Im in love! 5/5!12/12/2018 4:10:05 PM

Pros: -Great packaging -Easy to assemble the stand and came with extra screws -Easy to use controls -Monitor looks great and is just as described -Can switch input with built in menu -EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED!!! <3 ive only had this for a week or so now and it is so crisp and clear! Videos look great and games run amazing on it.

Cons: -Power supply cord is made for Europe and other non-usa countries (two circular prongs) with an adapter to be used to plug in to usa power outlets. It clicks in good, and has no problems other than sticking out a bit. But i figured i can use it for now and buy a new one that is sleeker.

Overall Review: -comes with a display port cord, power cord, screws / stand, and papers on it (they're mostly in Korean or other similar language) -All in all its a great monitor worth the price! -Side note, i needed to go into my computer settings to change the Refresh Rate from 60hz to 144hz. (this is just for all monitors i think, this is just the best one ive gotten so far and i love it)

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click click click click I LOVE THE SOUND OF THIS BEAST10/9/2018 8:41:40 PM

Pros: This thing will make you sound like a fudging gamer, plus key caps to enhance this baby into a thing of war. So many goshdarn lights, youll OD on the RGB I got the cherry mx speeds and its beautiful, cherry speeds and reds are the way to go. Custom lighting modes for every game makes me feel special and whatnot. has legit made me cry in joy. dude this thing has a usb on the top, like :O ive used this volume spinner nob more than id like to admit...

Cons: youll od on rgb, but its worth it.

Overall Review: get cherry mx speeds or reds. reds = more click, speeds = more smoothness and still nice click. i originally had reds on my last keyboard and got speeds on this one, at first i was meh about them but they've grown on me like a wholesome tumor of love. BUY IT BROSKI.

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AMAZING4/12/2016 11:29:52 AM

Pros: -Labeled L & R -Nice feel -Angled ear pieces for a better fit -comfy ear buds -clear loud sound -strap so that the two end cords and be joined into one for easier storage

Cons: -cord tangles easily

Overall Review: I used my phone's equalizer with these in and got myself a perfect set up. 10/10

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Its LIT fam4/12/2016 11:26:11 AM

Pros: -Gold -Thick -2 of those blob thingys so you know its great

Cons: -cannot feed me crackers while i try and scuba dive.

Overall Review: if you need a small/short cord to set and charge your phone or what ever, this is the best micro usb ive used.

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Effective4/12/2016 11:22:33 AM

Pros: -Light weight -Comfy -Nice paint -Great suction cups for securing phone inside

Cons: -Magnet was not powerful enough to interact with my Samsung Galaxy S4 whilst inside (Added another of the same material and it works 90% of the time.)

Overall Review: Super easy to set up, adjustable lenses for different phones, but i wouldnt pay over $20 for this type of product. I got it on sale for $15 so it was a steal. haha.

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Basically a great buy4/12/2016 11:16:34 AM

Pros: -Light Weight -Effective charging -Ease of use

Cons: -Micro USB that comes with unit is thin and feels cheap. -Nothing included to secure the connection with the phone port

Overall Review: Im using a new Micro USB with it and my computer as a power supply and its going to save me money because this was my 4th phone charging cord XD. But its really handy to be able to set your phone down and not worry about anything else. -Side Note: (I Turned on NFC, not sure if that will help or not) & my phone vibrates and notiys me that its in fact charging via wireless

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Im dumb...10/23/2015 8:17:32 PM

Pros: Its fast, light weight, and connects easily to any SATA connections, looks pretty good too.

Cons: PC did not recognize it as a storage device. I thought it was DOA, but if you go under computer management and select storage and find it as Device: 0 and configure it for use then it will pop up.

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Shwifty9/16/2015 5:01:20 PM

Pros: Awesome packaging, comfy ear covers, smooth finish and slick leather band. So many cords and what not! So many options!

Cons: I don't know what the button on the control box does...

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Magic box9/16/2015 4:57:48 PM

Pros: Simple connections, easy install.

Cons: Can not make fire... So far...

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Perf9/16/2015 4:55:14 PM

Pros: Red LEDS make the computer run 7x as fast. This case will make any build amazing.

Cons: None.

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RAM9/16/2015 4:05:17 AM

Pros: Easy to install, nice weight.

Cons: Can't product radiation.

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Internets9/16/2015 3:54:26 AM

Pros: Easy to install, fast connection.

Cons: Only thing I see wrong is that it will jump from 2 bars to 4, but usually its at 3 bars. (I'm a little far from my router)

Overall Review: Wish it had a black face.

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