The 5600X is the perfect midrange option9/25/2021 6:19:24 PM

Pros: Comes with AMD stock cooler Low power High performance 6 core CPU Easy and simple to install

Cons: The included cooler is okay but it leaves more to be desired

Overall Review: AMD ryzen 5000 series haven't disappointed me yet. Seriously. I could go on forever on the benefits. But just Google the benchmark results. Intel has nothing on this cpu

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One of AMDs best graphics card8/22/2021 6:30:44 AM

Pros: Powerful Serious competitor for the RTX 3070 3080

Cons: Current price

Overall Review: I installed this in my current rig. Which has an MSI B550 gaming plus ryzen 7 5800x 32 GB of corsair vengeance RGB pro SL. This card is quite the powerhouse

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Works as intended8/11/2021 3:59:44 AM

Pros: Small Fits in my mini ATX case

Cons: Current price.

Overall Review: This GPU fits perfectly in my mini ATX case. The fans aren't choked out like a full size GPU would be. Not my first GTX 1650. But the boost clock makes it worth it.

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A worthy upgrade from the 5700xt7/10/2021 1:27:03 PM

Pros: Faster than the 5700XT More memory Factory overclocked

Cons: Price

Overall Review: After installing drivers. Device handled as advertised. Not disappointed. Played a few games and noted that the 6700XT handled higher frames and higher resolution than the 5700XT I am upgrading from. This is a very nice card. Only time will tell as the card ages and newer games release

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