin and could cause issues if ever yanked accidentally. Mic is easy to install incorrectly if not paying attention.

Overall Review: There is a little slot in the connection of the mic to the headset that is hard to see because it is all black so be careful not to force it in incorrectly and line up the notch with the slot.

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