Quiet, powerful, and pretty cool (aesthetically and visually lol)10/24/2017 12:13:27 PM

Pros: -I really like the stealthy look of this card. Its a no frills powerhouse and it is priced well (I got mine at $709.00 at the time of purchase) - If you have a smaller mid tower to full tower case you wont really need to worry about heat issues and therefore it runs quiet. I have a friend that has a micro build with one of these and it does get a bit hot in such a confined space. It vents heat out through the top of the unit so plan airflow around this characteristic.

Cons: -The LED "EVGA 1080ti" on the top of the card is nice (I personally like it) but It would be nice to have an option to either dim it or turn it off completely. -The card is physically heavy. I cannot really criticize it too much here because other 1080ti's are much larger and heavier. I suppose this is just a con of the model not a knock on EVGA.

Overall Review: I moved to this card form a Asus 1070 dual. Though that card was powerful and quiet, the 1080ti is on a whole other level. No matter what you throw at this card it handles it well. Plus it has a three year warranty which is outstanding. I don't regret my purchase.

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Just what I wanted, mostly.5/7/2014 11:57:12 PM

Pros: Okay, to start mine looked brand new out of the box. No blemish or any signs of use which is a huge plus. Not as much bloatware as I was expecting. Price: if your lucky enough to get one properly refurbished. An ASUS G750? Its just plain cool. Not to mention a little powerhouse.

Cons: Heard a something rattling in the unit. I'm assuming it is a tab from the back-plate that fell off during the refurbishing process. I don't really want to take the back-plate off either, because many people say that the tabs are easy to accidentally break off (design flaw). Only going to open it if I absolutely have to. Biggest problem I am having is packet loss with the Broadcom wireless adapter. I can use the internet just fine but in games i start to jump around. I ran a test and i'm getting around 3% packet loss with this laptop which is unacceptable. Yes, I've installed latest drivers, adjusted power settings, ran a test on a separate computer.. If anything ill just replace the WiFi adapter for around 20$ Lastly, finding a case for this bad-boy will prove troublesome for most. Its very large.

Overall Review: Overall I'm happy with the purchase and with the price (950$ with mail-in-rebate) its a steal; but, a gamble nonetheless.

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